Greed sets in

Towards the end of every expansion my brain undergoes some sort of chemical change that causes me to develop an intense desire to make a huge pile of gold. Normally, I am not interested enough to actively pursue getting more of it, but like a squirrel madly stashing acorns in the fall, my primitive instincts kick in at the end of an expansion and I start working like crazy to get as much of it as I can.

I can’t explain this. It’s not like I need the gold to buy things. I actually buy very little either in Trade or in the Auction House. Sometime about mid-Cata I leveled enough alts to be self-sufficient in professions (except for blacksmithing, which is no big deal as I have no plate wearers). Since then, I have not bought a single gem, enchant, flask, potion, glyph, crafted mount or gear. Wait, I take that back, I have bought a few pieces of low level crafted gear for transmog if I cannot for one reason or another obtain the recipe/pattern. Mostly I end up buying mats, either because it would take me too long to gather them myself and they are cheap, or because they are not cheap but are prohibitively time-consuming to get on my own. Felblight is an example. Early in Mists, I bought a lot of Golden Lotus, too, until I got to the point where I could grow it on my farm.

Being self-sufficient is in itself a terrific gold-making strategy. I have not bothered to do any rough calculations, but I am certain that over the years it has saved me tens — if not hundreds — of thousands in gold. Every once in a while, usually when I am re-gearing for some reason, I take a look at the current AH prices for the gems and enchants I am using, and I chuckle to myself at how much gold I am not spending. Self-sufficiency is even more lucrative in this expansion, when the changes to professions have made the prices of almost everything skyrocket. Not to mention the vast amount of gold that practically falls out of the sky with garrison missions (even still after the big nerf) — most of which is pure profit if you don’t have to buy all the expensive crafted stuff.

I am not especially good at making gold when I try to do so. Just don’t have the true entrepreneurial mindset, I guess. (Sadly, this also applies IRL.) Interestingly, though, this is only true when I am trying to make gold for myself. I was the banking officer in the guild I left a few months ago, and in the course of a year — most of which was during Mists — I added close to 200,000 gold to the guild coffers, all from selling guild bank donated materials that were often just dumped there because the guildie wanted to clean out their own bags or bank tabs. When I Ieft the guild, they had enough gold to cover guild member repairs for a year or more, even if they never added more from guild dungeon runs and the like. Why I can’t turn my own junk into gold is a mystery, though.

Most of the significant gold I make is from selling mats or specific crafted items. Of course, any real AH goblin will tell you that is the least efficient way to do it, but it works well enough for me. In Mists, I tried to compete in both the glyph and gem markets for a while. I did okay, but it was far too much work to keep adequate inventory as well as stay on top of the hourly price fluctuations. And it was annoying when some Donald Trump wannabe decided to control the market by flooding it and selling at a huge loss, just to drive everyone else out.

Most of my money in Cata came from selling fish, leather, herbs, and ore. Especially fish. I was doing a lot of fishing anyway to keep my raid supplied with Fish Feasts, and I guess lots of others wanted to cook them too, but didn’t have the time or inclination to catch the mats themselves. In Mists, most of my gold towards the end of the expansion came from selling Living Steel, Golden Lotus, and a few high-end engineering mounts like the chopper and the Sky Golem. The key to most of that was being conscientious about doing every profession cooldown every day as soon as I could start doing so, and to keep Sunsong Ranch at max production on every alt, in order to maintain a decent mat inventory. For the Living Steel, it helped that I had two alchemists.

I don’t know yet what my big gold maker will be in WoD. I don’t think it will be mats, as they are virtually free to anyone with a garrison, although as people lose interest in their garrisons the market may pick up. Crafted gear at the basic level is pretty much worthless, and the prohibitively high price (or farming time) for felblight and to some extent savage blood means that to make any kind of profit you have to sell 6/6 items at a price most people are understandably not willing to pay. That pretty much leaves fish, gems, and enchants. A more lucrative market may actually be older mats that are needed for some of the “humps” when people level professions. Except it seems like no one will really need to level professions any longer if Blizz continues the current model that lets anyone craft all but the highest level items without actually having the profession.

Seems like some market study is in order for me. My goal is to finally make it to one million gold — on my account, not on each character. I am close, actually, what with how profitable WoD has been with no effort. It would be fun to have a million as a cushion, and spend only what was above that. Until I quit the game, at which time I will go on a grand uncontrolled buying spree!

Well, off to peruse The Consortium, WoWuction, and The Undermine Journal. And set up some new TradeSkill Master groups. I’m gonna be rich, rich I tell you! BWAAAHAHA! 😎

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

8 Responses to Greed sets in

  1. Jarnow says:

    Well on my server, the fact of the matter is that the baseline crafted gear *does* sell. It doesn’t go for a ton, but enough to be worth crafting and posting if there is nothing better to do with the soulbound mates.

    And the upgrade tokens for just about all of the professions sell too, and for a better profit even when you account for the high cost of Felblight. So take a look at TUJ etc., and try a few crafts out and see what you sell.

    • Fiannor says:

      There really is quite a difference among servers, I am constantly amazed at how wide the disparities can be on certain items. I’m pretty sure I will find a marketing niche, though.

  2. Grumsta says:

    It’s worth researching which crafted items are BiS (or at least best until Mythic). Couple of examples I’ve come across are Cloth boots for Mages, and the Gun for MM Hunters. Sell these with the perfect stats and you can hold out for a good price.

    For me there are two ways to get Felblight: the weekly Kazzak lottery (dead easy to get to with all alts now that flying is here), and from fishing. The latter fluctuates wildly, to the point where it’s clear Blizz are constantly nerfing the drop-rate down. However as I’m currently looking for Lunkers, and FB I get are really a free bonus.

