“Step away from the hunter . . .”

learning-literacymemory-abilities-improvement-success-schooling-studiesmemory-mapping-academic-abilities-learn-remember-alan-mcmahon-learning1I’ve been leveling and lightly gearing some alts lately that are not hunters. I started doing it mainly to have fully realized professions and a robust Tillers farming base. But along the way I found myself actually enjoying the play style of my arcane mage and balance druid. And it was nice that they let me stay in my comfort zone — ranged dps. But having dabbled in the dark side like that, a small creepy voice in my head started to nag me, “You KNOW . . . you could actually heal on the druid. And since you are living on the edge, how about trying a melee class?” Well, I have never been strong in the face of small creepy voices, so I leaped off that comfort zone cliff (mixing a few metaphors on the way) and rolled a Mistweaver monk and a pally. Neither of them is leveled yet, so I am not yet sure how the experiment will ultimately turn out.

Some differences are cosmetic. I personally think there are no cooler spell animations in the game than those for a mage. And I am having a good time playing my unglyphed moonkin while accompanied by my moonkin hatchling. (Come on, it’s cute! Like Take Your Child to Work Day.)

But I also find I am reaping benefits I never expected from my melee alts. For example, I get an entirely different view of dungeon mechanics glued to the boss’s butt instead of standing aloofly distant. I don’t claim it’s a better view, just that it gives a different perspective, one that is helpful and will ultimately make me a better hunter. Melee play has given me insight into some of the complex dances tanks must perform, improving my hunter awareness of when to pull back on dps so as not to steal aggro.

The real payoff for me, though, comes as a result of learning to heal. Intellectually, as a hunter I always understood that standing in crap is bad, but as a healer I get a whole different view of the cascading problems players like that cause. Incidentally, I call such a player a DPS Irritatingly Playing Without Any Discipline (DIPWAD). If I choose to heal a DIPWAD, I lose mana at an alarming rate, I am forced to take my attention away from the tank or DPS suffering legitimate damage, and if I am not very careful I will by sheer habit blow a cooldown on an idiot whose death is almost inevitable anyway. Translation: DIPWAD causes wipe. If I choose not to heal a DIPWAD, knowing heals are wasted on him, the group has lost what in a 5-man dungeon is 1/3 of its dps. Translation: DIPWAD causes wipe. So yeah, my hunter is now much more careful about not standing in crap. Oh, and for tanks that believe dungeons are footraces, my hunter now waits with the healer while he/she recharges mana, then acts as an escort to wherever the tank has run off to.

I am not ever going to abandon my hunter as my main, but I am learning a lot by walking in other classes’ boots/sandals/footwraps/sabatons.


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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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  1. rosefirelite says:

    Hunters are the best class! I love my hunter!

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