Ring-knockers of WoW

Unless I have the most stupendous run of bad luck in the history of the world, I should get my final legendary ring on my main today. I have the naval mission quest line completed, and I ended up last week with 32 tomes. I certainly should not have to run more than a couple of LFR bosses today to get that final tome.

I suppose I will be happy to get the ring, although truth be told I am actually kind of meh about it. I think I really only want it in order to be admitted to “the club”, not because I am excited about its potential for damage boosting. Only one other damage dealer on our raid team has the ring, so until now he has pretty much used it whenever he wanted to. Now, of course, we will have to coordinate its use if we want to get the max buff. This could be kind of challenging, since both of us are ranged, and ideally you want to be fairly close to each other when it is invoked, because of the last part of the proc that deals huge damage to all enemies within 20 yards of the initiating player’s location.

In fact, the whole intricate timing and positioning thing seems too complex for any but the most elite raid teams to coordinate optimally. For damage dealers, not only do you have to be very precise in your positioning, but you also should try to ensure most players are at a place in their rotations where they can get the most benefit from the proc. This of course is impossible. Which means the ring by design is poorly optimized. Worse, its impending use may cause some players to change up their normal rotations — thereby losing significant DPS — in anticipation of saving even their minor cool downs for the ring proc.

Group use mechanic aside, the proc seems to me to be poorly designed. Ideally, you would save its use for a boss, probably for when you decide to use Hero/Time Warp/ etc. So for 15 seconds all ring-wearers have their individual damage buffed up, but then after the 15 seconds that 20-yard AoE thing kicks in. It just seems like there will frequently be no one but the boss to hit at that point, or if there are a bunch of adds most likely the off tank will have them positioned away from the boss. I’m sure some of you who have used the ring in raid settings have better insight than I do on this, but it just seems like a lot of the proc will frequently be completely wasted.

The legendary ring seems to line up with the mood of this entire expansion, best summed up for me as “Ugh.” I did like the idea that you got incremental versions of the ring as you progressed through the quest line, but other than that the whole legendary has been extremely lackluster in WoD.

I think maybe another telling point about the boringness of the ring is that I almost never see Raid Finder groups requiring it as a condition of acceptance. High gear levels, previous boss kills, minimum DPS — yes, but ring? No one seems to care. Maybe that will change as more people get it, but I think there is a pretty good chance it won’t.

So, yeah, I will probably get my ring today, but no, I am not especially excited about it.

(And the “ring-knocker” term in the title of this post is a reference to a derogatory characterization of West Point graduates in the Army — that they get good leadership positions solely by ostentatiously knocking their rings on the table, not by being competent. Almost never true, but an enduring stereotype nonetheless.)

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4 Responses to Ring-knockers of WoW

  1. Grumsta says:

    I don’t think anyone in our raid group has the fully upgraded ring yet. If they have they’ve kept it quiet. I’m on 14/33 tomes but I haven’t done LFR at all in the past few weeks. The constant wiping on Kilrogg and Gorefiend training up new members, and not getting past Iskar previously before we lost key players has left me feeling somewhat drained. The less-than-enthusiastic reception the 735 ring has had hasn’t motivated me much either.

    I don’t PUG at all, but I’m hearing from guildies that do that the BRF Curve is demanded far more often than the max ring. That must mean that the majority of players are still chasing theirs?

    The only other WoW Legendary item I’ve had is the Cloak, and it was pretty much compulsory if you wanted to progress past Flex. There were some aspects of that quest line I wasn’t keen on (particularly the PvP elements), but it was a real sense of achievement when I got it. I haven’t found any aspect of the Ring quest interesting, let alone exciting. It’s not even as good as some of the quest chains they put in for levelling.

    My now-neglected Warrior has collected his 900 runestones for the 715 ring almost exclusively through the garrison and shipyard. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Not exactly Legendary activity is it? But as I’ve already done it twice “properly” before I appreciate the convenience of the catchup mechanism.

    Now the whole HFC raid is available in LFR I’ll try do to a full run over the coming Bank Holiday weekend on my Hunter and Mage. It’ll be nice to see some new bosses at least, and officially complete this xpac story-wise.

    • Fiannor says:

      Another “What was Blizz thinking? aspect to this ring is that the “final” 735 version is upgradable to 795. In theory. Once you have the ring, some kind of consumable upgrade token drops for you every time you kill Archimonde in Normal/Heroic/Mythic (not LFR) mode. Each token upgrades your ring by 3. So it takes 20 Normal+ kills of Archimonde to completely upgrade your ring.

      Yeah, sure. Raid teams are going to put Archimonde on farm and kill him more than 20 times. To upgrade a piece of gear that is uninspiring and badly designed.

      This is Blizz pandering to the less than 1% of players once again.

      *shakes head*

  2. You are going to like it. Right now, with two ranged in your team it is a bit clumsy. But if you have a melee, simply hand the reins to that player and “let it go”. It’s satisfying to see the boost in your collective and personal DPS. Typically it’s on cooldown for most fights. Things like Feast of Souls are obvious and you are using a potion and Hero anyways.
    Congrats! It’s a huge milestone. I think you’ll find that a lot of players blew it off and are now scrambling to catch up as others are now doing more damage.
    I’ve not seen it as a requirement in raid finder because so few have it yet.
    NB: if you did this on your healer — go buy the dps version for when you are out and about running quests and dailies in dps spec.
    Well done!

    • Fiannor says:

      Thanks. It’s still a bit, well, underwhelming. Tomorrow night will be the first raid night since I got it, so we will see how it goes.

      I would like to do it on my healer, too, but I don’t see it happening. She is about 2/3 of the way through collecting the 900 thingies, and honestly I don’t mind running LFR on that alt, but I see the shipyard part of the quest line as being a brick wall for her. I do not have a viable DPS spec, and I see the T2 grind to get oil and ship gear as being just too onerous to do on a healer. As a Mistweaver, she is not without offensive capabilities, but they are not really robust enough to efficiently do T2 dailies without grouping up constantly.

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