Friday scrapings

This will likely be a scattered-thought post. The WoW news from Blizzard these days is not only sparse, but non-existent. Yes, the Blizzcon Blackout is in full swing. The bug Blizz cannot be troubled to fix. For the past couple of weeks, there has been a weird disappearing kind of bug involving the Charging Station … Continue reading Friday scrapings

Obligatory patch comments

Not gonna lie, coming back from a week’s vacation it is hard to get back into the rhythm of writing again. While I did recharge my creative batteries, they were the ones that are part of the wiring for making pots, not for writing a game blog. Last night I logged into WoW for the … Continue reading Obligatory patch comments


Scattered thoughts today, so I apologize in advance if this post is hit and miss. I have contractors here for some light repairs, so there will be interruptions as I write. Also I am packing for a girls-only trip with some friends to Asheville, North Carolina, to poke around the craft shops there, eat good … Continue reading Meandering

Speculation, wild and otherwise

As there is approximately zero that I find interesting these days in Battle for Azeroth, I decided to poke around a bit and see what nifty rumors I could dig up on The Next Expansion (TNE). And yes, I believe there will be a next expansion, and no, in spite of all my bitching, I … Continue reading Speculation, wild and otherwise

WoW or laundry? Tough decision these days

Over the weekend I played almost no WoW. Normally I put in some extra hours on Friday and Saturday nights, and much of the day on Sunday. I like to use the time to play some of my alts, maybe get them a little higher level gear, advance a rep that holds the keys to … Continue reading WoW or laundry? Tough decision these days

Friday rant

Let me warn you all up front that this is going to be a rant, so if you’re not in the mood — totally understandable — just move on and have a good weekend. This past week I began the interminably long and boring road to obtaining the vaunted bee mount for Alliance. I don’t … Continue reading Friday rant