Enough is effing enough!

Okay, Blizz, if I bow down to you and admit you are “BLIZZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!” and if I stop pulling the curtain back and showing people the mousey little guy behind there, can you please stop forcing me into your “optional” content?

Here is some feedback for you: If I did not like optional content when it was first introduced, I am not going to suddenly love it when I am forced to do it in order to get at the content I actually enjoy.

When I was a child, I tried jello when it was first given to me, and I did not like it. My mother explained to me that it was yummy, that all the other children loved it, and that if I just kept trying it I would see how delicious it was. She forced me to eat jello for years, sometimes sending me to timeout, sometimes withholding privileges unless I ate it. But I never learned to even like it, much less love it. The more she forced it on me, the more stubborn and sullen I got. To this day I cannot stand jello.

Clearly, Blizz is trying to do what my mother could not.

Hang on, let me breathe and explain what I am talking about. I was just checking out Wowhead for some of the profession changes in 6.2, especially the JC changes, and it turns out that in order to get the recipe for the epic mastery gem, you must be level 6 with the Brawlers Guild.

Let me say that again. You must be level 6 with the Brawlers Guild to learn an important gem recipe, possibly the most important gem in the current game for a BM or SV hunter or for a lock or a mage. What possible sense does this make? Does Blizz need to crank up player participation numbers for the Brawlers Guild, so that they can prove there will be support for some new crackpot game they are creating? When Mists first came out, I tried the Brawlers Guild, found that I disliked it, and never went back. After all, as Blizz explained, it was optional game play, something new and fun for those who liked it. Some people liked it, good for them, I didn’t so I opted out of it, no harm no foul.

And now suddenly you have to participate in it just to get a profession recipe? Why? What possible story line connection could there be for this? Seriously, I think the cheese has slipped off Blizz’s cracker, this is nuts.

But it is in line with other lies Blizz keeps telling us about “optional” content. Remember “optional” pet battling? Not so optional if you ever want to complete your garrison, with its non-optional pet menagerie. For that matter, remember all of Blizz’s assurances that garrisons were “optional” play? Uh-huh, optional unless you wanted to see any new content, that is. How about PvP, also “optional” unless you wanted to get the Mists legendary cloak.

As bad as WoD initially was for professions, Patches 6.1 and 6.2 drive them further into the ground. Even the way they are doing new recipes from your garrison vendor is nuts. Why in hell should you have to go through the annoyance of finding the vendor you need, on the random day they are available, possibly in someone else’s garrison? What “vision” of the game is served by that mechanic? It’s not hard, but it is stupid and annoying, and there is no legitimate reason for it. Obviously, another award-winning idea from Blizz’s Screw With the Players Department. And they have really outdone themselves with this Brawlers Guild gem recipe requirement.

Yes, I know it is Monday and I probably am cranky and out of sorts, but give it up Blizz! Enough is effing enough. Go get a damn dictionary and look up the meaning of “optional.” No matter how much you try to force me into it, I do not enjoy PvP, or pet battling, or Brawlers Guild, or Hearthstone (if I wanted to play cards, I would play a real card game, like poker), or waddling my flying mount along on the ground, or spending hours trying to slam a mouse button at just exactly the right millisecond in order to jump up for a treasure, or galloping around for more hours to get a better selection of elevator music. (I am just waiting for the announcement of the next expansion, and the requirement for all the jukebox achievements to be completed before you can ding 101.)

I. Do. Not. Like. Jello.

It’s 95 degrees F here today already, with about 90% humidity, and honestly I feel like I need to go outside and cool off. Brawlers Guild, my ass!

Oh. Have a nice day. (It’s “optional” but not for long.)

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

5 Responses to Enough is effing enough!

  1. Athie says:

    In related news, I guess I should congratulate Blizzard for creating the incentives necessary for me to spend hours in their game on things I don’t like over the last week or so. Before, my sense that I hate Draenor treasures and Apexis dailies had only superficial evidence. Now I have ample evidence: I hate these game modes and will not play them for their own sakes. I have thoroughly explored the open-world content Blizzard created for WoD and I am now confident and fully justified in saying I dislike everything but the leveling quests. So I guess that’s a win for Blizzard???

  2. Fiannor says:

    I had the same reaction as I was recently knocking out my treasures for Pathfinder achieve: Kind of a head-slapping “Oh yeah! NOW I remember why I stopped doing these” moment.. I did do the Brawlers Guild requirement last night, and it only took me a couple hours, but it was just annoying

  3. I don’t do Brawlers stuff. I visited once, looked around and left. My main is JC and I’m pissed.
    Pissed off.

    • Fiannor says:

      Yes, I agree. The thing is, I am lucky that my JC is a hunter, so knocking out the first five ranks to be classified as rank six (you just have to get there, not complete rank six) was simple but time consuming and annoying. But for people whose JC is a healer or a tank, this is a major obstacle.

  4. Gefion says:

    It’s kinda funny to say, but I remember trying to do my legendary cloak quests and talking to people in Vent at the same time. I kept saying things like “Why do I need to do PvP to get my obviously PvE healing cloak that I’m then going to have to farm more PvE content to get?”, and everyone just seemed to take it as a given that this is just what they had to do like it was a normal thing. Maybe the “optional content” is being enforced because the majority haven’t spoken up loud enough yet for Blizz to get the hint that players don’t like having “optional content” crammed down their throat in order to do the things they want… I guess that’s a bit of a pipe-dream though.

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