Season of drought

Tipped off by MMO-C, I took a look at the recently-released Gamereactor Gamescom interview with WoW devs on Legion. Basically I would say don’t waste your time following the links or listening to the interview, there was almost nothing of substance in it, and there was certainly nothing we did not already know about Legion which is not very much.

I have no idea why Gamereactor chose to wait and release the interview over a month after the event. Maybe it just needed a lot of editing which took some time, but I lIke to think the reason is that they wisely decided it would get more notice now than it would have if they released it at the same time every other group released theirs. If the latter, they were right. Hey, MMO-C featured it didn’t they? Doubtful they would have done so the day after Gamescom.

As others have written, we are not likely to get any more substantive information about Legion now until Blizzcon. With few leaks, the Blizz-imposed communications blackout has been nearly perfect. And I think even those small leaks will cease the nearer we get to Blizzcon, which is still two months away.

Now that we are reduced to scouring for crumbs of month-old “news”, we have officially entered the season of information drought. This is tough on us bloggers. (Pause for a sympathetic moment here. Okay, that’s enough.) Some deal with it by taking an extended break. Some turn to fluff subjects — check out the upcoming fashion series on alt:ernative chat. Some go back and try to squeeze every possible new observation out of old news. Some write about things not connected to WoW at all. These are perfectly reasonable ways to get through the drought, I am not judging any of them.

As this is my first full year blogging, I am not sure how I will deal with the next two months. Probably I will just muddle through, maybe skipping a day here and there, maybe writing about silly stuff more frequently than usual.

(Have you ever gotten drunk, taken off all your clothes, and frolicked in the fountain in your garrison just to see if your followers and guards would still be able to salute you without snickering? Umm, no of course, me neither, just a hypothetical thought. Really. Really.)

Sorry, I digress. It might be a good time to do a few in-depth pieces about gaming concepts from a players-eye view. It would be fun to get some lively discussions going, but unfortunately the dearth of real news also usually means fewer readers. Not sure which is the cause and which is the result, but the fact remains. (To those of you doggedly still reading this blog, thanks!)

Short and rather disorganized post today — Comcast is playing with my internet connection again, and it seemed like a good opportunity to write Fluff Piece #1 in the Drought of 2015.

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  1. I agree with wrathofkublakhan, I hope you keep going! I enjoy what you post and look forward to more. Plus with Grumpy seemingly on sabbatical, I need someone to read and get blog post ideas from 🙂

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