Quick initial impressions

Okay, well now we have something besides rumors to go on. Obviously, there will be millions more words written about Legion in the coming weeks and months. And as is always the case, the Gamescom event raised more questions than it answered. Here are my initial thoughts, in very loose order:


The story. It certainly seems to hang together more than the Draenor story did, so I think this xpac will have some  interest for me lore-wise.

Zones. They looked fantastic, the artwork reminded me of the beauty and detail of Pandaria. I am excited about the various architectural forms they have tied in. And I am unendingly thankful that the rumors of a water world turned out to be wrong!

Dalaran. Yes yes yes. Back to a social hub, finally. I might have preferred faction hubs, but I will happily settle for a sanctuary city. And Dalaran has always been a mythical, floating place, so having it show up in The Broken Isles does not seem out of place to me.

New dungeons. I like the idea of them being repeatable content, although I did not hear exactly what mechanic will make them so. Still, it seems like Blizz learned a good lesson from Draenor dungeons.

THE POSSIBLY GOOD, POSSIBLY NOT (could go either way, we will have to get more info and see how they work out)

Demon Hunter. Love the idea of a new class, and a hero class to boot. Not too happy that there will only be two specs, and that the DPS spec is only melee. I think a ranged spec as a third spec would have been much better. Or even a healing third spec, in spite of Ion Hazzikostas’s comment that healing just didn’t “feel right” to them. (News flash, Ion, Survival hunter hasn’t “felt right” for months now, but that doesn’t seem to be of concern to you…)

Artifact weapons. I like the idea of customizable weapons that grow in power as you do. Weapons have always been the toughest gear to get and upgrade, so I really think this could be a nice innovation. But I am concerned that they are spec-specific. Because, for example:

A spear? A SPEAR???!!??

Wait, A SPEAR?

I am a bow hunter. Always have been. Don’t like guns, don’t like crossbows. Like bows. So to be told what kind of ranged weapon I must carry based on my spec seems very wrong to me. Very very wrong. And I certainly hope that giving a SPEAR to a Survival hunter does not mean now SV is melee.

Also, I fervently hope that the new weapons take dual specs into consideration. If I have to go through an entire quest line and set of achievements for each spec I play, then the weapons are an awful idea. Among other things, that means I will have to select a hunter spec at the beginning of the xpac and pretty much stick with it throughout. Given Blizz’s track record of royally screwing with hunter specs at random, this seems very chancy. Also, one of the advantages of being a “pure” DPS class is that you can switch specs easily, to fine tune your performance as necessary. But if you can only use your artifact weapon for one spec, that — along with WoD’s heavy reliance on secondary specs — pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of pure DPS classes.

Class-specific Order Halls and followers. Dunno. This seems like watered-down garrisons. The fact that they are a hybrid of an individual instance and a grouped — by class — instance is interesting, and I really can’t picture yet how it will work. In general, it is an interesting idea, and I applaud the creativity of it. But I wonder if this is the final blow to guilds? We will see. As to class-specific followers, again I will have to wait and see what this experience turns out to be.


I think the PvP-ers should be happy with the Honor changes.

Was disappointed that there was no mention of trying for better class balances with existing classes.

Was disappointed about no mention of profession changes.

Was disappointed there was no mention of when/if/how flying would be implemented in The Broken Isles.

Was disappointed that there was no mention of any type of planned RNG revamp, or of possibly bringing back something akin to reforging.

I was struck by what seemed to be a lack of real enthusiasm from the on-scene crowd. They seemed wary, definitely not super-charged. The MC and others like Chilton tried to pump them up, but it seemed to fall flat. And in general, I thought the Blizz execs and devs were trying too hard, their enthusiasm seemed very forced and rehearsed.

I think the big hint was there that the beta will be announced at Blizzcon.

But, as I said,  much more to be studied, analyzed, and written about in the coming weeks. I hope there will be a lot of interaction between the devs and the players in the meantime.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

4 Responses to Quick initial impressions

  1. gnomecore says:

    Well, when you do your Epic Ring, you can easily buy another one for another spec. Guess it would be possible.

    Still, it’s more complex with weapons. What if it’s Arms Warrior with Fury or Prot spec? The first uses zweihanders, the last two use one-hand weapons.

    • Fiannor says:

      I am not optimistic. Remember, corporate now measures –and presumably at least in part bases exec bonuses on — amount of time players spend in game. I think this is meant to make you spend 2-3 times as long as previously to chase a weapon.

  2. Earachis says:

    Well I hate to tell you but Ion Hazzikostas and Tom Chilton confirmed in an interview with Icy Veins that Survival spec in legion will now be melee with a pet.

    Kind of explains Ion’s comment in a previous interview with Lore about “We don’t want you to play Survival” as it turns out because, they were changing it completely in Legion.

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