Is LFR getting less loathsome?

Short and late post today, I kind of got overrun by my schedule. 😦

However, I did manage to get in a run of all four LFR wings, and I was astounded that it was not a terrible experience.

What gives?

Of course, I did run it early on a reset day, so that might have something to do with it. I queued for all four wings at once, and got started after about a 15 minute wait. This in itself is amazing, as I have not had less than an hour wait ever since HFC started, and usually it is more like two hours. But today I barely had time to collect and send off my follower and naval missions and grab my 3 bonus roll tokens before my queue popped. Nice.

The new wing popped for me first, and wonder of wonders the group was just starting when I joined, not — as is usual for me with a new wing — on the last boss. We did not one shot everything, but we did only wipe once, and everyone was very polite about it. (!!!!)

In fact, civility and patience seemed to be rampant in every group. Tanks waited for everyone to be present and ready before pulling, no one rushed ahead and pre-pulled mobs, chat was polite and even witty, people were not held up to ridicule for low DPS, no one was deliberately AFK, no one complained if we had to wait for a new healer or tank, and critical raid mechanics were explained with no snide remarks. Best of all, not a single jackass in any of the groups, or if there was they kept quiet.

I even got a couple of pieces of useful gear, allowing me to finally give up those lousy 2 pieces of 660 pseudo-tier gear from BRF.  Which means I finally broke 690 for ilevel. I know that is pretty sad, but still it kind of boosted my spirits.

I did not get many Tomes, though. Of course. I still have fewer than 20, even though I have run every available LFR every week. I am hoping to hit 33 in two weeks, but that seems a tad optimistic. I got only 3 today, for 11 bosses (missed one boss).

It is amazing how much difference decent groups and wait times make. Turns out LFR is actually bearable when it doesn’t stink. Who knew? In fact, I even had fun doing it. I took the opportunity to polish some of my MM techniques, and I feel like I made some progress with this spec. After so many weeks of dreading these weekly runs, it was a very eye-opening experience to actually enjoy it. I don’t expect it to continue next week, mind you, but still it was a very nice break.

Even better, my guild has decided to resume raiding, which is terrific news. I think we are going to keep it to one night a week for awhile, but one night is much better than no nights.

Good LFR experience, actual guild raiding later this week, all in all a very good day!

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

3 Responses to Is LFR getting less loathsome?

  1. Grumsta says:

    Genuinely pleased for you that you have had a positive experience in LFR and WoW in general 🙂

    This is, after all, why we play?

    HFC normal is a real challenge for our raid team, I’ll be interested to hear how you guys do.

  2. Casually Odd says:

    Glad to see all of your happy news!

    Getting a good run can really help things just like getting a bad run can really hurt things. And if you get kicked? That really can screw up your interest in playing.

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