Top ten profession suggestions

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts about professions in this expansion — tl;dr: They are completely broken. In the spirit of being constructive instead of whiny, here is my list of the top things Blizz could do to help fix the abysmal state they are now in.

1.  Remove the 3-item limit on equipping crafted items. This would increase the market for crafters wanting to sell their items, and might actually make it worthwhile to craft things with the goal of selling them. It would also make leveling alts a bit easier and consequently less annoying.

As it stands now, after the first month of the expansion, crafted items are not selling well at all, at least on my server. I don’t mean they are no longer selling for ridiculously high prices, I mean they just are not selling. I suppose you could sell them easily for a couple hundred gold, but I am talking about a price that is not insane but still makes it worth the time you have to spend getting the mats.

I never understood the 3-item limit in the first place. I mean, why should Blizz — or anyone else for that matter — care how you got your gear, as long as it does not violate the EULA? If Blizz truly — as they constantly advertise — wants to make the game enjoyable for a wide range of play styles, why would they not want people who hate raiding to be able to gradually gear up their characters without playing a style they detest? My suspicion is that Blizz once again bowed to the very small but very vocal minority, those self-proclaimed “elite” players who constantly whine that “casual players” (ack, ick, *ptui*) should not not not get any gear handed to them, they should have to work for it by raiding with “real” raid teams because that’s how this game should be played, dammit. In the snow! Barefoot! Uphill! Both ways!

2.  Remove the need to log in and do crafting cooldowns on every alt every day. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for this requirement. All it does is penalize players who have real lives and likely have responsibilities that do not permit them to spend over an hour a day on a computer game. In other words, it penalizes the vast majority of Blizz’s customers. If Blizz wants to limit crafting mat production, make the limit a weekly one — 7 per week instead of one per day. That way, if you still want to log in every day and craft one, you can do so. Or you can craft 2 at a time and log in every other day. Or 7 at once and only have to log in once a week on that alt. This would give players options, which most players think is a good thing, but which apparently gives Blizz a major case of the heebie-jeebies. “What!!?? Player options? Sounds like the cheese has slipped off your cracker, dude, you need to get a grip.”

3.  Balance the production rates of Savage Blood and the profession soulbound mats needed to craft upgrades. Early on, I had sufficient soulbound mats to craft upgrades, but no chance of getting the required number of Savage Bloods to do so. After I finally got 2 level 3 barns going, I find I have lots of Savage Bloods but it takes literally weeks to craft the required number of other mats to do the upgrades.

4.  While we are on the subject, make the upgrades a bit less onerous to craft. I say this not to antagonize the whiny l33t-ists (although that is kind of a side benefit), but to help players that want to sell their crafted items do so, and to make crafted upgrades actually a viable way to increase your ilevel. As it stands now, for most players who use their professions, upgrades are pretty much out of reach. They take literally weeks to craft even one. This has two effects. First, if you want to buy an upgrade on the AH, they are priced way beyond most people’s reach (on my server even the lower level upgrades still list at tens of thousands of gold). The reason they are priced so outrageously is understandable — if it takes the seller several weeks to craft the item, they are not going to sell it for a few hundred gold. On the flip side, it does not pay to craft these items for sale since most people are not interested in buying them for the required price. Second, by the time someone is able to either craft or buy two upgrades for a piece of crafted gear — close to 6 weeks in the best of cases — they have likely replaced that piece of gear from drops, mission rewards, etc. In short, upgrades are pretty worthless to most players.

5.  Allow miners to do prospecting and smelting for current ores. The fact that these two mining abilities are now completely worthless just is incomprehensible to me. In fact, this is a piece of a larger problem with professions, which is basically that Blizz has made them not worth leveling any more. The things you can do with a leveled profession — such as crafting upgrades — are worthless in the current game, and the things that have some worth — gathering mats, crafting basic items — can be done by anyone with a garrison. Which is everyone.

6.  Bring back the engineering ability to craft explosives that will open current lockboxes. And though I have not yet done blacksmithing in this expansion, do the same for BS keys if they also are missing.

7.  Make the secondary professions count for something again. Cooking may actually make a comeback with the new foods in 6.1, if you can believe Blizz. But make it worthwhile to keep up with first aid also. And for crying out loud, do something to allow a fishing catch-up mechanism, it is still the worst secondary profession to level up, and really there is zero benefit to doing so. Same for archy, the extreme boringness of which is now compounded by the annoyance of no flying, along with the close to zero incentive for leveling it. And give those of us who have avoided pet battling a decent catch-up mechanism.

8.  Bring back meaningful transmutation for alchemists. While we’re on the subject, bring back the alchemy  specializations of flasks/elixirs/transmutation. Why were they axed anyway?

9.  Make all currently soulbound crafting mats BoA. This action alone would go a long way towards making professions viable, helping to solve many of the items I listed above.

10.  Bring back profession combat perks. This would make profession leveling count for something again. Getting rid of them was yet another of Blizz’s kowtows to the player snobs, who whined that the extra 200 DPS they got from, say, engineering, was “required” if they wanted to get a spot on the WeRockEveryoneElseSucks raid team.  Attention Blizz: PROFESSION PERKS ARE WHAT MADE PEOPLE WANT TO LEVEL THEM. If a small minority of players felt “pressured” to have a certain profession, boo-hoo. The rest of us — most of Blizz’s customers — thought they were fun and a good reason to level up a certain profession.

So those are my suggestions. Happy to hear any you might have.

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