Nat Pagle at last

Over the weekend I finally bit the bullet and did the achievements and quests to add Nat Pagle to my followers. Although I am glad to have him, I was getting slightly annoyed towards the end. You can look up the requirements for him here, but they boil down to:

  • Get your fishing to level 700.
  • Go catch 700 more (ones you caught while leveling don’t count) Enormous fish — basically 100 each of the various species of Draenor fish except the trash fish that you catch everywhere.
  • Build your level 3 Fishing Shack.
  • Do a few more quests directly related to Nat — they are not hard and really don’t take too long.

I started trying to get Nat as a follower a few days after WoD went live. I only got as far as leveling fishing to 700, and that seemed to take forever. As is my habit, I leveled to 700 just a couple days before Blizz nerfed the fishing daily to provide 15 fishing levels instead of the 5 I was getting. I thought maxing fishing would allow me to build my level 3 fishing shack, and I was dismayed (ok, maybe livid is a better term) to learn that, having spent hours and hours leveling fishing, I would now have to go out and catch 700 more Enormous fish all over Draenor.

So I pretty much said screw it, I don’t want that stupid follower anyway. Interestingly, this is what I said about maxing rep with Nat during Mists — there was only one way to get rep with him, and it involved bringing him special fish one or two at a time, for a paltry few rep points, which added up to hundreds and hundreds needed in order to advance rep with him, so I just said screw it, not worth it for no tangible payoff. Silly me.

In typical Blizz gotcha fashion, an extremely minor piece of the game in Mists became a WoD Good Thing To Have Done. (Pet battling is the other one that comes to mind, but that particular rant is for another day.) I mean for crying out loud, I diligently brought food and gifts to every single one of those demanding Tillers, became best friends with all of them, but do they reappear in WoD?? No, of course not. I ran dailies until my keyboard keys wore down, just to get rep with every damn faction in Mists — including the previously unknown Tushui Pandaren which required running Wrath dungeons — but does any of that transfer benefits to WoD (apart from the kite mount)?? Of course not.

But the ONE annoying little twit that I ignored in Mists? Yep, of course, that one guy is the one that shows up in WoD.

So as you might have guessed, I was in a less than positive frame of mind to go after Nat as a follower. Still, it is hard for me to just give up on anything. So last week I decided I would go ahead and finish off the stuff required for him.

As it turned out, it was not that bad. I think Blizz must have drastically increased the drop rate for Enormous fish in 6.1. It really only took me about 4-5 hours to get all 700 of my Enormouses, using my Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole, some worm supremes, and appropriate bait.

Side rant: Hunters are at an extreme disadvantage using fishing poles, as we have zero attack abilities except for our pets if we are attacked while the pole is equipped. As we can no longer use melee weapons, we are defenseless. I know this peculiarity is why Blizz originally instituted the idea of not having to equip a pole in order to fish, but many of the various lures will not work on the bogus stick pole.

At any rate, I finished the requirements for my level 3 fishing shack, built it, then went after Nat. As I said, the additional quests are not difficult and took me maybe 45 minutes to complete. Still, I was a tad annoyed, because Blizz always does this — make something very long and tedious to achieve and then after you finally accomplish it add several Columbo-like “just one more thing”s. I don’t mind the initial long and difficult thing, but I think the inevitable addons are just screwing with us.

Still, I now have Nat as a follower. Mind you, I can’t buy anything from him because of the fact that I am still a stranger to him, but I have him as a follower. In theory it will be “easy” to become his best friend now, because I can go catch lunkers and turn them in for coins and rep, but something tells me getting enough lunkers will be easier said than done …..

Check one more to-do off my list.

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