Alt envy

Blizz’s recent Tweet about making garrisons more alt-friendly got me to thinking the other day about the whole main-alts relationship in WoW. I think most players with several alts have a pretty defined pecking order for leveling, gearing, getting achievements, etc. I know I do. My night elf hunter is my main and the one I always level and gear first. A very close second — almost another main — is my Worgen hunter. After that, the order is: MW monk, warlock, mage, druid, and if I have time or interest my shammie who doubles as an off-site banker for my guild’s warehouse. I also have a level 18 personal banker who lives full time in Stormwind. For a couple of years I used my mage for that assignment, and to be honest I think she still harbors some resentment over it.

At the beginning of an expansion, all efforts are focused on my hunters. Alts don’t get leveled until the hunters are leveled and raid-geared. I did bring my monk and lock to Draenor a bit early this time, mostly to get them to level 92 and into garrisons so they could start crafting. They both spent a lot of time just doing garrison chores, so much so that a significant part of their leveling was done just in garrison. A couple of days ago I finally seriously took my monk out into Draenor and finished leveling her to 100, and I am just now starting the process with my lock. Next up is getting my mage and druid into Draenor and garrisons.

In some ways, alts benefit from not being first for anything. For example, my lock at level 93 is capped on garrison resources already, which will make it a snap to set up her level 3 garrison when it comes time. Also, my main has done the hard work getting the achieves for level 2 and 3 buildings, so those will be just a matter of gold and garrison resources for all my alts as soon as they qualify. My alts will also be much better geared than my hunters were as they go through the leveling process, since I have crafted several 640 level pieces for them.

My new level 100 monk already has 20 followers decently geared, as well as ilvl 604 gear herself. And that’s without the initial legendary ring, which she will get probably tomorrow as soon as I can get her through normal Skyreach.

Still, I sometimes think I can detect a certain amount of eye-rolling when I require my alts to produce things for my hunters. “Oh of course, make sure THE HUNTERS have the good stuff, while we are lucky to get hand-me-downs. Same old same old.” I imagine my hunters pal around together as a privileged class, while my alts stick together based on their mutual jealousy of the hunters. Don’t get me wrong, I try to do right by my alts, but it’s pretty obvious to them that I love my hunters best.

Although I am pretty sure it won’t happen, I really wish Blizz would figure out a way for all the characters on my account to show up in a garrison. That way, for example, my hunter could wander around my mage’s garrison and see how hard she works to produce tailored goods and inscriptions for everyone. Might make her more appreciative of the work alts do for her, make her less of an elitist snob. On the other side, if my mage could walk around my hunter’s garrison and see how often she is gone in order to raid and do achievements for the benefit of all, it might make her see how her own work helps out. Seeing how busy my hunter is might make the mage appreciate her own somewhat laid back lifestyle. As I said, though, possibly as a consequence of her years as a bank alt, she really has a very strong inferiority complex.

Just a few thoughts as I wait for the Tuesday reset.

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