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We are a little over 8 days from the Draenor expansion, and I find I have crossed some kind of mental Rubicon about it: Mists for me is now (finally) old content and Draenor is no longer just some foggy possibility but a real thing that has happened in all but the final server restarts. I liked Mists — and I have found plenty to do in the past year — but at some point in the last couple of days I transitioned to WoD.

In the next 8 days I’ll finish up my preparations:

  1. Finish cleaning my bags, transmog slots, bank slots. I started this about a month ago but feel I was not quite ruthless enough (maybe because I had not yet truly left Mists behind) so I will do a final pass. Also, I managed to craft a nice baker’s dozen (13) of the 28-slot bags, so I need to distribute those to my alts. My distro scheme will basically be to load up the ones I am going to level first (2 hunters, a lock and a monk), and in my head I already hear the whining of the lesser alts — “Oh sure, your favorites as usual get the good stuff. We craft it, they use it, what’s new?”
  2. Maybe snag a couple more spirit/rare pets for one or more hunters.  Seems like a good time to do it, given that quite a few players are taking a break from the game until Nov 13, and others are preoccupied  with getting that last cloak or Garrosh heirloom or doing Darkmoon Faire. (Never really understood why that is spelled with an “e” but never mind.)
  3. Solo some old content for transmog items and gold. Keep hammering away at Sunwell to try and get that bow.
  4. Finalize my garrison plans for the alts I will level first. Big thank you shout out to The Grumpy Elf  for his amazing in-depth series on garrisons. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, you’ll be really glad you did.
  5. Prepare myself mentally for the first few days and weeks of a new expansion.

Number 5 sounds a little more over the top than it really is. Thinking back to when Mists went live, and later to when Timeless Isle did, I remember that my main response was frustration. I was stressed and constantly annoyed, to the point that I was not enjoying the game at all, which is really stupid. At the start of Mists, I was furious with Blizz that they had not anticipated the huge server problems — especially with the graphics — they would have as a result of tens of thousands of people all trying to log on and do the same quests at the exact same time. How could they not have anticipated that and made some sort of fix for it in advance? (And btw, I am not optimistic that this time anything will be different. Blizz has demonstrated an astounding ability to not learn from past mistakes.)

When Timeless isle was introduced, all I remember is galloping around the place aimlessly while guild chat was a steady stream of people linking the great gear they were scoring, how many rares they had downed, how many treasure chests they had opened, what their current coin count was, etc. And all I was doing was riding around, arriving approximately half a second too late for anything. I didn’t even see a rare for over a week.

Both of these times seemed to bring out the very worst in players — it was like everyone had suddenly become 2 years old again and the only thing they could scream was “MINE!!!!” On the other hand, it also brought out my own bad tendency to quickly lose perspective.

So, on November 13 and the days that follow, I hereby resolve:

  • To have fun. If technical glitches or the presence of a huge number of assholes preclude having fun, LOG OUT. Come back later.
  • To take my time leveling. In Mists, our raid leader kept pushing everyone to level and gear up as fast as possible.  What happened was that 2-3 of us actually did so then had to wait anyway for the rest who took their own sweet time getting there. This time I am circumventing the stress by leveling and gearing at the speed comfortable for me. If it causes me to have to miss a couple of raids, oh well.
  • To keep the moral high ground and not get dragged down into the swamp of nasty, rude, brutish players who always seem to emerge at the start of a new expansion.
  • To be patient with the inevitable bugs, keeping a long term perspective. This expansion will be around for months at least, and possibly years if Mists is any indicator. There is plenty of time to do all the things I want to do in it, no need to do them all the first two weeks.

That’s it, a little over 8 days and counting!

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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