What will you be doing for the rest of WoD?

Now that the initial excitement over Legion has worn off and we are in the usual guessing game period, I find myself realizing that we have at least 8-10 or more months left of WoD. That is a long time. I am starting to plan my “holding pattern” activities?

I am usually quite contented to putz about towards the end of an expansion, you will rarely hear me complain about being bored. I like to level quickly, so the end of an expansion is a good time for me to revisit quest lines I previously skipped, maybe do some exploring, catch up on some achieves that look fun. I also really like farming mats one or two nights a week — I crank up my playlists, grab an adult beverage, put my brain into neutral, and run farming routes. If there is an interesting guild conversation going on, so much the better. Yes, I know I am weird, but I find that kind of activity very relaxing. I will either use the mats myself or sell them on the AH. I usually make most of my gold at the end of expansions, when all of the hard chargers have quit out of boredom and so are not out gathering stuff, and when others are leveling professions, gearing alts, etc.

I would be doing that now in WoD, except that I refuse to do it without flying. It is just not the same relaxing experience when you have to meticulously plan your routes, when you frequently gallop down blind alleys on the way to a node, when you have to fight mob after mob just to get to a place where you can peacefully fish. Ground travel just does not lend itself to the hypnotic kind of route loops I like to do. At the end of Cata, I spent a lot of happy hours flying the ore and herb circuits in Uldum, and at the end of Mists I did the same in Valley of the Four Winds.

The other thing I enjoy doing at the end of an expansion is spend some quality time with my alts. During the early part of an xpac, I neglect them horribly, leveling them only as far as necessary to make them productive in supplying gold and crafted gear for my main. But as the xpac wears on, I actually take them out into the world for purposes other than gathering, leveling them to max if I have not already done so, run them through a few heroics or LFRs to get them some gear, do a few fun achieves on them, maybe get them whatever legendary the current xpac has to offer. If I am in a guild that has certain raids on farm, I will lobby to take some alts on a few runs, because that is fun and allows me to see tired old raids in a new light.

But again, I will not do that in WoD until we have flying. I do not find it fun to die to weeds and other easy mobs on my squishy mage or my pacifist healer. I would take a bodyguard with me on those alts, but honestly I think the bodyguards pretty much stink. They are not much more than aggro magnets, especially in areas like the Bonus Apexis areas or the initial T2 quest line. Not only do they get themselves killed immediately, but they get me killed too. Not my idea of a good bodyguard trait, just sayin’.

Additionally, though I would like to spend some time with my alts for the next few months, WoD has made it very difficult to do so in the way I am used to. For one thing, there is the gated content of T2. For another, the legendary final stages are just too annoying for me to stand on anything besides my main — I refuse to go through that horrible shipyard set of hurdles more than once, I don’t care how awesome the final ring is. Which, not for nothin’ but it isn’t anyway.

The WoD raids — LFR aside but even that somewhat lately — seem much harder to me than the Mists raids did. Maybe it is because other factors have made it difficult to get a guild team together, but I don’t see that many guilds completing even Normal content on my server, much less Heroic or have something on farm. We are always struggling to get enough people to raid, or to even generate interest in logging on. So I doubt if I will be able to much raiding on my alts even as WoD runs out of steam.

As soon as we get flying, though (notice a theme here?) I will probably do some of my usual farming activity, and try to gear up some of my favorite alts — my alt hunter, my lock, my Mistweaver. Maybe even my mage, though that is iffy.

Oh, and for anyone who has kept track, I have already lost interest in my Brewmaster monk. See? I told you. I just do not find melee play style to be engaging or fun. Cant even get too interested in tanking, at least so far. I will probably keep him for awhile and see if maybe I can push him a bit higher in hopes of the play getting more intriguing, but I am not especially hopeful.

