Mages and warlocks and monks, oh my

Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover/Spring Break/Noholidaywhatsoever weekend. I did. Spent time with friends, figured out all the cool things about my new GoPro camera (birthday present from the spousal unit), did the spring maintenance on my bicycle, and played quite a bit of WoW. Guess which of these things was not nearly so much fun as the others? Actually, if you guessed playing WoW, you would be wrong, in this case it was the bike maintenance. (Note to self: There are probably more efficient ways to manually tighten spokes and true up wheels on a warm sunny day than with a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Just sayin’.)

The truth is, I actually enjoyed my WoW time this weekend. Not because this expansion has suddenly gotten better, don’t be silly, but because I had zero raid and/or raid prep responsibilities (on break for both my raid teams). This left me with the main resource that WoD has deprived me of: Time. I actually spent some quality time with 3 of my alts, and it was enjoyable getting to know them again.

I spent the least amount of time with my mage. She is still leveling, and I got her from 92 to 95. She and my druid are my least favorite alts (luckily they don’t have Internet access and thus won’t read this blog). I know people who are just phenomenal at playing mages, and they love the class. Not me. I think of them as squishy, petless hunters who have to stand still to do damage. I am sure this attitude is the main reason I am so lousy at mage-ing. Clearly I don’t understand the class, it has never seemed as easy and natural to me as the hunter class.

I have thought about deleting my mage, but we have a history together. She was my second ever character in the game, she dutifully spent a couple years doing bank duty, and she is a very useful inscriptionist. Also, I think mages have the most awesome spell visuals of any class. So I feel like I owe it to her to level her to 100, get her some adequate gear, and basically get her ready for the next expansion.

My warlock has been level 100 for several weeks now, but has been hanging out in garrison mainly doing tailoring and alchemy duties, and building up followers for missions. I like my lock. She is a cute little gnome with a real kick-ass attitude. Locks were a blast to play during Mists, but not so much now. Heck, I even finished the Green Fire quest on mine AFTER Blizz reverse nerfed it. It was the most challenging quest I ever did in WoW, and I am too embarrassed to tell you how many tries it took me, even with decent gear. But I got it, and I really learned to love the warlock class.

So my lock has been stuck in her garrison most of the time, but running missions and crafting finally got her to the magic 635 to run LFR BRF. (Without any version of the Legendary ring — I went back and picked that up after the LFR run.) So I queued for Slagworks. Out of curiosity, I ran a DPS meter during the raid. To my chagrin, but as I expected, I was dead last in damage. My gear was barely adequate (still had one green and a couple blues), none of it was enchanted or gemmed, and I was very rusty on my destro rotation. I had spent a little time selecting damage-enhancing and higher defensive talents and glyphs, and trying it all out for a bit on my garrison target dummy, but yes I “bottomed” the damage chart for that run. I will say, though, that I knew the fights well, and I took the least amount of damage of any DPS-er. So I guess that’s something. Plus I got two decent pieces of gear, so with those plus stage one of the Legendary, all my gear is now purple, and it is fully enchanted and gemmed. And I had fun playing my lock.

My panda mistweaver monk has also mainly been hanging out in garrison, with a few forays out into Draenor now and then. I think I mentioned previously that my first attempt at WoD healing — normal Skyreach right after I hit 100 — was a disaster. I stupidly let that get to me and pretty much went into hibernation for several weeks. But recently I decided to give it another go, now that I have some better gear and some practice LFRs under my belt.

Mainly I wanted to get the 3 quests for the second stage Legendary. I was worried about it, though, since it requires 3 heroic 5-mans. LFR healing is easy, but I find 5-mans stressful. I finished them, though, and we only had two wipes, both in Grimrail Depot. Those were entirely due to an idiot rogue who said the tank was “too slow” so he kept running ahead and pulling every mob in sight. For the record, the tank was not too slow, he was doing fine. After the second wipe I was annoyed and told the rogue that since he felt he could do his own tanking I hoped he could also do his own healing. He proceeded to rush in and pull again on the last boss, so I let him get down to about 10% health and gave him the bare minimum of heals to pretty much keep him on the edge of dying for most of the fight. Then just as the boss was going down I let him die, and no I did not rez him before I left the group.

I guess I was finally feeling the power of a healer! 🙂 Also, I was semi-proud of myself that I had decent enough control over my heals that I could keep the rogue close to dying but not quite, until I was ready for him to die.

I know that sounds mean, but he had it coming to him. Even if the tank had been too slow — which as I said he wasn’t — that does not justify a DPS pulling on purpose. The guy was a rude jerk, so if I was able to annoy him at the end, so much the better. His selfish actions had been sabotaging the whole group.

I find that I really like healing. I wish I were better at it, and I do sometimes find it stressful, but in the end I always feel good about a successful run. I would like to have some opportunities to raid heal, but unfortunately my monk is in my social guild, and my raid leader there rarely if ever lets me out of hunter DPS duties. Bummer, because I think I could become a decent healer given some practice.

Anyway, I had a good weekend. This week it’s back to the raid schedule grind again, but the break was nice while it lasted.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to Mages and warlocks and monks, oh my

  1. Letting that rogue die is not mean; it is satisfaction!
    How many times did I rue “smart heals” when I knew they were going to jerks, how many?

  2. Fiannor says:

    Haha! Yes, that is a downside to smart heals I had not considered. And I can’t deny that I got a lot of satisfaction from letting him die.

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