Replacing a main

Last night I realized I have just turned a page in my WoW experience: my main can no longer really be classified as my main. This was a sad revelation, like when you realize it’s time for you to take care of your parents, not the other way around.

Fiannor was my very first WoW character, back in BC when I started playing. I added a mage in Wrath, but was not a big fan and exiled her to bank alt status for years — she still harbors resentment over this, I might add. When Cata came along I rolled a Worgen hunter because, well, Worgen seemed cool and I love playing hunters so why not. Added a Panda monk in Mists because I wanted to try both the new race and the new class. And I’ve had several other alts over the years, some for just a short time, others have stuck around whether I really play them or not. Most of them exist just to fill crafting roles, although with this latest expansion that is beginning to seem less necessary.

But Fiannor was my main, the first one I always leveled, the one that was always the best geared by far, the one I raided with, the one I did achieves on, the one that got the best hunter pets, the one I always played the most. Until recently. As I have mentioned, I raid with two guilds, Fiannor is in a social guild and my Worgen hunter is in a semi-casual raiding guild. Last night as I was finishing up raid preps with my Worgen, I realized I am now giving her priority over all of my other characters for things like stacks of food, flasks, Augment Runes, and potions. On Tuesdays I make sure to run my weekly LFRs and any required world bosses on her, and if there is not any more time available I don’t run them on any other characters. I hit 671 gear level on the Worgen last night, and poor old Fiannor is sitting at 661 with little immediate hope of improving.

I would like to blame some of this on WoD and the design that seems to require most of my game time be spent on “requirements”, leaving precious little time to do other things like seek out Group Finder normal and heroic runs, which is how I should be gearing up Fiannor given our glacier-like progression with the social raid team. And the guild is pretty much stagnating, so logging on most evenings is a fairly lonely affair. But it is my choice to do the “requirements” over other activities, and my choice to stick with the guild until the bitter end, so I shouldn’t look too far afield for someone or something to blame.

Still, I miss spending time with Fiannor. No great insights or revelations here, I’m afraid, but I am a little bit sad, over the years I have grown quite attached to that long-eared bundle of bytes.