Close encounter of the 6.2 kind

Last night I stuck a toe into the PTR waters to test them a bit. Didn’t last long, the pool turned out to be quite chilly, so I decided not to jump all the way in. Initial thoughts and impressions:

Garrison resources. Huge barrier, in fact it was the reason I got no further than the initial quest line that, once completed, allows you to build your shipyard. You need 6000 resources right off the bat. This is the price of admission, along with whatever gold it costs to buy the plans, build the place, etc. As I copied my main over, and as it had only 4000+ GR, I could go no further unless I embarked on a GR-gathering grind, which I am not going to do on a PTR. I get enough grinding on the live version, thank you very much. I believe there was a dev tweet explaining that the number of GR was a “placeholder” that would be changed, but unless and until that happens I won’t be returning to the land of 6.2.

Even if the GR problem is soon fixed to allow people to experience the PTR fully without grinding for a couple of weeks just to be able to play, it brings to the forefront one of the fundamental patch problems I mentioned previously. That is, it doubles down on the whole garrison-grind time sink people have grown to hate. I seriously doubt that I will bring any of my alts to Tanaan, as doing so requires a level 3 garrison just to get started, then adds even more garrison chore time once you actually gain admittance. Plus there is the significant cost of thousands of gold and GR. All to increase the load of an activity I hate.

(Incidentally, lots of bloggers have alluded to the time sink that garrisons are, but I thought this post over at Gwendlyn’s World of Warcraft perfectly captured what we have all been talking about.)

Class changes. I did not step foot into any instances, but I did get an initial feel for the SV hunter class changes as I worked my way through the introductory quest line. In a word: awful. (There are other words that better describe it, but I try to keep this blog PG-13.) The changes to Serpent Sting cascade down to affect our entire rotation and talent selection. Multishot of course is now only useful once when facing a group of adds. Arcane shot against a single target felt like I might as well be tossing Awesomefish at them for all the damage it did. And with these two shots gutted, Thrill of the Hunt and Focusing Shot were pretty well useless. Black Arrow still procs Lock and Load, thankfully, but of course Explosive Shot does not do as much damage, which deflates the value of LnL somewhat.

What I was left with for crowds was Explosive Trap and Barrage. Both of these are iffy when dealing with mobile mobs. Heck, Barrage can be downright dangerous if used imprudently. (Go ahead, raise your hand if you have been the cause of mega trash pulls in BRF because you were 2-3 pixels off in your positioning when using Barrage.) To have to rely on it as my main AoE shot just seems bad.

I admit some of my discomfort while trying to deal damage was due to my over abundance of the now-useless Multistrike and consequent scarcity of Mastery on my gear. Also, I had not yet developed a new rotation and talent set to deal with the changes. Fixing those things would undoubtedly help.

But honestly, I don’t think doing that will help eliminate the feeling I got that SV is about to become a bland, mediocre, soulless spec. No burst capability, no raid cooldown, average on single target damage, slightly below average on AoE, best hope is to dismiss your pet and go Lone Wolf, but really BM/MM are way better specs, sucks to be you if you love SV.

I still would like to know WHY I should be forced to learn a new rotation, replace most of my gear, or else change specs IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXPANSION WHEN NOT ALL CLASSES WILL HAVE TO DO THE SAME? Everyone expects huge changes in new expansions, and sometimes the changes are pre-loaded in a patch just prior to a new xpac, but to do it to one or two classes mid-tier just seems capricious.

I get that Blizz totally screwed up Multistrike by failing to foresee its effect especially on SV hunters, but there really has to be a way to fix their mistake without punishing the players that have dutifully worked within the established framework to progress within their chosen spec. And honestly, it’s not like SV hunters are gods of destruction now. If we were zooming out of sight on the DPS charts I could see a reason for change, but we are not.

I will probably jump back into the PTR in a couple days, to see if there is a fix to Garrison Resources, and also to check out the profession changes. Meanwhile, we are supposed to have a beautiful weekend here, and I plan to make the most of it by doing lots of outside activities and not playing WoW. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to Close encounter of the 6.2 kind

  1. I fear that Tanaan Jungle will be a mere clone of the Timeless Isle; did you find this to be so?
    Also; I’ve read that the new Savage Blood, the mat we use to upgrade our crafted gear will be Felblood; trapped in the new zone. How can I prepare for this patch so that I can craft-up as soon as possible?

  2. Fiannor says:

    Not really qualified to render an opinion on that, since I had insufficient garrison resources to construct my shipyard, I could not even get into the zone. All I was able to do was the intro quest line that allows you to build the shipyard. Gating access to new content behind accumulation of a single mat, WHICH FOR MONTHS NOW BLIZZ HAS INSISTED IS OPTIONAL GAME PLAY, is just wrong in my opinion.

    Also have not got into orofessions yet in the patch, but my understanding of Felblood is that it will be obtained the same way as Savage Bolld, that is through level 3 barn work orders and possibly on an alchemy cooldown. So really the only way to prepare is to max out the number of barns?

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