Anyway, my plan for WoD’s whimpering demise time is to do the same thing I usually do, with a couple of modifications. First, I will wait for flying. (Although if they keep adding more and more things to test in this ever-growing “small follow-up patch” we may not have flying until a week or two before Legion goes live. But I suppose it is good patience practice, since I would bet my banker’s purse that we will not get flying in Legion until a couple of months after the final patch in that expansion, too.)

After flying, I will establish some nice gathering routes and spend some time doing that each week. And I will send my alts out into the world to get them — and me — some combat practice and maybe try out a couple of different specs for them, just to see how I like them.

Finally, I will look up the many achieves I have not got on my main and do some of the more interesting ones.

Best of all, I will take my time doing everything, enjoying having no pressure to level, or gear up, or get through certain gates for a legendary or for flying or whatever.

How about you, have you started planning your WoD exit strategy yet?

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

10 Responses to What will you be doing for the rest of WoD?

  1. Grumsta says:

    I’m with you: looking forward to some quality time when I’m not raiding. I spend a few hours each weekend fishing for Lunkers and Felbight on my Mage, to get his two armour pieces to 6/6 and buy the mount and two pets from Nat Pagle.

    Our raid team is finding HFC Normal very tough indeed. We wiped for weeks on Kilrogg and Gorefiend. In our first attempt on Iskar on Monday we got him down to 18% twice, and quite honestly should have downed him. Too many silly mistakes being made. Our higher dps players have moved on to other raid teams who are looking at HC. Like you, I don’t remember SoO being *quite* this hard (not at the old Flex level anyway), although I hear ToT was tough?

    Flying still looks a distant empty promise doesn’t it? Definitely going to be months not weeks now. 6.2.1 has been replaced by 6.2.2 on the PTR with no sign of Mercenary mode being sorted out. I do not like the look of this at all.

    To be honest though, the only profession I really want flying for is Archaelogy. I dropped my gathering professions on my three main characters when 6.0 and 6.1 made them utterly worthless. My dwarf Fury warrior actually got to 700 Archaelogy through the bits he found in the level 3 mine. Must have been a great meeting that day: “hey mining involves digging and so does archaelogy, why not combine the two?”. Pitiful, lazy design.

    There’s old content I want to spend time on. I want to get the Vial of the Sands design, I’m not far off having the money & mats for the last Panther mount, there’s still quite a few other mounts I want (Astral Serpent being top of the list), and my Human Mage will continue getting Reputation achievements. That’s something I got hooked on when I returned after 6.1 came out.

    Hopefully I’ll be gearing my main and alts through raiding and selling made gear and upgrades on the AH.

    At some point before the Winter sets in I hope to fly around Draenor, but I do wonder how many others I’ll see there?

    • Casually Odd says:

      “distant empty promise” – sigh, that’s a sadly perfect summary of things

      I’d also like to get a Vial of the Sands but at this point I’m wondering if just biting the bullet and buying it off the AH is worth it. Or perhaps asking in trade. I always prefer to craft when I can, even if it takes a while to get the mats. But still no one with the recipe from Archaeology on any of my characters.

    • Fiannor says:

      I haven’t done much fishing in WoD, just enough to get Nat in my garrison. In Cata I fished a lot, hours every week, mainly to furnish my raid team with fish feasts, but I also made a ton of gold selling fish on the AH. I think most people are bored out of their skulls with it, but I find it soothing and relaxing. So I will be fishing quite a bit for the rest of WoD, to finally get my bff status with Nat and buy a few of his goods.

      I had not considered Archaeology as an end-of-expansion activity, but I forgot about the Vial design. Normally I just cannot stand archy as an activity, I guess because it is too mindless to be engaging yet too active to be able to put your brain into alpha-wave generating mode. Thanks for the reminder, I might get my alchemist (if that is the right profession) alt going on getting that Vial design.

      • Grumsta says:

        The Archaeology Helper add on makes it almost as easy and relaxing as fishing for me (as long as you can fly to move around faster).

