Of loot and Comcast

This will be a fairly short post, due to circumstances beyond my control. For several days now, Comcast has had lots of sporadic internet service problems, to the point where I never know if there will be service or not. Today it has been even worse, so I will try to minimize my annoyance meter by making this post fairly short.

Quick topic for today is that when 6.2 goes live, the great group loot vs personal loot debate should be over for all but the most hardcore raiding guilds. Yes, folks, we have it officially from Blizz:

We don’t usually provide exact drop percentages, and we’re still tweaking the bonus when using Personal Loot in 6.2, but I can say that objectively:

More items will drop on average for a raid using 6.2 Personal Loot than would have dropped using 6.0/6.1 Personal Loot.
More items will drop on average for a raid using 6.2 Personal Loot than would drop for that raid using any form of Group Loot (Master, Need/Greed, etc.).

A few months ago I wrote about group vs personal loot, and my conclusion was that, for what I called “guild pugs”, the best choice for loot was probably personal loot. It offered a lot of advantages, but the chief one was that it eliminated drama.

It looks like in 6.2 that conclusion will hold even more. The announced loot change should make all but top level guilds, who pay attention to even tiny team gearing advantages, move to personal loot as their usual configuration. True, there may be rare times when a run of the mill raid team will set group loot, but as far as I can see most of the time personal loot will offer far more benefits.

It will be interesting to see if groups in Raid Finder change to mostly personal loot in 6.2, or if they remain almost exclusively group loot as they do now.

It will also be interesting to see if the increased drop rates apply to bonus rolls also.

Gone, of course, will be the times when the RNG gods smile upon the team and shower everyone with personal loot, but on the flip side gone also will be the times when no one gets any loot on personal. In spite of the fact that there is still a lot wrong with the entire loot system, I think this announcement is a positive step in the right direction.

Everyone be safe this Memorial Day weekend, and please take some time to remember those who gave everything to guarantee us our peace and freedom.

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