Closet Cleaning Time

Short post today, lots going on in my real world life, so maybe it’s a good time to clean out my drafts folder.

Fishing. Blizz, please fix the fishing gotcha. I mentioned this a couple days ago in another post, in connection with hunters. It may well apply to other classes, I haven’t looked into it for them. Here’s the situation: While fishing, you have a choice of actually equipping a fishing pole or of using the unequipped stick. If you use the stick, you keep your equipped weapons, so if a mob attacks you while you are just standing there minding your own business, you can easily kill it. However, using the stick does not allow you to add some fishing enhancements — for instance, you can use bait but no level- enhancing lures.

On the other hand, instead of the stick you can choose to equip a pole. Several poles enhance your fishing level on their own, plus they allow you to add other lures. But for some classes — hunters for example — equipping the pole means unequipping your weapon, so if you are attacked you are defenseless. In the case of the hunter, you can hope your pet kills the mob for you, but that does not always work. So basically you are stuck with the choice of having a crappy fishing level and fishing wherever the fish are, or of having a higher level and limiting your fishing to areas without mobs.

Garrison drudgery. I and many others have said this before, but sheesh Blizz enough already with the daily garrison chores. I am talking specifically about mining and herb gathering. There is zero reason, other than screwing with players, to make “The Commander” do her own mining and pick her own herbs. Blizz likes to natter on about the whole Draenor story line and wax rhapsodic over the wonders of “immersion.” Well, here’s a news flash: We have workers assigned to these areas and followers assigned to manage them, THERE IS NO REASON TO MAKE A COMMANDER DO THE SCUT WORK HERE.

The problem, of course, is poor design. Blizz has made it so that you can only place work orders using mats that can only be gathered by mining/herbing. So give an option to place work orders using garrison resources (and not hundreds of them!), increase the work order yield to add in what you would gather on your own, and thus give us one less annoying thing to complain about in WoD.

RNG. No news here, unfortunately. But I have now run my alt hunter through all of LFR BRF for the past two weeks, and have received zero pieces of tier gear and a grand total of 2 pieces of lousy 655 other gear that I cannot use. That’s 20 bosses, 33 rolls.

I can’t say this any plainer: RNG STINKS STINKS STINKS AS A GEAR AWARDING MECHANISM. And Blizz clinging to it and repeatedly defending it shows me they are just mailing it in these days, looking for a nice lazy one-size-fits-all answer to development philosophies.

Crafted gear. In light of the failure of RNG as a gearing mechanism, Blizz needs to lift the 3-piece restriction on crafted gear. If I have gone to all the trouble of leveling up enough professions to keep myself geared/gemmed/enchanted/etc., there should be no reason I can’t gear up my characters as I see fit. It’s not like I could do it overnight anyway, what with the insane restrictions on Savage Blood.

Flying. Had all the immersion I can stand for one expansion, thank you very much. Bring it back. And for crying out loud, puh-leeze stop talking about how much better you’ve made the taxis. Flight paths still stink, and they are in no way a substitute for flying under your own control. And do not even mention that stupid feather again. Or how important it is to safeguard the jumping puzzles. I promise to never use flying to get to some stupid “treasure” that consists of 5 gold or 10 garrison resources or some worthless piece of low-level blue gear.

Where is the info on the next patch? For that matter, where is the info on the next xpac, since Blizz has unequivocally stated that WoD is designed to be a one year expansion?

Um, have a nice day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Closet Cleaning Time

  1. Wowzers! Nice rant!
    Mind if I add to your list? Why is there no “gathering area” designed outside of our garrisons? EVERYBODY is in there garrison, why can’t we step out; like we do for the bling5 and find people? A stable for our mounts, a dueling area like in goldshire, some vendors and normal lighting. We need to show off our stuff without going all the way to Iron Forge to congregate.

  2. Totally agree. That was part of the “compromise” when Blizz decided that there would be no new capitol cities in Draenor. Like you, I miss having a population hub, it gets downright lonely just hanging out in a garrison.

    One other related item is that garrisons have no default stable master. That means that hunters have to either go to Ashran or some other city, or use one of their garrison slots for a stable, if they need to switch out their basic lineup of pets. No reason whatsoever that there could not have been a default stable master in garrisons. Either that, or let hunters pick from any of their stabled pets to switch them out, instead of having to be limited to selecting from five you can carry around with you. Yeah, this complicates Stampede a bit, but it certainly does not seem an insurmountable hurdle.

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