Raid cancelled!!

I am in a social guild that takes its raiding pretty seriously, even though our raid team’s RL schedules only let us devote four hours a week to it. A few nights ago one of our twice-weekly raid nights was cancelled at the last minute. My gut response — which astonished me when I thought about it for half a second — was WOOHOO!

What’s up with that? I love raiding. I look forward to raid nights.

So why was I happy when it was cancelled?

Thinking about it, I have a similar reaction when other things I love to do are cancelled — my fiddle teacher can’t make the lesson, the pottery studio is closed, it’s pouring rain and I can’t spend the day in the garden. When these things happen, it’s like all of a sudden the fabric of the universe has ripped a little and some extra time has leaked in from another dimension. Time that I had no way of planning, structuring, committing, or otherwise filling up. It’s that feeling I had as a kid on the first day of summer vacation, or waking up in the winter to a snow day. WOOHOO!

It’s pretty clear what all this says about my over structured life. Don’t get me wrong — I wouldn’t trade it. I love how full and rich it is, and I appreciate how incredibly lucky I am to have so many options. But the sheer number of those options is what drives me to cram as much as I can into every minute of every day. I mean, what if I squandered 30 minutes a day and then missed something awesome because of it?!? Even though I love it when Fate bestows “extra” time on me, I seem incapable of bestowing it on myself.

You see where I’m going with this. WoW bloggers have written millions of words about the Mists expansion and the direction it has taken the game and the gaming experience. Some like it, some don’t, some think it’s time for even more new stuff, some panic at the thought of a new expansion because they haven’t done everything in the current one yet. I come down on the side of liking it — if I didn’t, I wouldn’t play. But I seem incapable of letting myself have as much pure fun with it as I used to. The game seems structured more and more towards personal progression, not towards “kick back and have a blast”.  The push to get leveled, get rep, get geared, unlock zones, then do the same for your alts is starting to sound very like RL imperatives to get a degree, get a job, get promoted, buy a house, buy a car, then do the same for your kids . . . . Obviously the parallels are not even in the same universe in terms of life importance, but there is a common thread that in order to “succeed” you have to “improve”.

Anyway, when the raid was cancelled, I got on my biggest baddest mount and flew around and just enjoyed some of the game’s most beautiful and peaceful aspects. I cranked up my music. I visited Uldum and flew my old herbing route that took me from beautifully swept dunes to lush river oases. I went back to Zouchin Village in KunLai Summit and admired the scenery and once again was immersed in what has always seemed to be a perfect spring day. I followed the long stretches of postcard perfect beaches in Krasarang Wilds. I swooped. I soared. I had fun.

I should do that more.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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