Top ten garrison suggestions

I’m sure many of you saw the tantalizing hint dropped yesterday in a blue post from Takralus:

We’re looking into ways to make Garrisons a bit more friendly in future patches for those of you who enjoy alts. We see that Garrisons are a bit too much for you guys right now.

Well, I’ve been thinking about this,  I’ve been playing Warlords now for almost two months, and  I have a Top Ten list of garrison suggestions for Blizz to consider.

1. Make all crafting mats BoA. Few things annoy me more than to get — for example — Gearspring Parts in a salvage crate on my tailor, and have to vendor them for a couple of paltry gold, when I desperately need every one I can get on my engineer. It makes no sense that I have a ton of Primal Spirits on my JC, which needs no mats, yet I can’t use them to buy mats for my alts.

2.  Instead of automatically issuing each garrison a set of 4 permanent structures — Fishing Shack, Herb Garden, Mine, Pet Menagerie — why not allow players a choice of “secondary/gathering profession” buildings? That way you could pick any four of the current ones or new buildings such as Infirmary (first aid), Mess Hall (cooking), and Dig Site (archaeology). This could have the added benefit of making cooking and first aid relevant again, as having the buildings would grant some special perk in each profession. This would also have the benefit of not jamming pet battles down players’ throats.

Short rant: I hate pet battling, I find it tedious, boring, and insipid. It reminds me of one of those awful interminable card games you played as a kid, where you each had 2-3 decks of cards and laid them down one at a time and the highest card won. Even for an eight year old, the fun of that wears off pretty fast. Anyway, I have maybe 200+ pets, highest level is 6 and getting it to that point seemed like torture. Yet, to complete my garrison to all Level 3 buildings, I now have to get enough pets to level 25 to be able to beat the giant carrot, etc., PLUS a ton of other odious chores I confess I have not really looked into, but I know it means winning over 100 additional pet battles as well as doing a large number of pet dailies. Attention Blizz: I find it extremely annoying that not only are you more or less forcing this on me, but you have failed to provide a catch-up mechanism for those of us who did not start at the beginning with this mind-numbing time wasting activity. End rant

3. To cut down on the time required to manage garrisons on multiple alts, merge at least the mines and herb gardens for an entire account. This is probably more complex than it sounds, and would require additional changes, but it could be done in a patch. For example, if I have 4 alts with herb gardens, one alt could harvest 4 times the herbs and Draenic Seeds by running through the garden once. It gets a little more complicated when you get to placing and collecting work orders, and it would require changes such as sharing Apexis Crystals, but I think if Blizz applied a little brainpower and creativity they could figure it out.

4.  An alternative to merging the mines and gardens would be to eliminate the need to actually gather herbs and ore every day. For example, Blizz could say that if you have a level 3 mine or garden and have a follower assigned, then you no longer have to gather the items yourself. The mats could be picked up as additional standing work orders.

5.  Somewhat off the subject but still related to garrison efficiency, increase the locations of and/or the spawn rates of elite beasts that need to be trapped for barn production of Savage Blood. As more players realize the almost irreplaceable value of the Barn, competition for trapping is becoming pretty cutthroat.

6.  Once the Stables are at level 3 and you have your mounts, they should offer some kind of mechanism that provides garrison resources, currency, or profession mats. As it stands now, they are pretty useless once you have the mounts. I keep mine on my main hunter only because I like having a stable master in my garrison — I would get rid of it if there were a different option, but it seems ridiculous that a hunter should have to go to a major city just to change out active pets for raiding or questing.

7.  Related to the above, provide a garrison stable master for hunters (and NOT only if you maintain the Stables).

8.  Expand the perks for the Dwarven Bunker. Once you have your followers decently geared and have purchased all the transmog gear you need, the only purpose of this building is to provide you with a free Seal of Tempered Fate once a week. One possibility would be to award armor/weapon secondary stat change tokens.

9.  More quality of life than efficiency, but I would love to see a Commander’s Quarters added. I know Blizz is all about centralized control rather than player-developed environments, but really these garrisons and the story line driving them cry out for such a structure.

10.  Also about quality of life, GIVE ME AN OPTION TO NOT SEE THAT DISGUSTING LITTLE PUG EVERYWHERE I GO! (Yeah yeah I know, activate my menagerie if I want to do that. See rant above.)

So those are my top 10 suggestions for improving the garrison experience. Would love to hear your ideas on what you’d like to see.

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