Tuesday — Annoyance reset day

Yesterday — Tuesday — I decided to try and reset my attitude about WoD in general and RNG in particular. I had an early morning dental appointment and went ahead and just took the whole day off work. It was about noonish server time when I sat down, home-brewed iced coffee in hand, determined to run both wings of LFR on both my hunters, then maybe settle in to do a bit of T2 rep grinding on my alt hunter during server non-prime time, and possibly even roll a new alt just for fun. Hey, a cheerful, positive attitude is bound to overcome your bad luck mindset, right? I was looking forward to the afternoon.

I spent about seven hours logged in.

Guess what I accomplished? Got both hunters through both wings of LFR. That’s it.

Guess what loot I got? One (1) Tome on each hunter. Zero (0) gear. Couple of those Augment Runes of which I have tons already. Some insulting gold.

Seven hours. SEVEN HOURS! On each hunter, I queued for both wings as soon as I logged in, and both times I got into Wing 2 within about 30 minutes. It being reset day, good groups both times, and on both hunters we one-shotted all three bosses. Sounds good, huh? Nope, because after Wing 2 both times I waited over two hours to get into Wing 1, even though I had queued for it at the same time I had for Wing 2.  And all the time the stupid queue estimator kept assuring me that “Average wait time” was something between 20 and 40 minutes.

Now, I know that LFR gear is pretty crappy, but remember I have not been raiding with a regular raid team for a couple of months, and there are some LFR pieces that would be upgrades for my main, couple more on my alt hunter. So I even used bonus rolls a few times — twice on my main, three times on my alt. Plus I am — for the life of me I can’t think why now — pursuing the Legendary Ring on both, so could really use the Tomes. So I ended up with a total of 17 shots at gear/Tomes, came away with 2 Tomes.

I spent seven hours doing something I don’t enjoy doing in the game, for essentially no reward.

We won’t debate whether or not there is something wrong with me for doing this, we will take it as a given.

But in addition, there is something drastically wrong with a game design that allows this to happen. If the intent is to make me keep coming back every week on the very off chance that I might get another Tome or — banner week! — an actual piece of usable gear, that is very misguided intent. I will go back if I feel there is a reasonable chance I will get needed loot, but days like yesterday make me never ever want to do go back again. Because I was doing everything right, playing by all the spoken and unspoken rules of LFR. I was prepared. I had flasks and food and augment buffs. I knew the fights, was responsible about not standing in shit and about minding the mechanics and about keeping my damage up. I queued for multiple raids. I queued on reset day. I helped calm a couple of raid ragers. My reward for seven hours of this? Two lousy stinking Tomes, which at this rate will take me about 30 more weeks to complete.

If the intent is to bow down to the self-proclaimed “elite gamers” (legends in their own minds), who live to heap abuse on the casual player and who get positively rabid at the mention of “welfare gear”, well then congratulations Blizz, you are successfully driving casual raiders from LFR and possibly from the game. Here’s hoping you can get rich off selling tickets to watch others play, and to the endorsements you reap from these paid events.

So after my final LFR run on my alts yesterday, I logged off. No T2 rep grinding, no new fun baby alt. I just felt drained, hopeless and beaten down, and honestly I doubt if I will log in for the rest of the week. Good job, Blizz. Feel proud.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

3 Responses to Tuesday — Annoyance reset day

  1. Grumsta says:

    I feel your pain and deeply sympathise with it.

    I said in a comment on Grumpy’s blog the other day that I don’t think I’m the target audience for LFR anymore. (To be honest I’m not sure who is: the scum who sit in Trade chat all day churning out bile and endlessly repetitive sick jokes maybe?)

    At your level of raiding experience, LFR should be no more challenging than a daily quest. You do it for the same reason: to pick up quest tokens and possibly drop a piece of gear. If anyone was brave enough to ask in Instance chat for suggestions I’m sure you’d help out, and get pleasure from doing so.

    But if you want better gear, grind T2. It’s much more rewarding in every sense: drop a 650 item with decent stats (RNG permitting, natch) and then spend 20k apexis crystals to get it to 695. Bingo. Almost all your own work. I’m willing to bet that even with your rotten luck you’ll get more in 7 hours doing T2 grind than you would in LFR, and have more fun doing it to boot. Even when I’m solo on my Hunter or Mage I bump into people, help them out, wave goodbye, move on. It’s challenging and social, everything LFR isn’t.

    You can grind T2 while you’re queued for LFR too, of course.

    I’m still utterly torn about doing LFR, but at ilevel 692 the only thing I’d be doing it for is the tomes. By all accounts the Ring you get just isn’t worth the grief, so there’s no real motivation there for me. I’m sure it’ll be de rigueur for pugging HC but I have zero plans in that direction, tyvm.

    I will definitely do the second wing on HFC in LFR because I need to see Kilrogg die for the sake of my own sanity. I will dance on his body. We have the first four bosses on farm now in Normal, but we cannot get past Kilrogg, and after the raid last night (one shot on first four bosses, four wipes on Kilrogg). That’s after we wiped for four straight hours on him on Monday (I think we’re on 21 Kilrogg wipes now in total).

    Cheer yourself up with the news that 6.2.1 is going on the PTR and flying is included. Yay!! That moment when you take to the air again will hopefully be as wonderful as it was at level 60 and level 90. I will certainly feel like I’ve earned it! 😀

  2. Fiannor says:

    Yeah, I do grind away in T2 while I am waiting for queues to pop, but usually I far more, fish, or leather

    • Fiannor says:

      (Stupid browser posted before I finished.)

      As I was saying, I usually farm mats while waiting, as I really dislike getting into a bonus objective and then pulled out by the queue halfway through. So when the queue estimator assures me it will pop soon, I just try to do things I can easily stop quickly. Of course, the other thing is I couldn’t even do weekly things like Kazzak, because that drops me from the queue.

      I think you’re right about the Apexis gear. However, I have come this far on the legendary and am loathe to give it up, so I still need the tomes. But I agree with you about the audience for LFR these days, I am not sure who it is either.

      Other annoying thing with the apexis gear is the secondary stats. I have quite a bit of the gear that I have not upgraded because I don’t want to upgrade inferior stats. But it is easy to farm.

      Thanks for your words of encouragement, think I was in a pretty deep funk after Tuesday and just felt like whining!

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