Religion, politics, and flying — 3 discussions to not have


Today we will get flying in Draenor. After almost a year of promises, non-promises, waffling and weasel wording, final decisions, final final decisions, and probably millions of forum and blog column lines on the topic. Today, though, after all that, flying will be reinstated. You would think that pretty much closes the book on The Great Flying Debate.

Hahahahaha! You would be SO wrong.

I am constantly amazed at the human propensity for forcing individual beliefs and life styles on others. Humans simply cannot, for some reason, stand it if others think differently from themselves, or heaven forbid, if the others have the temerity to live their lives according to those “wrong” thoughts.

Interestingly, the less provable a thought is, the more adamant are those who would require everyone to subscribe to that thought. Thus, we have great raging emotional debates and sometimes even shooting wars over religious and political differences of opinion. Yes, humans willingly kill and die to force others to think and act a certain prescribed way. What is wrong with our species?

It should come as no surprise, then, that flying in WoW — a subjective, non-provable concept of “fun” or “enjoyment” — has rabid adherents on both sides. In this case, those who prefer to fly really don’t seem to care if others fly or not, but many of those who do not wish to fly cannot abide the thought that others may now choose to. As with many rabid, spit-flecked, hate-filled discussions of religion and politics, logic does not seem to apply. They degenerate into a matter of “I believe thus and so, and if you do not then you are not only wrong, but evil, and I will do everything I can to force you into my way of thinking.” This is, at its core, an assumption that those who do not think as you do are too stupid to know better, thus it is your sacred duty to save them from themselves. This is arrogance at its height, and as many of you know, it is a trait I consider detestable, particularly when its manifestation in someone else limits my own actions.

So yes, I will be flying in Draenor today and for the rest of the expansion. Some of you may choose not to do so, and I applaud your choice. But personally, I am gratified that now we all have a choice.

I’ll be flying for a lot of reasons, including farming mats and leveling my last couple of alts more efficiently. I may even finish up Archaeology for a couple of alts, now that it will be reasonable to do. But mainly I will be enjoying the swooping, soaring exhilaration of flying for itself. I will be admiring the graphics and art that the devs have spent their time on, but I will be doing so now on a grand scale, not one frustrating unclimbable rock at a time. I actually expect to see WoD in a new — likely better — light, because I will be able to get a more comprehensive view of it. I don’t care if it seems small, I just want to see it spread out below me. I am someone who really only grasps layouts and terrain if I have the big picture first. I am a deductive learner by nature, not an inductive one. So for me, exploring an area rock by rock before I see the entirety of it is very frustrating and usually only results in constant need to consult the map, because I have no fixed picture in my head of the overall layout.

Regrettably, the great flying debate is likely to go on, and I predict there will be yet another screaming match over it in Legion, because I believe Blizz’s plan is to introduce it no sooner in Legion than they have done in WoD. But that’s not now. Now I am going to go log on and fly around Draenor.

Because I can.

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