Closet cleaning time

Time to clean out my Drafts folder — so here are some short, disconnected, rambling thoughts and comments.

— There is something to be said for mindless busywork in WoW. Sometimes after a long and difficult day at work, after I’ve hit the gym, fixed supper, and finished my household tasks, I like to log in and do things I can do on cruise control. Things that very slightly engage my brain but not too much. Things like fly mining routes, or look for stuff that’s easy to find, or kill hundreds of mobs for the leather, or go explore a corner of Azeroth I never spent much time in — you know, your basic bubble gum for the mind. Maybe throw in some friendly guild chat, crank up some music. In Mists, I loved looking for those dirt piles that yielded gifts for all the Tillers — perfect mindless relaxation.

For some reason I can’t figure out, garrison chores do not fit into that category. My only explanation is that they are too similar to real life chores,  too much like dusting or scrubbing the commodes — you know you have to do it or your quality of life disintegrates, but there is nothing uplifting about it. Whereas the other things I mentioned are more like going for a bike ride in nice weather.

— I rolled a Horde hunter a few days ago, a Blood Elf male. Just for something new to do. No idea if I will actually level him, but I am having a bit of fun with something different. Not different in terms of class, I have leveled a lot of hunters, I really never get tired of playing them. Different because he is Horde and because he is a he. I know lots of people have characters of both genders — although it seems like real life males with female characters are the most prevalent — but I myself have never done it. Don’t know why, probably some deep psychological reason.

—  I remain very disappointed that WoD is so unfriendly to playing alts, and that it has pretty much killed professions. Of all the  things wrong with this failed expansion, those two are the biggest for me. I enjoy raiding and chasing achievements on my main hunters, but for the last few years playing around with alts and doing profession crafting have been a large part of how I define “fun” in the game.

—  I finally just pulled the plug on trade chat. I don’t mind bad language, hell I even use the F word and a few other pieces of profanity myself in talking with friends. I am not offended by cursing. But trade chat at least on my server has become a cesspool of undisguised hatred for anything or anyone who disagrees with or is perceived as different from the chatter. Worse, the hatred is expressed in vile threat-laced terms, usually involving sexually explicit violent acts. Political screed and rants against women are common, expressed in caps with lots of exclamation marks. People asking perfectly reasonable game-related questions are immediately set upon by the pack, roundly ridiculed and denounced. Anyone daring to use trade chat for actual offers of trade is usually accused of being an idiot, a bot, or a gold seller, in very nasty terms.

I do not buy Blizz’s explanation that they have no way of controlling trade chat. I guarantee you if a few of the worst offenders were suspended on the spot, word would get around. All it would take is a couple GMs to randomly monitor trade chat on a few servers each night, and they should publicize this policy. Just the chance that you could be suspended immediately would go a long ways towards stomping down the very worst offenders.

—  How do you decide when it is time to leave a guild? This is something I have given a lot of thought to, and it turns out that for me it is a very complex question. I have no answers, unfortunately. I do think that guilds have finite life spans, and there are probably identifiable stages they go through, much like humans — childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, maturity, and yes old age. Guilds do die, sometimes very suddenly and sometimes in a long lingering way. How do you divorce a guild you have been with a long time? Are you a jerk if you dump it for a younger “trophy”guild? I know for some people changing guilds is no big deal, but for me it would be a huge step. Loyalty gene, I can’t help it. As I said, no answers, and no I am not going to leave either of my guilds, but it is a question I have thought about a lot. Probably some social scientist has done a Ph.D dissertation on it, who knows.

—  I think I’ve reached the bottom of the Drafts folder. Everyone have a nice weekend. Go forth. Do good. Rinse and repeat.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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