I guess it’s time (sigh)

Most of the signs point to release of Patch 6.2 fairly soon. My guess is within the next month, but of course I could be wildly wrong. Parts of the patch are being downloaded now, Dev-Watercooler just posted quite a lot of info (none of it very detailed though) about changes to loot, traditional patch harbingers such as Watcher and Bashiok have emerged from their dens to hype it up, etc.

So I suppose it is time to prep for the patch, although honestly I just can’t get too excited about it. In fact, it feels like I’ve been on a long forced march and just had a quick breather, but now it’s time to stand up, shoulder my pack, sling arms, and slog on.  There are a few things I am looking forward to in 6.2, but mostly I am dreading another long garrison/mission/follower setup and starting the gear treadmill again.

I am not sure how to prep, anyway. Last night I knocked down my two barns in my hunters’ garrisons and put up trading posts in their place. My thought was that I have all the Savage Bloods I could ever need, and with a new garrison building spree coming, some extra garrison resources couldn’t hurt.

A couple of weeks ago, for the alts that had their followers at max gear, I replaced my Dwarven bunkers with other buildings — a stable for one of my gatherers, and a mage tower for another alt just because I had not done one of those yet. As 6.2 draws nearer, I’ll put the bunkers back up so as to get the weekly new loot seal thingie. (The mage tower has some nice features to it, but they are not enough to make me want one permanently, certainly not on my main.)

I have no idea if it will be useful or not, but I have also done all I could do to build up a stock of profession cooldowns, so that I have well over a thousand for each profession. I figure if nothing else I can craft worthless items from them and DE them.

I have two tailors at level 100, and I am considering switching one of them to herbalist in order to gather herbs in 6.2. My only other herbalist is my poor neglected druid, who is sitting in a bare bones garrison at level 91. The only reason I am hesitating to switch the tailor is that she knows some legacy patterns that my other tailor doesn’t. Still, I’ll probably end up switching her.

The last thing I have done, begrudgingly, is to switch both my hunters to beast mastery as their primary spec. So one of them now has marksman as an off spec and my main is stubbornly hanging on to survival as a secondary. It will come back, dammit, it WILL. But the indications are that Blizz, having completely broken SV once again, is digging in its heels and refusing to do any more class changes that it considers “major.”

I am furious about this. SV had really just clawed its way back to being a viable spec. No one — except of course the eternal PvP whiners — could call the spec OP. But Blizz, in what seems like someone’s personal vendetta against SV hunters, could not leave well enough alone. They swooped in, made inexplicable changes to SV to such a degree that it is practically unplayable, then dusted off their hands, said “Our work here is done,” and then haughtily decreed that they would be doing no more “class balancing.” Having first wildly unbalanced hunters, of course.

Seriously, what is it about SV hunters that Blizz hates? They made the spec unplayable at the start of WoD, too. Is it like a patch and expansion ritual or something? “OK, here are the project assignments for the next patch. We start work on it next week, but everyone be sure to attend tomorrow’s ceremony to sacrifice the hunter class to appease the gaming gods.”

I am looking forward to resuming raiding. My guild has been on extended break for about three weeks now, but I am very hopeful we will start up again after 6.2 goes live. The recently-announced changes to loot distribution sound good to me. We usually run on personal loot to eliminate chance of drama, so the change to make the number of loot drops on personal match the number on group loot is probably positive. Of course, gone will be the lucky times when almost everyone gets loot, but so in theory will be gone the times when no one gets any. I also applaud the move to progressive loot, so that by the time you get to the final boss you have a chance of getting actual usable gear.

I am not so sure about the announced changes to secondary stats on loot — not sure I understand them. What it sounds like to me is that there will be a much greater chance of receiving useless “upgrades” because the secondary stats will vary much more widely than currently. Here’s the quote, maybe you can make more sense of it than I can:

To help bolster that sense of excitement, we’ve decided to shake things up when it comes to how secondary stats appear on Raid loot in this patch. Inside Hellfire Citadel, you’ll see a wider range of high and low secondary stat values on items than you have in a long time. Alongside some tuning adjustments that should ensure your attuned stats are the right choice, this change should also make it easier for you to identify which items are good for you in a more interesting way than just “equip the highest Item Level.” Our goal is to help make Hellfire Citadel Raid items more distinct and meaningful to you, and we hope you’ll let us know how things feel once you start collecting your new gear.

I don’t know about you, but I get very nervous every time Blizz tells me they are going to “shake things up.” Makes me want to run through the streets shouting “Here it comes!! Run! Save yourselves!!” Cynically, my thought is now that mastery will be “the” stat for a couple of hunter specs, mastery will almost never be on any gear I win.

Anyway, I guess I am going to get ready for 6.2. I just wish I could do it with less foreboding.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to I guess it’s time (sigh)

  1. More, to me, than “shake things up” is when I see them use the word “exciting”. They used that word for the big healer nerf with the rationale that healing was not demanding enough or satisfying.
    I dread 6.2. I was naïve and thought that crafting gear would be a good way to go. Felblight via gathering will be time-consuming, a grind, random, competitive and will take my trusting soul and tarnish it with felbile. My best guess will be 20 real hours of “game play” spent fishing or skinning or fighting over nodes instead of exploring Timeless Tanaan (see? I’m already bitter and sarcastic and the patch as not arrived yet).

    • Fiannor says:

      I feel exactly the same. I’m sure there will be some fun to be had when 6.2 first goes live, but it will not last long before the game devolves into a frustrating grind of resource fights and even more garrison and mission chores. I suspect after about a week I will be back to my mode of reserving any real fun for raid nights.

      When I first read about Blizz rounding up all those botters last week, I thought maybe the action would improve the ore and herb farming grind in 6.2. But a closer read of what they did seems to indicate the majority of the botters were PvP botters, not those using gathering bots. So we will be fighting bots, other players, and annoying trash mobs to get to the nodes. Nothing frustrates me more than fighting mobs just to get to some ore or herbs, only to have some rude jerk run in and gather up that node while I am busy fighting. At least my hunters have the advantage of allowing a pet to distract the mob so that I can get to the node faster, but node stealing still occurs way more often than it should.

      This will almost certainly have the effect of making me stop crafting items, it will just not be worth the frustration and time.

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