The end is in sight

I will be taking a two-week spring break starting Monday. I will return on Monday April 6. Until then, stay well, stay separated, and WASH YOUR HANDS. Last night we finally came within sight of our AotC for this tier. We are at 11/12 Heroic and the final boss seems doable within the next couple … Continue reading The end is in sight


I try really hard to not allow real world news into this blog. There are plenty of places — family gatherings, the commuter train/bus, cable news, the place you get your hair cut, college campuses, and of course the internet, just to name a few — to read, watch, shout, panic, discuss, worry, argue, troll … Continue reading Ewwwww!

Dump the visions

Over the past week or two I have written a few posts on Patch 8.3’s central feature: the legendary cloak and the Horrific Visions that support it. I have read a ton of comments and commentary on HV, and I have listened to my guildies as they each figure out how to best get through … Continue reading Dump the visions