LFR, Group Finder, and Arrogance

Some observations and thoughts on LFR and Group Finder.

Archimonde and LFR. I see where there are a “few nerfs” in the works for LFR Archimonde. This is a good thing in my opinion, but of course the announcement brought out the forum ragers in force. You know, the arrogant bastards who insist that LFR is dumbing down the game, that it should be much harder than it is, that you should not be queuing for it if you are not a skilled raider, that it is a loot giveaway, that filthy casuals are nothing but whiners, etc.

Not going to rehash the whole LFR-should-be-easy vs LFR-should-be-impossible “debate”, but I will say this one thing: If LFR is going to be so difficult that it consumes hours and hours for one boss, not to mention hundreds in repair costs, and if it requires precise team-level skills for success, then it absolutely must drop way better gear than it currently does, for example actual tier gear. If it is tuned to be as hard as Normal, then it should give similar loot.

OK, I lied, I will say two things. When a regular raid team wipes over and over on a boss, it usually makes both the team and the individual players more skilled. The team as a whole improves. Even though multiple wipes can be frustrating, in the long run the team that sticks with it becomes better and stronger. Leadership and team loyalty make a difference. But multiple wipes with an LFR group just means that there is effectively a different team after every wipe, because people quit and are replaced. The people that stick with it are usually the ones who know — or want to learn — the mechanics, and essentially they are waiting to get lucky with a group that can succeed.

In essence, this is RNG for group composition. You keep rolling the dice until you get the right combination of players.  So anyone who claims that “it should be hard” does not understand that LFR groups are not raid teams, and the rules for raid teams do not apply. Yes, final bosses should be hard for actual raid teams. They should not be hard for a random group of players.

Listen up, arrogant mouth-breathers: If you want to do difficult content, the game still has plenty of it.  Go find a Mythic team that will have you. Commit to a progression team. But stop trying to impose your elitist illusions on a large group of people who just want to have some fun and think they should not have to suffer through hours of frustration in order to do so.

Group Finder. Last night, as usual, we were a few people short for our guild raid team, so the RL went the Group Finder route to fill in the gaps. As we have just started raiding again after a 4-month hiatus and having cleared the first wing of HFC last week on Normal, we were doing our first run through of the second wing on Normal. We wiped twice on Council before we downed them.

The wipes were not terrible ones, we were pretty close both times, mostly a matter of tweaking some timing and positioning. After the first wipe, we lost two of the four pugs. No whispered explanations to the RL, no raid chat announcements — not even so much as a “Screw you losers!” — just quit. One guy, a warrior, had begged and pleaded with the RL to let him in. As soon as he got in, he began to dictate raid strategy to the RL, complain about how long it was taking us to get started, and generally engage in ass-like behavior. He was adequately geared, but he was doing embarrassingly low DPS. At any rate, he quit after the first wipe.

We replaced the quitters, but the same thing happened after the second wipe. (Two of our original pugs stuck with us though, a couple of healers.)

We replaced the second group of quitters and proceeded to down the boss. Immediately one of the pugs quit — again, no explanations, nothing. He had topped the damage meters, so our best guess was that he found our team to be beneath his elite status, but we will never know since he just quit with no explanation.

I have mentioned a few times my frustration with the apparent arrogance of raid leaders who use the Group Finder, but last night I saw a lot of rude, arrogant behavior from those seeking teams as well. It makes me want to don my codger hat and wonder what is becoming of this upstart generation of players with their entitlement attitude.

Maybe the pugs who quit were short on time and had to leave for good reasons. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But if that is the case, would it have killed them to whisper a quick apology to the RL and thank him for the invite? Or maybe — heaven forbid — they might have mentioned their time constraints when first invited. Our RL always whispers pugs before he invites them, has a short conversation with them mainly to let them feel like they are part of a team and not some random spare part to be used then discarded. We are always considerate of them, and even if they eventually have to be booted because they are not working out, it is only after several gentle whispered suggestions from the RL, and an opportunity for them to drop group on their own. We joke with them, we praise them when they do well, we congratulate them on loot, we give them food. We adopt our pugs into our team for the night. If they tell us they have to leave early, we thank them for helping us out and wish them well.

But, really, how big of an arrogant jackass do you have to be to beg to be taken on to a team, then immediately proceed to bitch about the pace, and argue in raid chat about the strategy with the guy who brought you on?

When we downed the boss, we ended up doing so mainly because we just powered through it without any sort of finesse or teamwork. This was because the pugs simply ignored the RL’s strategy, even though he had explained it in raid chat, marked the targets clearly, and even announced when it was time to switch targets. They just flat out ignored him, assuming they were far superior to all of us and had no need of working as part of a team.

I don’t get it. Group Finder is not LFR. Group Finder is designed to augment real raid teams, and if you are selected as such an augmentee, common courtesy would suggest you listen politely and try your best to fit in with the group. Even if you do not agree with the strategy, the well-mannered way to express that is to whisper the RL, not start an argument in raid chat. And if you feel the need to leave the group, a quick “Sorry guys, gtg” is a lot better than just precipitously quitting.

Arrogance and rudeness all around. It’s depressing. Time for me to go into weekend mode.

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