Peeking into professions

Spoilers! This post, and likely many more to come in the near future, may contain Shadowlands spoilers. This one is about Shadowlands profession changes. Don’t read if you don’t want to know. A few weeks ago I expressed optimism that Blizz seemed to be poised to amend some of the more frustrating bits of professions. … Continue reading Peeking into professions

Summer Blahs

I have only lately decided summer is my favorite season. I used to be a fall person, because I loved the sudden coolness and the hillside beauty and the urgency to experience it exactly because it was so fleeting. But for the last few years I have loved summer more, possibly because it is less … Continue reading Summer Blahs

Is Blizz phasing out raiding?

I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with Change. I know I do. Sometimes I love it and even crave it, at other times I feel like yelling at it to get off my lawn. When I recognize it, that is. Often, the biggest, most life-altering, mind-blowing, soul-rending changes creep up on us … Continue reading Is Blizz phasing out raiding?

Blizz is really going there — but should they?

Today I am desperately trying to maintain even a tiny shred of optimism while the world seems awash in Really Bad Shit. Thus, Matt Rossi’s Blizzard Watch piece caught my attention (as it often does, he is one of the more innovative WoW bloggers when it comes to posing thoughtful questions about the game). In … Continue reading Blizz is really going there — but should they?

Still more time

Okay, I promise this will be my last post for a while on the subject of time in the game. Also, this will be fairly short and therefore hopefully painless. Last week Blizz announced a new series of “holiday weeks” for WoW: Timewalking for five consecutive weeks. This will start June 23. No clue as … Continue reading Still more time


Yesterday Blizz announced the implementation of an auction house “throttle”, aimed at wholesale traders. The new algorithm keeps track of your AH transactions per minute, and once you reach some number currently on the order of 25 it massively slows down the response rate. So for example if each AH transaction typically takes .3 seconds, … Continue reading Throttled

More time

I am not sure why I am fixated on time these days, when I seem to have too much of it, but for whatever reason I am. Over the weekend I was chewing over a cryptic comment made by Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas back in a May 2020 interview with WoWChakra. (Original interview here if … Continue reading More time