Ready or not

Well, a week ago I thought I was ready for Warlords, but now I am not so sure. Yesterday I logged on in order to distribute my 13 new bags to my most deserving (that is, soonest to be leveled) characters. Six hours later I was still rearranging bank and bag slots, vendoring junk, reorganizing and cleaning out void storage tabs, mailing stuff to my bank alt for auctioning, and turning in and abandoning ancient quests. I also harvested the last crops from everyone’s Sunsong Ranch, made sure there were no weeds or occupied soils on any of the plots, and said goodbye to the comfortable and peaceful little farm house with its soft bed and bubbling stew pot.

The good news is that I made about 10k gold all together, and now all but one character have clean tidy storage areas and quest logs. The bad news is I discovered that I had still not done the Blasted Lands quests on my druid, and on top of that her gear is a total mess. Not only does she need a ton of gems and enchants, but she has a one-hand Garrosh heirloom and no off-hand at all, heirloom or otherwise. My plan for a while has been to have resto as her main spec, but I am not comfortable leveling as resto and I absolutely hate melee game play, so that leaves Balance. To me Balance seems, well, unbalanced, after all the patch changes. I admit that throughout Mists it was pretty complex to play well — and I absolutely did not play it well, in fact I hardly played it at all — but now it seems like it has boiled down to about 3 spells, all of which take a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time to cast and require you to stand still.  It just seems clunky and awkward, with no real fun aspects to it. But then I am spoiled by having hunters as my mains.

In the end, I will probably just ignore the one-handed heirloom and use the staff I got on my monk, since the druid will be close to the last one I level. Oh, and I’ll zip through the Blasted Lands quests later today.

Which brings up a question I have had for a while: What is the best way to level a healer and still emerge as a decent healer once you are done? I have never really figured that out. It seems like you either have to level very slowly in your healing spec, or level more quickly in a DPS spec, in which case you do not really learn much about how to heal at higher levels. This is especially true of alts, who have very little opportunity — particularly in the beginning of an expansion — to heal in a supportive group such as a guild, since everyone is trying to blast their mains through to gear up for raiding.

Leveling as DPS is natural, and the skills you hone during the process are the same ones you will need at top level. But that really doesn’t apply to healers ( and may not apply to tanks, although I have zero experience as a tank). This is the main reason I leveled a MW monk in Mists — I actually had enough firepower to level in my healing spec. This meant I could level quickly without assistance and not have to change up much of anything in order to heal a group. Of course, that has changed now, too, with the MW stance changes, but that’s a topic for another day.

All of which means I will stink at druid healing when I finally level, which will be unpleasant for me as well as for the unfortunate groups I will be in ….. Possibly the new healing target dummies and the revamped Proving Grounds will help, though.

I seem to be rambling. Like most other players, I am just marking time until Thursday (well, more like Wednesday night). Three days. I’m ready. Really. No, really.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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