Blizz “attitude” and my “fun”

To the small number of you who follow this blog, apologies for taking a few days off. There were a couple of reasons.

One — and this is almost embarrassing — I broke one of my fingers and have been dealing with that.

*Side comment* It’s not important how I did it — something stupid — but I’ve been amazed at all the  everyday things that become difficult or impossible with a bunged up finger. The one I broke is my “rude” finger on my left hand. It’s in a pretty hefty splint that I am not supposed to get wet. So I am busy figuring out workarounds for hand washing, cooking, normal typing, carrying grocery bags, etc. I am a little worried about tonight, which will be my first raid night since I broke the finger. I usually use my mouse for movement and left hand for keybinds, so you can see the problem. I do have one of those mice with a bajillion buttons on the side, but I normally only use a few of them, mostly for quick react keybinds such as interrupts. So I may be forced to bind most of my shot keys to them now, using the mouse for shooting as well as moving, and the left hand keybinds for the more rare cooldowns and such. I would be less worried if we were just doing the same old bosses in Highmaul, but tonight is our first attempt on Imperator normal.

The second reason I haven’t posted for awhile is that I realized this expansion really is not much fun. By the time I get garrison chores (and they seem exactly like that) done for only my four characters who have garrisons, there is no time left to do fun things. That’s if I could figure out where the fun is. Because I am just not seeing it. Garrison invasions and apexis dailies long ago lost their allure for me. I might be more interested in the apexis dailies if you could actually use the crystals for something worthwhile AND the things you could buy with them didn’t cost approximately a million crystals apiece.

I detest pugs (well, “detest” is perhaps too weak a word for what I feel), so while I do enjoy raiding I am not going to engage in it via the stupidly inefficient group finder  — a procedural annoyance in advance of what is usually a horrible pug experience. No thank you. On Tuesdays I run whatever LFRs I have to — at least they are usually mercifully quick — in order to get the abrogator stones for alts that need them, but once they have the quest done that’s it for LFR.

Weekly world boss kill? Please. Not fun, and gear is now worthless.

I am not someone who ordinarily enjoys leveling, but right now that is the most enjoyable part of this expansion. I have three more alts to level, and after that — if I am still playing — I am not sure what I will do. Level a couple new classes maybe? Abandon Draenor completely and solo old content?

I used to get a lot of enjoyment out of working my professions — making things for guildies or selling them. Towards the end of Mists, even if the prices were fairly low, the items were still in demand and could be sold for a small profit. Blizz has pretty much ended all that in this expansion. Crafted items take far too much time to give them away, and while AH prices are very high, it means the items rarely sell because people are understandably not going to spend thousands and thousands of gold on what is at best mediocre gear.

In Mists, towards the end of the expansion, I still had fun by tinkering around with mat farming and finishing up old quest lines and achievements I had not done while leveling. The graphics and landscape, I thought, were beautiful, and I got a huge amount of enjoyment out of flying around, swooping and soaring and admiring the scenery, while I farmed mats and went from place to place for whatever achieve I was working on. But if I had had to run everywhere, avoiding or fighting ridiculously annoying mobs at almost every step, and not had the aesthetic reward of the beautiful huge vistas, I would not have done it. And I am not going to do it in Draenor for that very reason.

Speaking of which, there was an interesting series of blue posts and comments today by and about Bashiok. You should take a look at them, they make for a very interesting — if unsettling — glimpse into Blizz’s steadfast refusal to take on the professional responsibilities of a large international business.

Basically, several readers were calling Bashiok to task for what they — and I suspect most people — consider his flippant, snide attitude towards some very real player concerns over the whole no-fly thing. One thing that struck me was the serious and non-emotional tone of the readers. These were not “Dood u $uck! Imma unsub if u dont get ur shit together n let me fly” type of comments. They were well thought out, well expressed, valid concerns about Blizz’s complete lack of serious communication addressing what is apparently a decision to ignore player unhappiness with the no-fly policy.

An even more interesting subtext is in Bashiok’s response, which was basically that well he was just expressing his own personal opinion as an individual player, he was not actually speaking for Blizzard. He goes on to say that in fact he often speaks in this manner, as do other blue posters, he does not always represent official Blizzard policy in his comments.

Excuse me? He is a Blizzard employee, fairly high up the management chain, posting blue posts in an official Blizzard forum. And he doesn’t speak for Blizzard?? There are two possible explanations for this, both of which are unsettling. Either this is not true but he believes Blizz customers are stupid enough to believe it, or he is actually telling the truth which means Blizzard has no interest in providing a valid official communication link with its customers.

So I’ve said it before, and now I will say it again: Blizz’s management acts like they are a couple guys in a garage, not like the large international business they are. For crying out loud, Blizz, hire a professional communications director, do some actual training for all your customer service reps, set up a real feedback mechanism, and stop letting public relations disasters like Bashiok be your public face.

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