Closet cleaning again

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve cleared out my drafts folder, so here are the odds and ends from there.

Legendary ring. Now that I have it and have experienced it being used in guild raiding and in LFR for a few weeks, I reiterate my initial impression: it’s a crappy mechanic. Even more so for ranged DPS.

The basic flaw is that it is impossible to coordinate for most efficient effect. So what happens is that whichever DPS notices first that it is off cooldown goes ahead and blows it. This is probably the only feasible way to use it for all but the most experienced and stable raid teams, but the result is that it is almost never well integrated into other raid wide buffs and certainly not into optimal rotational position for individuals.

I have not scrutinized my logs since I have had the ring, but I do not notice much difference in my damage output. There is no cool graphic effect that at least gives you some kind of warm fuzzy that it is operating. In fact, I probably would never even know when it was functioning if I didn’t have Weakauras configured to tell me. I do know that most of the time when someone blows it, I happen to be at the end of my focus burning phase and tend to spend a good part of the ring proc generating long focus-producing shots and waiting for Dire Beast and my signature shot to regenerate. Frustrating, because I know if I controlled it myself I would get a lot more damage out of it.

I am a bit confused as to the proc mechanics too. For the final AoE blast, it is not clear to me if that affects all targets within 20 yards of each player with the ring, or within 20 yards of the initiating player only. I thought it was the latter case, but the Blizz tooltip is vague on this, as are all the official explanations. In either case, the final AoE blast is problematic for ranged damage dealers. If the AoE range is calculated from the initiating player only, then ranged should almost never initiate. If it is calculated for each ring-wearer, then it is almost always wasted for ranged.

The ring is a piece of junk that I worked individually to get, but which in raids I have zero individual control over. The random nature of how it is used makes it no better than the cloak random proc was, with less visual reward.

Maybe some of you have a better experience with it, maybe your raid team is using it more efficiently. But my experience with it so far is a big loud raspberry.

Tier gear. Once again, tier gear is eluding me. Having cleared three wings of HFC on normal, I still have zero pieces, didn’t get a single drop from any of the end bosses. Heck, I can’t even get 4 pieces of the LFR pseudo gear. In my opinion, Blizz really screwed the players when they decided to make the LFR tier procs completely different from the other raid level tier gear. It makes no sense. Especially when, as in the case of MM hunters, the spec is only really balanced and playable with the 4-piece real tier gear.

Hey Blizz! Your game design sucks when you make a spec whose playability depends on Las Vegas odds of getting gear, and when even getting into the casino requires belonging to a social organization that you seem bent on destroying. At the same time you have made the end game completely about guild raiding, you have done everything possible to inhibit the creation and sustenance of robust, active guilds.

Cooking. I have always been a fan of raid food, ever since the Fish Feast days. I never really minded farming the mats and leveling my cooking to where I could provide beneficial food for the raid. Once in a while I got a little annoyed that there were always those who only took, never contributed, but in general I liked providing the food. I also kind of liked the idea of raid flask cauldrons, where an alchemist with the proper skill could make one up and give everyone (except spirit users as I recall) in the raid a 2-hour flask. It allowed people who maybe weren’t top damage dealers or healers to contribute more to the raid. It gave a kind of team spirit to the whole endeavor.

I felt good in Mists when I finally got through the quest line to be able to provide a top level noodle cart to my raid. It is a basic human trait to feel good when you can share food. That even applies to virtual food in a virtual world, I think.

But in WoD (I think starting with 6.1) we have gotten away from that. First, there are no more flask cauldrons, haven’t been since before Mists, actually. Those went away when Blizz decided that there must be no perks to belonging to a guild. Shame. And now in WoD the best food you can get is individual food. The group food is less beneficial in terms of stats.

Why, Blizz? You have made it clear that you want raiding to be the epitome of the game experience. And yet you are making raid preparation a completely individual thing. What’s your message here?

Monk healing. I’ve been working on my monk healing a little lately. I played my mistweaver quite a lot towards the end on Mists and found I liked it. I got decent at it — not great, but definitely decent. In WoD, though, I haven’t had much motivation to play her. Until recently, when the addition of flying gave me rendowed interest in alts.

I know I am out of practice healing, and my poor mistweaver is pretty undergeared — just recently maxed out crafted gear and a couple pieces of Baleful to get her up to 684, which these days is kind of pitiful. But even given that, I am finding the whole MW experience different from what it was in Mists. Worse.

One big change, of course, is the removal of most instant casts. Every healer and damage caster has the same problem, so I won’t harp on it, but it definitely makes healing harder in constant movement fights, of which there are many. (Blizz, you lied to us about that, you said when you removed instant casts that you would cut down on the amount of movement required in boss fights. Liar liar pants on fire!)

But the other aspect of MW healing I find different is that you must be casting a heal every second of every fight in order to do an adequate job. Much of this is due to the interaction of Renewing Mist with Uplift, and also to the intertwining of the individual healing spells. It makes for a much more intensive healing experience, and I am not sure it is one I enjoy. My mouse hand was – literally! — sore and cramped after just one LFR wing, from the constant mouse gripping and button mashing.

I might be doing it wrong, but I use my multi-button mouse to cast healing spells using HealBot, and consequently I do WASD movement on my healer. This is different from what I do on my damage dealers, which is mouse movement combined with keyboard casts and a few important quick binds on my mouse non-movement buttons. I welcome any comments from healers out there.

I have not done any 10-15 man healing, only large LFR groups, so I might have a skewed view of the intensity.

Well, I have rambled on long enough for one day. At least my drafts folder is uncluttered once again.

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3 Responses to Closet cleaning again

  1. Grumsta says:

    There are now four ring-wearers in our Raid Team and they use the ring as you describe in your second scenario – the damage is done within 20 yards of the person who initiated the proc. Whether that’s right or not I have no idea. Like you, they think it’s a resounding “meh”. Did you read that it has been nerfed to oblivion in Timewalking dungeons too? Remember to take a spare ring with you…. *rollseyes*

    Your “Hey Blizz!” rantette and your comments on Tier Grear and Cooking I wholeheartedly agree with. Yes, yes and more yes. I loved the cooking quests in MoP, the whole Tillers thing, it made a lovely distracting end game in and of itself, and it helped with raids and bonding the team. Sad to see that flavour go from the game.

    I’m going to try to get through all of HFC LFR tonight and tomorrow to get my 33 Tomes done. Wish me luck. And patience.

    • Fiannor says:

      I have seen some sim results that indicate the ring is a 10-15% DPS boost, but I am sure that calculation is based on optimal use, where it is engaged at exactly the right time in a rotation. In practice, that almost never happens, and even if it happens for one it is practically impossible for it to happen for all ring-wearers. In my opinion, the best thing about it is the ilevel boost you get from it. Performance boost — not worth the effort.

      Good luck on finishing up your tomes. Doing the LFR grind on Tuesdays is usually less painful than later in the week, as I am sure you know. It just takes hours to do, and even longer if there are impossible queues. I’ll be rooting for you! 😉

  2. Grumsta says:

    I managed to get all bosses down in HFC LFR except Archie. That was the longest queue of the night, followed immediately by another long wait for a second tank (and it was a new group too, which is extra baffling). It was gone midnight when we wiped for the fourth time and I had to admit defeat and go to bed. Now on 21/33 Tomes so I’d need to have some serious luck to get them all tonight, but next week looks reasonably possibly. We’ll see how the RNG gods feel about that.

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