Closet cleaning time

It’s reset day and extended maintenance to boot, so seems like a good time once again to clean out my drafts folder — ideas for posts that never really went anywhere but seemed too prom using to throw out.

WoW World Records. I always thought it would be kind of fun to have an online WoW-flavored version of the Guinness Book of World Records. It would not involve anything that Blizz already tracks, like number of honorable kills, or achievements, or number of fish caught, etc. Instead, it would be about stupid things, like Most Characters Crammed Into the Stormwind Dwarven District Fountain, Longest Fall From Which a Hunter Disengaged, Largest Gathering of [name some mount] in Azeroth, Largest Gathering of Characters above level 90 With “crappy” in Their Name, and so forth.

Ideally, this would be sanctioned by Blizz, but that would require resources they certainly are not willing to spare. So it might be possible for an outside group to take on the admin of the project — set up the website, be the clearing house for what kinds of records would be published, certify results, etc.

Player housing. What exactly is so technically difficult about player housing that Blizz refuses to implement it? It has been a popular request for some years now. Other online games do it. Blizz’s experience with garrisons certainly was proof of concept — a separate personal instance for each player. So why do they refuse to do it? Why instead do they give us group housing in the form of Class Halls — where was the player demand for this? They owe us an explanation as to why they are digging in their heels on player housing. (I personally suspect some exec at Blizz — possibly the same one who threw a tantrum over “immersion” — thinks it is “unacceptable” play and so we will never have it.) Come on, Blizz, for once just tell us the real reason.

Gear catch-up mechanism in WoD is an epic fail. I am not sure what was wrong with the gear catch-up process on Timeless Isle that caused Blizz to change it to the dreadful and frustrating baleful/apexis system. Another example of Blizz disastrously fixing something that was not broken, something players liked, something that was fun and useful, something that actually worked as intended. Why is all baleful gear not BoA, as the Timeless gear was? Why is it so damn random on secondary stats?

If the Blizz reasoning is that making it BoA means people will not take their alts out into the world, this is stupid. If I thought my main could get gear for all my alts, I would spend hours grinding in T2. What does Blizz care whether my hours spent logged in are on my main or an alt — it all counts as active player time. And here’s a news flash — making the only BoA gear available through those annoying naval missions does not encourage me to use the shipyard.

And the randomness of the gear is something I have complained about for awhile. I am not going to spend 20k apexis crystals upgrading a piece of suboptimal gear. I am going to wait until I get the best “flavor” for my spec. But that could be a long wait. Let’s say I need a shoulder piece, and let’s say the drop rate of baleful gear in T2 is 20% (I think it is closer to 10% but what the heck). There are 12 possible gear slots and 15 possible stat combinations for each. That means my chances of getting the shoulder piece I need from a mob drop, and that I am willing to upgrade, are 1/5 x 1/12 x 1/15, or one in 900. That is at best. If the drop rate is 10%, the odds go up to one in 1800.

I might be willing to upgrade suboptimal pieces of Baleful gear if the cost were lower, say 5k apexis crystals. Then as I got better pieces it would be easy to upgrade those also. But at 20k all I am going to do is bank or vendor my suboptimal pieces and wait for that .05% – .1% lottery to hit. Consequently, I will not actually gear up my alts this way. Epic fail, Blizz.

Demon Hunter in Legion. I will almost certainly roll one of these and level it up, because I always like to try out new classes. But I would be much more excited about it if Blizz had shown some actual imagination in developing them. At the very least, they could have made a third, ranged, spec for them. To limit them to melee and tank seems just kind of creatively bankrupt on Blizz’s part. Most likely outcome for me is that I will roll one, level it, then ignore it for months until I eventually delete it. Like I did with my DK.

On the plus side, though, maybe with everyone rolling a DH, we will get more tanks willing to tank LFRs. Of course they will likely be crappy tanks, but at least there will be a lot of them.

Stormwind Park. It’s been years since Deathwing came through in his Really Bad Mood and destroyed it. Fix it, already!  Where are our city taxes going, anyhow? Personally think there should be an investigation of this, Varian Wrynn could be skimming the public funds.

What happened to the weather and other nice touches? A couple of days ago I jumped on the boat from Stormwind to Northrend, and thought I would roam around to pass the time on the trip. I am pretty sure in the past I could go below decks on this boat, and also buy some largely useless stuff from on board vendors. I guess I must not remember correctly, because if I ever could do such things, I can’t any more. Nope, that boat is basically a Potemkin ship, no way to go below deck, no vendors, just a flat 2-dimensional skiff.

