I wish I were as good as the sims say I should be

Been dabbling a bit with SimulationCraft. I didn’t really mess with it long enough to get any real deep insights, but below are some random observations. I used these options:
—  Fia’s SV talent/glyph/gear spec
—  Patchwerk style fight (stand in one spot and hammer the boss)
—  100% active time (yeah, right — I am usually lucky to break 90%)
—  All CDs and shots as they are available
—  576 second fight
  • Figuring out how many total seconds are spent per shot, plus how much damage each shot does, the best “bank for the buck” shots are (in descending order of awesomeness)

The least bang for buck comes from Auto Shot, and next worst is Cobra Shot. My take on what this means is, focus control is critical to maxing dps — every time I insert an unneeded Cobra Shot because I am over-compensating on focus, I am wasting dps.

  • In this standing 9.6 minute fight, I should ideally be firing off:
Over 100 each Cobra Shots and Explosive Shots
14 Dire Beast
87 Arcane Shots

Explosive Shot should account for 20% of my dps. In comparing some of the World of Logs entries for a recent one of our guild raid fights similar to a Patchwerk style, I see that I do actually come pretty close to this 20% number, but my total number of shots is nowhere near “ideal”, even pro-rating for differences in time.

I am not/not a methods player by any stretch of the imagination. But I think once in awhile these kinds of simulators can help me to think about how I can become better.

My main takeaways from this little exercise are:

  • I have to get better at minimizing my shot down time. More active time = more shots fired = more dps
  • I need to do a better job managing my focus. I am pretty good about dumping it with Arcane Shot above 75, pretty good about building it below 20 if Black Arrow or Crows is about to come off cooldown, but in the middle I am sloppy about it.  (Use the WalMart logistics model: “just in time” focus!)

Back to the practice dummies.  And come on, Proving Grounds!

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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