UI Woes

Been wondering lately if it is time to simplify or at least drastically alter my user interface and/or my style of mousing and keyboarding in game.

Here’s a shot of what my combat UI generally looks like, of course some procs and cd’s come and go in it. If I were in a raid, the raid frames would be in the upper left of my screen.

Combat UI 2015-02-20 14.29.08






I use mainly Weakauras 2 and Kharthus’s Hunter Timers to keep track of my cooldowns and procs, along with a couple of the better Blizz proc graphics. I also use Bartender 4, keeping most of my raid and combat action bars at the bottom of the screen and my “admin” bars on the right side. Overall, I don’t feel like my UI is too complicated, although I could simplify it even more by having the action bars disappear in combat, since all my important stuff is keybound. It stays on my screen mainly as a security blanket, in case I have a brain fart and suddenly can’t remember how to throw Master’s Call in an emergency. Silly, but there it is.

The source of my current angst is my mouse and keyboard interaction. I have the feeling it is not very efficient, and if I could make it better I might improve my DPS. I use a Logitech G510S keyboard and a Razer Naga Epic mouse. With my DPS alts, I use the mouse to move and the keyboard to cast. But there is a lot of crossover. For example, since I have about a bajillion buttons on my mouse, I have most of my quick-reaction spells available there — things like Disengage, Counter Shot, Explosive Shot, Glaive Toss — so I can easily throw them while moving and still have my keyboard hand poised to hammer down on the next part of the rotation. And I sometimes — OK, maybe even “often” — revert to some good old wasd movement, especially for strafing and backup. Nothing prevents me from binding strafing and backup keys to my mouse so I could use it for all movement, I just have never done it and now think it might be awkward for quite awhile.

So my keyboard-mouse habits seem disorganized and inefficient to me.

Worse for my sense of tidiness, when I play a healer, my habits become pretty much opposite of my DPS ones. Due to the limitations of Healbot, my healer mainly uses the keyboard for movement and the mouse for healing. And since I have more keybinds than mouse buttons, I generally have to use my keyboard for some spells as well as for movement. (Luckily, Blizz foresaw this problem for me and nicely made it so healers rarely cast and move at the same time any more, thanks Blizz!)

This means I have to do a brain reset when I switch between heals and DPS alts — it’s not hard, and I don’t really have to think about it, but it is a process I have to go through even if subconsciously.

I don’t have any solutions to this, but I can’t shake the nagging voice in the back of my head that says I am wasting a lot of healing and damage power with my inefficient setup. I would be interested in how you set up your casting and movement.


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