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No kite for you!!!

No kite for you!!!

From the start, let me say I am not much of a mount collector in this game. (Nor, even though my main is a hunter, am I much of a pet collector, but that’s another story.) I don’t run old content dungeons hundreds of times for a mount whose drop rate hovers somewhere near infinitesimal. I will admit to making a half-hearted attempt to score Reins of the Raven Lord by running Sethekk Halls a few dozen times, but when it didn’t drop I eventually gave up. I just didn’t want it that badly. I have a maxed out Jewelcrafter and Engineer, but I don’t care enough about the crafted mounts to spend the gold for the mats.

All this is by way of saying I usually don’t care much about mounts, they are transportation. But once in a great while one comes along that I just gotta have. I love the Headless Horseman Mount, and I use it almost exclusively on all my toons (except the druid). I really wanted the rep mount from Firelands, and ran those dailies forever until I got it — it’s a nice piece of digital art in my opinion. My latest object of lust is the Pandaren Kite. Having vaguely known that it comes from getting rep with all the Pandaren factions, I set about  grinding out dailies for Golden Lotus, August Celestials, Shadow Pan, Lorewalkers, Tillers, Order of the Cloud Serpent, Anglers, and even those horrid Klaxxi which were the last ones I could force myself to do but I did it. Weeks and weeks of dailies, but at last I finished the reps. Hooray, kite time!

Nope. Because Blizz’s Division of Practical Jokes had been present at some Mists dev meeting and said “Hang on, I think we are missing a huge opportunity to really screw with ’em here. How about we take a really minor faction, one that you cant’ get any rep with in Pandaria, and one we just invented for Mists, and add that as a kite requirement? And, for good measure, let’s make ’em get the rep by doing the same shit they did forever in Wrath and Cata, but NONE OF THAT COUNTS, THEY HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN WITH A NEW TABARD! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, we crack ourselves up.”

Seriously, Blizz, the Tushui Pandaren? After weeks and weeks of Mists dailies, after months and months of Wrath and Cata instances with agonizing pugs and those stupid fishing and cooking dailies in Stormwind for which I still have dozens of useless tokens, NOW you suddenly discover this faction is critical to getting one lousy mount???  Yeah, yeah, I know it only takes a few more hours of soloing some ridiculously easy instances, but still.

I’ll end up doing it because, well, lust will have its way, but sheesh! I know you are laughing your butts off, Blizz, but I am not amused.

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