And, now that I think of it, I rarely — maybe even never — see weather in Draenor. No rainstorms, no snow falling, no dust devils kicking up, no dynamic thunderclouds rolling in. Nothing. I loved the weather in Valley of the Four Winds in Mists, the way the clouds scudded across the sky, bringing sudden darkness and downpours, then the way the whole area brightened up when it was over. I thought that was a classy touch. Sadly, there is almost nothing I consider classy in Draenor.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

5 Responses to Closet cleaning time

  1. Grumsta says:

    I’m amused you only just noticed that the sun always shines on your Garrison. Guess they didn’t have time to implement weather either……

    Whether or not you think the Baleful gear is a good catchup mechanism or not depends on two things: your luck (or lack thereof) as with everything else in this xpac, and the amount of apexis crystals you have.

    I think the current system is good because to me 20K apexis crystals is nothing. They are trivial to obtain (compared with Timeless Coins for example), and the upgrade piece *is* BoA unlike the Timeless Burden of Eternity.

    In Timeless it was trivial to obtain the 496 pieces, but you had to drop the Burden on the character that needed the upgrade (or spend 50,000 TL coins). Now the 650 Baleful items are relatively easy to get (random drop or buy for 10K apexis) and it’s the stats that determine whether you upgrade them to 695.

    My attitude to Baleful is to equip it and upgrade it if it’s an improvement on the kit I already have. That’s because I’m using it to fill in gaps between gear I’ve made myself or has dropped from raids, Garrisonville, Galleonville, etc. If a Baleful item drops later with better stats, I’ll upgrade it to 695 and replace it. Better pieces don’t drop that often that I’m struggling to buy upgrades for them.

    I bought the 150K apexis mount last night, I have two 695 upgrades in the bank, and enough between my two other alts to buy six more. I have no shortage of AC at all, I think they’re incredibly easy to get as long as you’re prepared to do the T2 dailies on one character per day. That takes me about an hour on my Hunter or Mage, and I do them both solo. That’s about the same time it took me to do my MoP dailies for far more reward.

    Personally I don’t bother with a Baleful weapons: I always go for crafted items so I can take them to 705, as they’re way too important to leave to chance stats and 695 ilevel.

    The BoA Baleful items from Galleonville are a joke. My level 1 Priest and level 18 Rogue have dozens of them ready and waiting. But they’re all of three pieces each! I have seen very little variety, unlike the TL gear where I’d easily have a full set of 496 gear for each of them by now. (But then again Galleonville itself as a RNG joke as we all know. No skill, just pure lottery, but with very limited options.)

    I don’t mind random drop items being RNG stats, but anything you buy or make should have stats you need for your class & spec. There I do wholeheartedly agree with you. A fellow Mage spent over 200,000 AC trying to get a staff for his off-spec with the “right” stats. Ridiculous.

    However when compared with trying to get decent gear from raids, Baleful gear is a bargain-basement give-away sale. And I love it.

    • Fiannor says:

      You make a good argument for Baleful over TI in terms of basic and upgrade cost, and you are right that AC are easy to get. I have probably 300k of them now spread across 3 characters, even after spending quite a few, and could upgrade quite a few pieces. Unfortunately I am by nature “frugal” (my husband uses a somewhat less flattering term), and it is difficult for me to persuade myself that spending 20k to upgrade a suboptimal piece is a good idea.

      Certainly my usual bad luck influences me on this — if I had the tier set, I probably wouldn’t feel like I have to grub for every possible point I can get on appropriate secondary stats on my hunter. Similarly, as I start to gear up my healer, I feel like I need every stat possible to boost my healing even a little. So I really begrudge spending good currency on what is essentially crappy gear, just to reach an arbitrary ilevel.

      I like your idea of anything you make or buy having the right stats for your character. I would even be open to buying cheap re-roll mechanisms from the AC dealer — say, 100-200 AC each — so that you could then buy an upgrade for your best set of stats.

    • Jarnow says:

      Grumsta , what do you think of that Apexis mount (I assume you took it to Azeroth to try it out right)? I’ve pretty much figured that I don’t really need to dump my ACs into gear upgrades (my worst items now are 2-3 at 670), so I’m grinding out the last 30k or so to get to that 150k. But all I’ve got are screenshots for now. What do you think, is it worth it?

      • Grumsta says:

        To be honest, it’s just a mount. Nothing special. I suppose it is “worth” 150,000 apexis crystals because AC are worth so little. It’s a psychedelic recolouring of the Raven mount that came with the pre-purchase of WoD. I had enough AC so I bought it. I still have plenty left on other characters to pay for any Baleful upgrades.

        I did have a pose on it outside HFC with the raid team last night, but I doubt I’ll use it much. I prefer my Panther mounts (I’m making the Jewelled Onyx one tonight when my alchemist makes the final Living Steel I need).

        It’ll put me at 149 mounts, so one more to get the Pandaren kite, which is what I’m really after 🙂

      • Grumsta says:

        Jarnow: I replaced 3 x 670 items on my Warrior last night, it’s worth doing for the extra stats it gives. For 75,000 AC I gave him new Boots, Gloves and Helm. Bargain. I was lucky with the boots, they were perfect stats. The other two were no worse stats than the 670 ones had.

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