When I am wrong, I am wrong

I am almost speechless, but here goes (deep breath):

Yesterday I posted a pretty rough indictment of Blizz (again!) regarding their seeming inattention to detail over fixing their little oops from the first week of Highmaul wing 2 LFR. Basically, they fixed it for one of my hunters but not for the other, and my theme was that this seemed to be yet another example of how they really don’t grasp the idea of customer service.

At the end, I said I would happily post an addendum if my second resubmitted ticket yielded any results.

Never let it be said that I hesitate to admit when I am wrong. Today, when I logged on to the alt that had not received any seals, I found an in game email from Blizz that basically said:


Very sorry this character was missed, but I was able to get you all sorted. You should see that you are now at 4 seals on this character instead of the 2 you were at ^_^

I hope all is well now but definitely get back to us if there are any further issues.

I was dumbfounded. Still am. They responded to my second ticket in a little less than 24 hours, and they did the right thing. So I will say it now —  Blizz handled this problem with grace and efficiency. This is what customer service is supposed to look like. They had a problem, they quickly advertised they knew about the problem, and they came up with a decent solution, which they then implemented rapidly and I think fairly. Clearly they devoted extra resources to handling the fallout, and it paid off.

Even though I think I had plenty of historical examples to be skeptical that they would do the right thing, in this case they went and proved me wrong. To be honest, I couldn’t be happier to have to eat some crow. Maybe, just maybe, they are starting to figure it out.

Ya did good, Blizz. Keep it up.

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