We are the 90%

I had not intended to post anything today, it being a Federal holiday in the U.S., but I decided to do a very short one, mainly to support one of my fellow bloggers, Marathal, who has started a movement to change the toxic nature not only of LFR but also of some other aspects of the game. You can check out a couple of his posts here and here.

As Marathal points out, this movement is almost certainly doomed to both ridicule and failure, but that is not a good reason to not try. To allow the trolls to take over trade chat, to allow the asshats to dominate LFR, to look the other way any time we see bad behavior in the game — this is the same as handing over our lunch money every day to the school bully.

I don’t have any hard data to back me up, but I have a gut feeling that the worst behavior is perpetrated by maybe 10% of the active player base. It is time — in fact, past time — for the other 90% to stand up and say Enough, this is our game, too, and we are not going to let you hijack it.

“We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more!”

We are the 90%, and we have power.

I intend to support Marathal on October 24th, and in the next few weeks I intend to develop some ways to do one small thing every time I log in to make the game better. I have come to see that my readers are responsible and thoughtful players, so I would ask them to think about how they, too, might do small things for the betterment of the game on their own servers.

And I would ask my fellow bloggers to help spread the word. What is better than fighting the good fight for a doomed cause? Go on, put on your best Don Quixote costume, crank up the theme to Man of La Mancha, and let’s all go tilt at some windmills. It’ll be fun! Besides, we can’t leave Marathal out there all alone.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to We are the 902

  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    Heh…your “don’t have any hard data” made me want to validate your numbers.

    Using one of the more recent subscription counts, I started at 5.6 Mil players.

    Trying to find a count of servers was annoying (so I went to WoW’s realm status and copied the list to excel to get a row count). It’s 246, but I rounded to 250 to avoid obnoxious fractions.

    From here, we’ve got an average of 22,400 users per server.

    Your 10% means about 2240 bad eggs per server.

    Using purely anecdotal, emotionally charged data, I think the 10% is a little high. I think it’s closer to 1%.

    Conclusion, we really are the 99%.

    Joking aside, it feels good to see others jumping in on this “make WoW epic again!” rally.

    • Fiannor says:

      Haha!! Thanks for doing that. Nothing I like better than “back of the napkin” calculations like you did. And honestly I think your estimates must be close. Well done.

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