Septic woes

ADMIN NOTE: Sorry, everyone. One of the “joys” of owning a house in the woods is that sometimes major maintenance needs to be done. This time around it involves septic pump and drain field, and necessitates things like dealing with the county for permits and inspections, getting Verizon to relocate their cables, arranging for driveway … Continue reading Septic woes

On a more positive note…

Though some of you may not believe it, I tend to have decently realistic self-awareness. I am acutely aware of most of my shortcomings, and I have a pretty good idea of how I come across to people, both in my writing and in my social encounters. Thus, periodically, I look back at my blog … Continue reading On a more positive note…

When raiding dies

Last night we made 25 attempts to kill heroic Uu’nat in Crucible of Storms. Notice the term “attempts” — no, we did not kill him. We managed to scrape up 15 raiders, and Blizz had even made a few minor nerfs to the fight aimed at smaller raid groups. But still we were unsuccessful. We … Continue reading When raiding dies

The Reforging Paradox

Over the past few expansions, Blizz has developed what I consider to be a condescending and patronizing brand of gaslighting that is really starting to grate on me. For want of a better term, I will refer to it as the Reforging Paradox, named after an early example of the phenomenon. That is, back at … Continue reading The Reforging Paradox