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This will be a short post today, as it is a very busy day real-life wise and game wise. Regarding the game, it is of course Tuesday, which for me usually means spamming LFR on alts that can still benefit from it either for gear or for the legendary quest line. I hit 100 on my lock last night, so I will have to take a quick run through Proving Grounds before she queues for LFR. Thanks to having spent a long time in garrison prior to leveling, and thanks to my mains being maxed on their professions, she is pretty well geared for just having hit 100.

I have always run the lock as destro, mainly because that was the spec du jour in Mists. I never dual-specced. So after dinging 100 I decided I would give dual speccing a go. Knowing zero about affliction or demonology, I turned to some web sites and read up a bit on both. My initial thoughts were to go with aff, because that seems to be the “hot” lock spec thus far in the expansion. But I ended up going demo, and the reason was Blizz’s crazy approach to secondary stats. Destro and demo have at least similar preferred secondary stats, aff is completely different. I do not want to be in the mode of chasing gear until the bitter end of this expansion, in hopes of getting the RNG gods to show me a bit of compassion. If I do manage to gather a decent set of lock gear, I don’t want to have to go through the annoyance of doing so twice just to feel like I am doing my best for both specs.

I had a similar revelation on one of my hunters recently. I love playing Survival, and it is actually viable for some raiding now. So both my hunters main spec SV and secondary spec Beastmastery for the spirit and exotic pets. (I have really tried to like Marksman, but even though I played it all through Wrath, it just does not work for me any more — Blizz has ruined it in my opinion.)

But here’s the thing. I do respectable DPS on one hunter as SV, and noticeably less DPS on the other SV hunter, even though they both have the exact same gear level and are enchanted and gemmed for multstrike where possible. When I investigated this, I found that the second hunter has — thanks to the RNG gods — got mostly gear with mastery on it. The first hunter has lucked into some decent multistrike gear. So I made the decision to main spec BM on the second hunter because that’s the kind of gear I have, not because that’s the spec I want to play.

This is crazy. Blizz is pretty much requiring us to pick specs based on random luck. There is so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to start. First, even on the gear you can re-roll stats on — which is only 3 pieces per set — there is zero guarantee of getting your desired stats. And you can’t re-roll stats on all the rest of your gear, which I am pretty sure I would not want to do anyway since it really is just a giant exercise in futility. Why in the world did Blizz take away a perfectly adequate reforging mechanism and replace it with this nightmare?

And yes, I understand that people who play hybrids have always had to deal with this problem, but here’s the other thing: Blizz gave them a way to ensure they would get gear for the spec they wanted. You just set your gear spec for what you want, and for example if you are in the role of a druid tank but want resto gear you can get it. Not so with the pure DPS specs, where secondary stats make a very noticeable difference in performance. If Blizz insists on continuing with this One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest logic for secondary stats, then they absolutely should allow me to get mastery gear if I select BM as my gear choice for my hunter, and multistrike if I select SV gear.

This just has to be yet another award-winning idea from Blizz’s Screw With the Players Department. There is no other rational explanation for it.

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