MoPping Up

GondriaSo here we are, about a week out from Warlords of Draenor. I’ve pretty much done all the things I wanted to do in Mists and am now just kind of tidying the corners of my preps for Draenor. The main thing I still wanted to do before next week is try and get a spirit beast on my second hunter, who has the worst possible luck getting them. Well, bad luck combined with my total lack of patience and unwillingness to stare at a computer for hours on end doing nothing but hoping to win the pet lottery by being awake and semi-conscious when one spawns AND no one kills if out of spite or ignorance AND no other hunter suddenly appears and gets in a tame a millisecond before I do. It just seems like it is not worth the effort, especially when my main hunter has two that she just literally bumped into accidentally when no one was around.

Still I was embarrassed a few nights ago when we were running H Garrosh, I was the only hunter, and my RL asked if I could bring out a spirit beast or cat to fill our need for a mastery buff. I had to admit I did not have a spirit beast. If there is a such a thing as a look you can get from whispers, I got it from him — something along the lines of You call yourself a hunter and you have no spirit beasts??!!??  I did have a cat, but it was in the stable, not in my call pet roster, and he was unwilling to take the time in our speed run for me to go back and get it. So I was embarrassed. And a little annoyed — not sure at whom or what — that, sheesh,  with only 5 slots you really can’t be expected to be prepared for every possible raid buff, right? I mean, I had a worm for stats, a spore bat for haste, a wolf for crit, a quillen for combat rez, and a dragon hawk for multistrike. In retrospect, a mastery pet might have been a better choice than a multistrike one, but who knew? We usually run with at least 15-25 people and rarely need anything other than the standard wolf crit.

Blizz needs to have some ability for hunters to get any of their pets out of the stable when needed, without running back to a major city to visit the stable master. Something like that squire you get from the Argent Tournament, only this would be a stable boy.

And now to regale you with my major bonehead move for the week. I do this as a public service so that others who make mistakes in the game can point to me and say things like, “Well at least I’m not THAT stupid!”

In my eternal search for spirit beasts I was in Hyjal, pseudo-camping Banthalos and the spirit tiger. Boring. So I decided to hop over to the area where Terrorpene spawns, not that I expected him to be there, just as a way to relieve some of the boredom.  I made a couple of passes over his track, and as I expected, nothing. But as I was leaving, he spawned!!!

I was thunderstruck. No one else around. I have done this little “just checking” routine for literally a couple of years now, about 2-3 times a week and never saw him. (See, I told you this alt has bad luck with pets.) But now, HERE HE WAS, MINE FOR THE TAMING!

I dismounted, targeted him, made sure I had my taming glyph on, laid down an ice trap, and then …… and then ….. well, see I knew he was hard to tame, many hunters back in the day died trying, you needed help to do it, etc. So I threw a quick Arcane Shot at him to get his health down a bit and ensure aggro.

Yep you guessed it, killed him immediately.


But I did finally snag Gondria from Zul’Drak, so my main goal has been accomplished. On to Arcturis! On to Draenor!  I can’t wait.

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