    I have never been so rich, and if I hadn’t let my hatred for the Garrison blind me to the money-making potential of it I would be absolutely rolling in it by now. I have already bought a Hatespark the Tiny pet off a guildie, and I’m now saving for a Grand Expedition Yak which I should get in the next week or two. I never thought I’d be able to do stuff like that.

    Oh yes: I’m on 30/33 Tomes now, so I’ll definitely finish off the Ring quest after the next reset. In two full runs of HFC LFR I still haven’t managed to down all 13 bosses – there’s always one wing I join on 2nd or 3rd boss and then can’t get in again to finish them. Frustrating. I have got Archie down now though (I joined a group with 4 stacks of Determination and we got it on the first pull).

    The wonderful irony is that I “finished” the xpac on my Mage, whom I also started it with (albeit as a Fire Mage). I did allow myself a chuckle. And a glass of Malbec.

    • Fiannor says:

      Yes, you will definitely get your ring next week, good on ya! I have not even joined an Archie group yet, as I am unwilling to chance some of the 12-15 wipe horror stories that are still all too prevalent. I’ll get around to it in a week or so. There is plenty of time left in this expansion.

      My luck with felblight remains horrible. Out of some sort of twisted compulsion, I have kept track of all my gathering/fishing results in Tanaan, and my overall drop rate has not budged from between 2-3%. It is no better with fishing than it is for mining, skinning, or herbs. And the sell price for it on my server still remains above 200 gold each, frequently closer to 250. Add in the cost of savage blood — still well over 100 gold each on my server — and the crafting cost for a 6/6 piece not even counting all the cooldowns needed starts somewhere around 25k.

      Still, you are absolutely right, finding the exact right product is the key, and if you do, you can make an excellent profit. Plus, as you point out, there are a few ways to cut your production costs, such as Kazzak runs, buying SB from the Primal Spirit vendor, snatching deals from the AH and trade, etc.

      • Farming for Felblight (via fishing) for me is best done near the Flight Point for the Ruins of Kra’nak: the bonus area down the hill is surrounded by water with six or seven fishing pools. I use my water strider pet for water walking or my raft.
        Doing each pool and circling around, I never get near a mob to deal with and they respawn as I circle. If there is competition, I uses the Custom tool to realm hop.
        Once you are farming, know that it is farming. Felblight is streaky and not for the faint of heart: listen to a podcast (I recommend Hearthcast) or get a movie on TV.
        I use an addon called GoFish, which lets me fish with my weapon still on (using that stick) but I can double click on the pool; saving me some mouse travel time.
        For skinning, I have another farm spot ….

      • Grumsta says:

        Maybe I was lucky with the groups I found but I didn’t find the Archie fight too bad at all on LFR. The only difficulty I had the first night was getting into a group as the queue was so long, I just ran out of time and had to go to bed, but I’m sure they got Archie down okay as they were very close on all our attempts.

        I had my best night of raiding ever last night: got 9 bosses down in 2 hours with a superb group who are progressing in HFC HC but do a fresh Normal run on Thursdays. I finally got a second T18 tier piece from Gorefiend (and on a bonus roll too!). I dropped the Unblinking Gaze of Sethe last week, and I’m looking forward to trying the combination out next week. I’m still horribly raid-rusty with my Mage but it’ll only improve with practice.

        2-3% felblight drop rate sounds about right. It was nearer 5% for a while (some guildies talk about a 10% drop rate but I’m sceptical it was ever that generous). I do still occasionally get drops of 5 FB in one cast, but they’re nowhere near as often as they used to be. Sadly.

        It’s amazing how the prices vary between realms: FB are around 110g each on Magtheridon EU. No idea on SB prices but I’d guess they’re about the same.

        @Wrath: yes I fish where you do, never needed to realm hop, just go around on my raft with iTunes on random play. Not as fun as MoP farming, but it’s a living 😉

  3. Here is how you do it:

    You want the Inn3 for the lucrative missions (Inn2 to choose a follower with the Treasure Hunter trait). You want the Bunker2 to gear up your followers. Pick a new follower (from the Inn) every week with Treasure Hunter as a trait and cycle out Blook and the others until you have about 10 with Treasure Hunter trait.
    Get the Barracks to level 3 so you can have 25 followers.

    Now, those profession alts you mentioned: level them up to 100. Get as many as you can to 100 and make an army of Treasure Hunter followers; cycle through the garrison missions for the gold missions twice a day if you can.

    Since we are in this expansion for a while longer, I’m leveling up yet another character to put into my gold mission rotation. Like yourself, I have “profession alts”, they have never left the garrison once they dinged 100. I even have a couple with no professions at all — they just make me gold.

    My profession alts, I wove in two followers with Scavenger. Once I cap garrison recourses, I go to the Trading Post and exchange for some mats (typically leather) and wait for the Leather Trader to come to town. Then I trade my stacks (upon stacks) of leather for Primal Spirits — then visit Ashely to buy Savage Blood. With this I have crafted gear to give to my friends, often topping it off with stacks of Felblight from Kazzak to go 6/6.

    All 100’s do the Kazzak run on Tuesday for Felblight. It’s easier now that we have flying, I found the FP for Malo’s Lookout and simply fly up to Kazzak and look for a group in Custom.
    So, yes, they DO now leave their garrison mission table, once a week.

    The gold missions did get nerfed, we no longer get the big Blingtron missions quite like we used to but there is a massive amount of gold to be made by follower missions that take minimum effort. Candidly, I leveled many of my alts by doing pet battles or the pet trainers and cooking dailies in EK and Dalaran and SW.

    No auction house for me. Like Scrooge McDuck, I love seeing the piles of gold grow higher.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

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