Let the games begin!

In a couple of hours, in theory, we will start to get some real information on Legion. Finally, almost three months to the day since we got our initial teaser back in August. That Gamescom info was clearly very conceptual in nature, and I have a suspicion Blizz would rather not have put it out at all, except they were bleeding subs at the time and facing widespread player anger over WoD. I can’t say as I blame them for putting out the info in August and then shutting down all communication on Legion until Blizzcon. It was frustrating for us peons, but I think the whole picture of Legion was fuzzy enough that to have individual devs talking about their piece of it in the intervening weeks would have been too chaotic to manage.

However, Blizz has in theory known for months if not years that Blizzcon 2015 would be when they announce the details of Legion. So I am expecting — and I think we all have a right to expect — that we will get a pretty detailed picture of it today, tomorrow, and in the weeks to come.

I am not talking about things like the exact release date — the leaked advert for the expansion pack that said “on or before September 2016” notwithstanding. That is clearly a worst case scenario, they had to put something in the fine print on the package. And honestly, even if it is not released until September, I can’t get too upset about it. I would rather they wait and put out a great expansion than have them rush it out the door in basically beta form like they did with WoD. It does make for an interesting timing problem, though. Third quarter — summertime — is typically the lowest participation time for WoW players. Which of course is why Blizz has tended to release new expansions in the fourth quarter. So September 2016 might actually be a realistic release date. Releasing Legion in June, July, or August  might handicap its chances for success by forcing it to compete with all the other fun summer things people like to do.

Anyway, the kind of Legion details I want from Blizzcon are things like a more or less finished picture of the big pieces of class balance, a good idea of the role of class halls, some specifics on artifact weapons for every spec, details on the mechanisms for obtaining gear, any planned changes to raid structure, a comprehensive picture of professions, what if any changes will make Legion either more alt friendly or alt hostile, how beta participants will be selected, when the beta will start, etc.

Oh. And I want to know exactly when flying will be available. Not vague hand-waves about when “zone content has been completed.” No, Blizz, tell me how many weeks you expect it to take a diligent player to achieve flying. Tell me the steps in the quest line, we all know you have laid them out in perfect detail, so tell me what they are and how long you have designed them to take.

If instead of these things all we get are pretty pictures and movie videos, I will be disappointed and probably pretty cranky about the whole expansion. Not that artwork is not nice — I like looking at it, and it does serve to heighten the anticipation. But without real substance, artwork is basically just leftover Halloween candy — a sweet treat that does not replace supper.

So, here we go! I really want Blizz to show me the substance of Legion in the next two days. I want them to convince me it will be worth the wait.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

5 Responses to Let the games begin!

  1. It is a big day, for sure. The information out of Blizzcon will help us shape our expectations for the next WoW expansion. They have a lot of games now! They want to talk about Overwatch.
    Even so, our experience is months and months away. I’ll keep a wary eye but remain entrenched right here in Draenor.

    • Fiannor says:

      Yeah, I am more excited about Blizzcon Legion info than I like to admit. And I am also a bit worried that it will turn out to be a big letdown. Just have to wait and see.

  2. Woof, I’m over-whelmed and I’m not even at Blizzcon! I’ve been reading all of the information that I can, I’ll be looking forward to see how you process all of it!

  3. Grumsta says:


    Just in case you haven’t already seen it: Blizz Dev on Reddit talking about Hunters in Legion:


    • Fiannor says:

      I did see it, thanks for the cite. I am thrilled to see the devs actually out there discussing these things, and I hope the trend continues as we move into beta and get into the real interplay of these class redesigns.

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