I vow to use this power only for good

Woah, so yesterday I complained about no 6.2 news from Blizz and a few hours later there it was! Yessss! Blizz is now listening to me personally, doing my bidding, MWAAAHAHA!

Ok, probably not. But you have to admit it was great timing.

By now I suspect most of you have read the initial patch notes on 6.2. Even as we speak, people are data mining like crazy, and we should have much more info in a day or two. So my comments are based on a quick perusal of the notes, and of course as Blizz always points out, everything is subject to change since this is just the PTR.

On the one hand, the scope of the patch seems about right, and certainly has much more substance than the 6.1 jukebox and social media patch. But . . . .

For Pete’s sake, Blizz, have you been off planet on vacation for the past five months??? How is it that somehow in the twilight zone of Blizzland you heard your player base asking for MORE GARRISON CONTENT????

I am at a total loss to explain the new major feature of Patch 6.2, which is that the content (Tanaan) will only be accessible to those who have a level 3 garrison, and then only after expanding your garrison to include a shipyard. And this shipyard will give you the additional bonus of DOING MORE MISSIONS THAT INVOLVE BOATS, because apparently the whole mission and follower mini game doesn’t take up enough of our play time already.

Sorry for the overuse of caps, but there is just so much wrong with this whole concept that I really don’t know where to begin. Of all the in-your-face, screw-the-player-base things Blizz has done, this one takes the cake. It’s as if they decided to just double down on the worst aspects of this entire expansion.

Remember when people expressed concern over the new concept of garrisons? Blizz said tut-tut, don’t you worry your cute little heads over this, if you don’t want to have a garrison you don’t have to, it is optional play. Then they changed that a bit, saying well you have to build a garrison but after that if you don’t want to do anything else with it you won’t have to, it is optional play. Now, with Patch 6.2, Blizz shows us how blatantly they have lied to us all along about garrisons — not only do you have to have them, but they must be the highest level AND you must continue to develop them, or no new content for you!

Any Orwell fans out there, this is serious Animal Farm stuff, where “Two legs bad, four legs good” mysteriously morphs into “Four legs bad, two legs good” when the pigs begin walking on two legs.

And not a single word of explanation from Blizz as to the reasoning behind this. For months their players have been saying that garrisons take up too much of their play time, that they have steered the game towards solitary play and away from the social aspects, that they make alt play immensely more difficult. So what does Blizz do? They make high level garrisons mandatory to continue to play the game.

Seriously, Blizz, I would love to know your logic here.

I’ll discuss other parts of the patch in a later post (inexplicable hunter changes, for example), but honestly everything else pales in the face of this massive demonstration of Blizz’s screw-the-customer attitude.

Maybe the only thing we can do is start a massive customer movement begging for more garrison play, because then Blizz will respond by removing it.

I really have nothing more to say on this, I am still shaking my head over it, trying to wrap my brain around the concept of responding to “We don’t like this” by proceeding to cram it down our throats.

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4 Responses to I vow to use this power only for good

  1. Athie says:

    Sooo… Yesterday I got all slogany in the comments: world not systems! And today I wake up to this patch description.

    And it has new world content! So much is riding on Tanaan now. For a lot of people that zone will make or break the expansion as a whole, sad to say. Until we know more about it I don’t know what to say. Will it be a big, realized zone with character, lore, and a bunch of fun activities? Then it will be just what I’ve missed in game this whole year. Will it be an arbitrary bag of mobs with a kill meter like Shattrath City? If so, aaah don’t bother.

    But: so much more dev time on systems, again! Level-syncing dungeons! Mythic mode dungeons! Garrison “fun” and “progression!” Massive, seemingly arbitrary disruption of the class metagame! Some new kind of in-game guide that tells us what to do next! I’m looking forward to the day when major content patches consist solely of a new raid and server-side database optimization, ya know?

  2. Fiannor says:

    I agree that Patch 6.2 will pretty much define this expansion. However, unless Blizz allows Tanaan to be unlocked account wide, my alts will probably never see it. No way will I spend thousands of gold to create level 3 garrisons plus new shipyard construction for more than my main.

  3. Complain about the nerf to SV! Use your powers for good.

  4. Fiannor says:

    Ask and ye shall receive, see the April 15 post.

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