Missed it by thaaaaaat much!

Blizz, Blizz, Blizz. You’re making me crazy! You just never seem to really grasp the point when it comes to public relations. Sometimes you get maddeningly close, then at the last minute throw in an inexplicable gotcha.

I know, I know, what am I talking about, right?

Some of you may have read about the semi-big oops that happened last week when the second wing of Highmaul opened for LFR. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec 16 and 17, the first and third bosses (Tectus and Ko’ragh) were not dropping any loot, not even gold. To their credit, Blizz hopped on this right away, posting a couple of things quickly that said they were trying to figure out the best way to remedy the situation for those who lost out. There was really no good way for them to do a mass restoration, so they announced that if you ran that wing on those days, you should submit a ticket.

Figuring it would be an exercise in futility but being a basically gullible optimistic person, I submitted a ticket. Well, two, actually, since I had run LFR during that time on both my level 100 hunters. I made sure it was two separate tickets, as I did not want to confuse them by mentioning two character names in the same ticket.

Surprisingly, within two days I received an in-game notice that my ticket had been answered. Even more surprisingly, the resolution was actually appropriate to the problem. I had been expecting at most maybe another useless free day of play, a paltry amount of gold, or some stupid pet. But no, Blizz awarded me two free Seals of Tempered Fate. Holy moly, I thought, now this is beginning to look like customer service. This was clearly a good response — my hunter had missed out on two chances for loot (ok, most likely gold given my RNG luck, but still), and Blizz gave me those two chances back. Wow.

But this is where they missed the point: I logged on to my other hunter only to find the exact same “Your ticket has been answered” notice and no additional seals for that alt. Apparently Blizz decided that a total of two seals per account was enough, no matter how many alts had missed out on the loot due to their screw-up.

AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHH! Another triumph brought to you by the innovative staff at the Screw With the Players Department.

Tech Staff: Well, because of <technobabble technobabble technobabble> the best we can do is add a couple of seals to the inventory for the affected players.

SWP Staff: OK, but how about this — only give them 2 per account, no matter how many alts were affected! Hee hee hee hee! Is this a great job or what?

Manager: Umm, sure, whatever. Are we done, I got a Hearthstone meeting to go to.

Blizz, do you not see that every alt that ran Highmaul those days missed out on two chances for loot? This is not a difficult concept to grasp. So why why why would you start to do the right thing, then get miserly and not do it for every alt?

Again, zero adult supervision, no one in upper management in Customer Service looked at the big picture of the message being sent. No logic check, no putting themselves in the place of the players who subjected themselves multiple times to LFR to get alts through. Once again, the message was less “We sincerely apologize and are doing what we can to make it right,” and more “Another shitstorm, give them a couple extra seals but no more than two per account, see if that will shut them up.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for the seals. But Blizz, you were so close! You were almost responsive, almost a real grownup company. Just not quite there yet.

(I did go ahead and resubmit the ticket for the alt that did not receive seals, and I will happily post an addendum if that results in additional seals for that alt, but I do not expect it will.)

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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