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How was your weekend? Mine was terrific, we have just started a period of glorious fall weather where I live, so I spent a lot of time enjoying that, gathering some last bits from my garden, grilling eggplant and peppers and green tomatoes, serving it up with crusty bread and good olive oil and splurged-on expensive wine, sharing it with friends, laughing and talking. Honestly, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

But I did manage to spend a few hours playing WoW and actually having some fun at it. For me, being able to sit at my computer and play the game while the windows are wide open and the cool night air fills the house is both calming and invigorating at the same time. It affects my whole outlook on life. Which may be why I enjoyed running Mythics for the weekly quest. I was just in the right mood for them.

The first one I tried was with a guild group, but unfortunately the tank and the healer were not quite up to it. Plus, it was Skyreach. We never got past the first boss. We called it after about an hour of trying. It was late, people had to log off, we weren’t making much progress, etc. Still, it was not a frustrating experience, it was kind of fun. The tank and the healer were not guildies who usually raid with us, and they were not doing badly, they were just undergeared and under-experienced for Mythic Skyreach. Especially that first boss.

The first boss in Skyreach is, in my opinion, a gigantic gotcha from Blizz, one of those things that was cooked up by the crackpots in the Screw With the Players Department. Even on normal, it is an extremely hard boss for leveling players. Skyreach is the first hurdle to start on your legendary ring, so a lot of players experienced it as level 98’s, and that first boss was a huge obstacle. Why? Because Blizz took away the ability for casters, both DPS and healers, to cast on the move, promised they would adjust boss fights to allow for the change, then — Bang! — first dungeon boss out of the box REQUIRES CONSTANT MOVEMENT. This is just wrong, and it is one of the many breaches of trust they have committed over the last year that have caused many players to no longer believe anything they say.

Anyway, the night after the guild group foray into Skyreach, I hit the Raid Finder to pug my four Mythics. Ended up doing four different groups to complete Auchindoun, Iron Docks, The Everbloom, and Grimrail Depot, in that order. The Auchindoun group was the best one, everyone knew the fights, was pretty well geared, and we sailed through without a wipe.

Iron Docks was a little harder, mainly because we had a tank with a severe anal-cranial inversion and a couple DPS who did not know the fights. We had a few wipes but at least no one rage quit or got into personal insults, and luckily our healer was really outstanding. Everbloom was probably the quickest one, only one wipe on the last boss, everyone knew what to do and did it.

Grimrail Depot was the worst group, mainly because only the tank and myself knew the fights, the healer was borderline competent, and even though the tank was competent he was a real butthole. But then, Grimrail is one of the dungeons I really hate, so possibly that influences my judgement. That fight on the moving platform against the big cannon could have been fun but it is poorly designed, and the mechanics border on being too complex for a group of strangers to manage. Just my opinion. As for the rest of the dungeon, I think the main reason I hate it is because it is too cramped and constricted for my play style. You really can’t run around at range or you will aggro new mobs, and for the same reason you really have to curtail your use of Barrage, one of a hunter’s most fun shots. Usually I can position myself properly to use it so as not to hit unintended mobs, but in Grimrail such repositioning risks getting in range of other mobs and thus doing the very thing you were trying to avoid. We wiped probably 6-8 times, but did finally finish.

All in all, it took me about 4 hours to do them. That includes the ridiculous dance of applying for groups — getting declined, refreshing the list every few seconds, trying to find a group without 3 DPS already, meeting the gear requirements, finding a group doing one you have not already done, etc.

Still, it was a nice diversion, and on top of that I got some actual gear upgrades, two from Auchindoun and a heroic warforged neck piece in the quest completion cache. The new pieces pushed me legitimately to 700 ilevel equipped (no artificial inflation using bad secondary stats), so that was satisfying. Especially since I am doing very little raiding these days. And since I have abandoned all hope of getting any tier gear.

All in all, a good weekend.

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