WoD has sucked the fun out of the game

Some of you probably noticed I haven’t written now for a few days. I’ve wanted to. I’ve sat myself down in my writing place, cup of coffee in hand, then — nothing. Tried other locations, other times, still nothing. This is not the famous Writer’s Block. The sad fact is, WoD is so damn boring that there is just very little to write about.

Take a look at the other WoW blogs. Many of them have a) cut back the number of pieces they produce; b) taken to discussing game minutiae in great detail; or c) started to focus on the legacy content they are occupying themselves with.

No one is excited enough about WoD to write much about it.

I usually get my blog topics from experiences I have in the game, be they good or bad, fun or annoying. But I rarely have experiences in WoD. I am pretty much sticking to my garrisons producing gold-making mats or running missions to gear up alts, or I am leveling an alt. And while I still think the WoD leveling process was fun and engaging when it went live, now that I have gotten to my 5th alt, it is just tedious and yawn-inspiring.

Follower missions are pretty much the only reliable way to gear up an alt. Blizz’s near-total reliance on RNG as a gearing mechanism is just too frustrating for me to engage in it any more than absolutely necessary. At least by sticking to follower missions I only need to spend a few minutes each day to find out that the Highmaul or BRF cache contains nothing of use, as opposed to spending an hour or more with unpleasant people in an LFR to find out the same thing.

Moreover, the lack of dailies in WoD, for example like the Timeless Isle ones in Mists, means that once I have leveled an alt I rarely get to practice my skills with it. I am someone who likes to feel raid-ready even for LFR, and I hate feeling that I am a total incompetent on an alt because I am not comfortable with things like the still-complicated timing on a balance druid. At least with a mechanism like Timeless Isle, you could take 20 minutes on an alt, kill a few hundred frogs or go rep-hunting amongst the cows, and you got some decent practice. Now if I have 20 minutes, about all that WoD offers is garrison chores, due to lack of content as well as to the fact that it often takes at least 10 of those minutes just to get to somewhere that has some content you might be interested in.

I enjoy raiding, but WoD is kind of killing that, too. My social guild has huge problems getting even 10 people to show up on raid nights. We make only excruciatingly slow progress with this team, and the reason is a vicious cycle: the expansion makes it very hard to gear up on your own, so many of our raiders are undergeared, so we have pretty much stinko DPS, so we make slow if any progress, so no one can reliably gear up from raids, so we make slow progress, etc. It is not fun, it is a drudge. This guild tried to fix its attendance problem by setting up a raid co-op with another guild, but after about 6 weeks we are back to having a tough time getting 10 raiders, even with two guilds. So now we are trying to set up a 3-guild raiding co-op!

Even my raiding guild has taken an extended break from WoD progression. We are going back and doing guild raid achievements from Mists. We don’t have serious attendance problems in this guild — yet — but we are down to 10-12 raiders showing up most nights, down from our previous norm of 14-17 most nights.

Almost no one is excited — or even interested — in this expansion, it seems. Check out the raid finder listings these days. Think you can find a group to down a world boss if it’s not Tuesday? How about a HM or BRF normal that does not have ridiculous and unnecessary ilevel requirements or is really only a Ponzi scheme designed to get gear for the group leader? Nope and nope.

So. I don’t have a lot to say about this expansion, because I am not doing much in it. I don’t even really have much to say about Blizz any more, it is pointless because they continue to demonstrate their disdain for their customer base by refusing to respond in any meaningful way to the problems with this expansion. No changes to the absolutely horrible RNG proliferation for nearly every game reward. No significant changes to the time suck that is garrisons (no, I don’t count the fact that you can now run through your mine faster as a significant improvement!) No information on the next expansion, or for that matter on the next patch. But hey, we’ve got selfies and Twitter and — get ready for this one — A NEW DARKMOON FAIRE RACE!!

I will try to keep finding ways to engage with this expansion, but it is getting harder and harder to do.


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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

5 Responses to WoD has sucked the fun out of the game

  1. I totally agree. 6.2 had better be one hell of an expansion.
    I understand them pacing the material but we have been sitting long enough in this setting.

  2. Fiannor says:

    Prior to this expansion, Blizz went to some pains to explain that their new dev model was going to be shorter expansions with admittedly less content, but that would be made up for by the fact that they would come out more frequently. They said several times that WoD was designed to be a one year expansion.

    Yet here we are 7 months from the anniversary of WoD, and there is zero indication of anything about a new xpac — no word on timing, content, lore advancement, nothing. Same with Patch 6.2, if there is even going to be a Patch 6.2.

    I get that Blizz feels burned (well they did it to themselves) by their experience with the development of WoD — they announced it too soon, they over promised what they could reasonably deliver, dev took much longer than anticipated, then when it did finally go live it was a technical disaster, and all this was complicated by the fact that they had a huge staff turnover. I get that. Given that experience, most big companies would tighten up their project management, coordinate official comments, be more conservative in their product estimates. But not Blizz. Apparently the lesson they learned was that they need to stonewall even more, because if you don’t say anything then you don’t have to back down from it if you can’t deliver. Nothing is too good for their customers, so that is exactly what Blizz is going to give them.

  3. It gets worse! The staff is cooking treats instead of working! Rubbing sugar into our wounds.

    Celestalon @Celestalon
    · 11h 11 hours ago
    Two-hundred thirty four square inches of buttery shortbread, sea salted caramel, chocolate chip cookie dough, and dark chocolate ganache.

    Celestalon @Celestalon
    · 6h 6 hours ago
    Where: My desk.
    What: See above.
    How: Magic baking skills.
    Who: Anyone who can reach my desk.
    When: All day today.

  4. Athie says:

    I think they are caught in a trap of thinking that each expansion has to significantly change how the game works. And so the major development efforts are going into huge changes to graphical systems, combat, the economy, and so forth. And yet! That isn’t really all that important to most players. Obviously the progression race guilds care, as do the gold hoarders — but from my perspective it looks as if most players would rather have more dungeons, fun hang out areas like TI, extra zones and quests, and generally just more world. World, not systems!

  5. Fiannor says:

    You make a good point. Certainly they tried to do too much all at once in WoD, and something had to give — unfortunately it was the very things that make the game fun for the majority of players. I guess we can only hope that all the “systems” changes they made in this xpac will pay off for future ones, allowing them to more easily add the fun back in. Fingers crossed!

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