Ring of failure

Over the weekend I did a little thinking about the whole “legendary” thing for this expansion. My conclusion was “Meh, who cares?” It’s fine to have a new legendary each expansion, but honestly this one just reinforces the whole yawn-inspiring feeling of Draenor, along with what has become a player battle-cry: “What the hell are they thinking at Blizz?”

The acquisition process has good points and bad points. I did initially like the idea of getting a decent piece of gear as you complete each step of the quest line, but now I think that aspect contributes to my decision to not pursue the ring on my alts. I mean, they already have a satisfactory ring for as high as I intend to level their gear, so why go through the pain of LFR (especially LFR that no longer holds any other gear for you) for weeks? In Mists, which had an arguably harder grind than Draenor for the legendary, I got the cape on 5 characters. I think that was because I would get to a certain point in the process and then think “Well I’ve come this far, it would be stupid to not finish it off and get the gear.” But for the ring, well, if you just do the easy initial steps, you’ve already got something, and doing the rest of the way-more tedious steps doesn’t really get you anything more useful, especially for an alt that you will rarely if ever get a chance to raid with.

Then there is the graphic. I have to say, I loved the Mists cape graphic. True, it got a little tiresome after awhile, and I was disappointed that the visual was random rather than synchronized with the actual proc, plus I probably would have liked an option to turn it off (especially if I had to keep it well into Draenor, where it started to become a badge of shame), but still you gotta admit it was pretty cool at first. I also would have liked it to be transmog-able, but overall it was a really good legendary in my opinion. The ring? If it does have any kind of visual, I have not noticed it.

Usage — the cape was a passive buff, which in general I prefer to on-use ones, although I am usually happy with either. The current epic rings are also passive, but the final orange version will not be. Blizz has been its usual obfuscatory self about the final mechanics, but the few limited tweets we have seen have made me scratch my head in confusion.

From what I can glean, it seems that it will (ideally, which is to say never in actual game play) work like this:

1.  The raid leader or someone will call for the ring to be used by a player previously designated to do so.

2.  The ring user will click the button, AND EVERYONE WHO HAS A RING WILL GET THE PROC AT THAT TIME.

3.  The proc includes a cleave/AoE function that affects all mobs within 20 yards of the designated ring  button-clicker.

4.  Use of the ring is on a raid-wide 2 minute cooldown.

It’s unclear to me whether or not there will be separate healer, tank, and DPS button-clickers, but my impression is there will not be, all rings in the group will detonate when one is engaged. If so, this is just plain stupid, as the crunch times for healers are not necessarily the same as those for DPS, and vice-versa. It’s worse if there are separate categories of rings, because then it becomes even more of a nightmare to control — you can imagine a poor overworked raid leader frantically calling out “Healers, now! DPS now! Tanks, do your own thing!”

It’s still unclear if there will be some kind of countdown or other indication of ring usage, so no way to tell if we will be able to do some frantic last-minute rotation adjustments to take better advantage of it. More likely, it will be popped at an inopportune time in our rotations, thus wasting any possible synergistic effects with other shots/casts.

Not to mention the obvious problems from people who pop it for their own benefit, screw the raid.

Some people have already written about this extensively (see the Grumpy Elf’s piece on it for one example), but here’s my take:

With the current proposed mechanics, even under perfect conditions, I as a ranged DPS will never control the use of the legendary I worked for. (The AoE mechanic pretty much requires use only by melee.)

That’s just plain wrong, and honestly it makes me want to make an obscene suggestion as to what Blizz can do with their new ring.

It is just another failure in this entire failed expansion. A ring of failures and a Ring of failure.

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