Ding Dong, Brack is dead!

WOOOOHOOO! Last night our raid team (the one I run with in my non-primary guild) finally downed Brackenspore normal. We had spent most of the time since Highmaul opened up just ignoring him. A couple of early tries made it pretty obvious we did not have the DPS to avoid the soft enrage of getting eaten by all that creeping moss. So for the past few weeks we’ve just detoured around him as we progressed through the other bosses. But he’s been there silently mocking us as we tiptoed around his area. So a couple of days ago our raid leader announced that the Thursday raid would start with Brack. Enough is after all enough.

The announcement included raid assignments for the encounter. The RL had decided that SV hunters would be ideal for the flame throwers. We usually run with three hunters when we have 12-15 team size — one BM hunter, 2 SV. The BM guy is a DPS god, really pumps out the damage, so it would have been silly to put him on a flame thrower. I made a half-hearted attempt to convince the RL that I was definitely in the process of switching to BM as a main spec, but he was not buying it. Hey, I took a shot, OK?

So we set it up with 2 hunters — including yours truly — on flame throwers, the BM hunter as primary on spore shooters, and the two next highest ranged DPS assisting when more than one spore shooter was up. The RL made sure everyone was clear on the kill order and the mushroom dancing mechanics. We got him down to about 20% on our first try but got overwhelmed by the creepy moss. Turned out a couple people had neglected flasks/pots/food. Doh!

We killed him on the second try. And I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed doing flame thrower duty. For one thing, it really cut down on the insane constant target switching that ranged has to do on that fight. I would bounce around and spot kill encroaching moss, then hightail it back towards the group and pew pew either the boss or the big add, while keeping my eyes peeled for nearby moss. Rinse and repeat. My flame thrower counterpart was doing the same on the other side of the boss. It only got really crazy when the boss was down to about 15%, when moss would keep appearing directly under the boss or the group. But our tanks and healers were great at buying us a second or two to allow us to burn it.

The key to those flame throwers is to never ever let the heat bar fill up. Once or twice I got close, but I called it out and my teammate took up the slack. I did the same for him. Also, there is quite a while at the beginning of the fight when you can just target the boss/adds, no need to run to the very edges of the area to burn moss that is not really a threat. Success in this utility duty really comes down to three things: never let the bar fill up, only burn the moss that is a threat, and don’t stress over doing DPS — consider any damage you do as a bonus, never let it delay burning the moss.

I can see some of you out there rolling your eyes, “Normal Brackenspore, big deal. We did that the first week.” Well, keep in mind that this is a semi-casual team, we only raid 4 hours a week total. There is not huge pressure to gear up immediately, although the required gear levels to raid with the team increase incrementally over time. And I think the  raiding strategy worked — we quickly figured out we did not have the DPS for Brack early on, so we concentrated on farming the other three early bosses to help get the necessary gear.

At any rate, it was a fun night. We have only Kor’agh and Imperator left, and two weeks to get them down before the next raid opens up. Looking very possible.

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