        Yes, you need an Alchemist to find the Vial of the Sands design. I already have the mount: towards the end of MoP one of the guildies learned the recipe, so I went round and got all the mats and each of the guild officers plus the guy with the design got the Sandstone Drake.

  2. Casually Odd says:

    I’m a pretty slow player so I’ll still be working on my epic ring for a while. I at least want to see the story once. I have a lot of alts so I do plan to go back and work on them. The ones that are in Draenor already I’ll likely try to move along and get them to max eventually. But I’m honestly looking forward to working on the lower ones at this point.

    I have a lot of pets I never got. And mounts. And achievements. So I have plenty to do. Just not a lot of it in Draenor.

    With the new class coming in the next expansion I’m going to have to delete characters. Since I’m at 50, for each new one I want to add, another must go. And that’s going to take me a while to decide. It may take me until Legion comes out to decide who gets deleted. And since I currently don’t plan to buy Legion right away anyways, I’ll have a little extra time to figure that out. I’m already a little sad thinking about it now.

    • Fiannor says:

      Wow, 50 characters. I know Blizz said they would add one more server slot for everyone to accommodate the new DH, but I guess that doesn’t do anything for the big 50-character limit. Pretty sure I could not deal with 50 without a spreadsheet to keep track of servers, factions, classes, professions, etc. which is too much work for a lazy person like me!

      I am not much of a pet or mount collector. I rarely ride anything but my Headless Horseman steed or my chopper, although I have many other mounts. But I can see where collecting them could be an absorbing activity.

      • Casually Odd says:

        Yeah, I truly love making and playing alts. I would actually enjoy making all of the various permutations of characters probably: all the race and class combinations. And before there were dual specs, I had to figure out how to make all specs. I just enjoy making characters. I loved City of Heroes for that reason.

        If you really want an edge-of-your-seat look at it, I’ve got some posts on the statistics of my characters. Race, class, level. All the excitement. They are the Current Statistics posts…because I’m a nerd.

        I’m not a big pet/mount collector, but prior to LFR I never saw the inside of a raid when it was current. For all of the problems of LFR, it was nice for me to finally get to see the main story of an expansion when it was current. Anyways, the point is that because I didn’t raid, I never got the meta achievements so I never got the mounts or pets that went with them. And I never got a chance at those drops. So running those old raids are 1) still relatively fresh to me 2) often fun enough at high levels (zone-out grinding like you mentioned) and 3) a chance at a mount or a pet.

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  4. My exit strategy begins with a rant. The HFC has too many new mechanics! Some bosses it feels like there are up to eight unique mechanics to learn and to die from. I know it can cynically be reduced to “kill adds first, then boss” but I am over-whelmed. Plus, when you need an add-on for a single boss (Iskar or Trains) then the design is simply not very good. In general, I feel that every boss in HFC has a few too many mechanics for fun play.
    That being said, the legendary ring should help us push through up to Archimonde a little quicker. I’m on the raid teams that spent weeks stalled on Kilrogg: extremely frustrating even when they added hot fixes because it was over-tuned.
    My exit strategy will be to continue raiding with the hope of getting Normal on farm, we killed Garrosh so many times! I told them then, the amount of time spent on getting the Garrosh BoA will not equal the time spent using it to advantage.
    Beyond that; I’m in great shape for pets and mounts. I have some achievements to clean up. I’m building up a nest egg of gold that eventually will carry over to Legion.
    I wonder how hard your rant will be when you see that you have a 6/6 helm piece and that’s the first tier piece that you will get.
    Happy Hunting!

    • Fiannor says:

      LOL! Yes, almost certainly the helm will be my first tier piece, that is if I get any. Seems to be an iron clad rule for me!

      I have to agree about the sheer number of mechanics for HFC bosses. Increasing complexity by pretty much just piling on old mechanics seems a bit lazy to me. There comes a point where people just can’t reasonably keep track of them. We’re probably not there yet, but Blizz is going to have to figure out a different approach pretty soon.

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