Giving up the tier gear


When it’s time to give it up, it’s time!
(Gear, not the game. Not yet.)

There comes a time in every hunter’s life when you just have to bite the bullet and start to give up that awesome tier gear you worked so hard to get. That gear you first got by suffering through countless awful LFRs, that gear you maybe saw fall to your fellow 10-man team members time and again before you finally maybe got a good roll and got one precious piece. It’s hard, I mean you worked SO LONG for it! And it was awesome to see those stats go up when Arcane Shot or Multishot triggered that nifty Lightning Arrow. How could you just give that up?

Well, I have been agonizing over this for a long time. I only ever got the LFR T15 gear (zero luck on the Normal stuff, QQ), but still I resisted even thinking about breaking the set, even when I got shoulder and hands upgrades (not tier) in the new SoO LFR. My crutch was that Mr. Robot indicated giving up 2 pcs was not really an upgrade for me, and that I would suffer a significant DPS hit if I did so — around 6k, not awful but still. Good enough for me, I thought, I’m sticking with what I got.

But it kept nagging at me. At some point, I reasoned, I am going to have to leave it behind. It would be nice to just wait until I got 4 brand new T16 pieces to replace it, or even 2. But alas, my RNG luck has been constant (in a bad way), and I have yet to see any T16 tier gear. I am not hopeful that I will be topped off on it any time soon. So I buckled down and ran some other sims. Both SimulationCraft and Femaledwarf gave me a very slight DPS boost (2-3k) replacing 2 pieces of my old T15 stuff. AAARRRRRGGGGHHH, not the answer I wanted. But I did it, replaced my T15 shoulders with LFR Quarantine Shoulder Guards and my T15 gloves with LFR Gloves of Unending Anguish. sigh

In a way, it was kind of like ripping off a band-aid, painful for a split second and to be honest the anticipation was worse than the actual ripping off, but after it was done I felt pretty good. Maybe even free, like I can move on now. No more looking sadly at gear upgrades sitting in my bank, and being stressed when I can’t get new tier gear. I’m OK with it, and I am convinced it is not a DPS hit — more of a wash really.

But holy cow was it tough to do.

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