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I am still sorting out my thoughts on Legion hunter class changes, and honestly even though I am trying very hard to be positive about them, every new detail we get just depresses me more. But meanwhile, while I think about it all, I thought it might be useful to post a list of the hunter blogs I have found useful on the upcoming changes. I am sure there are others out there, but here is my list so far. I will probably update it at least for the next couple of weeks as I run across sites I find interesting on the subject.

Official, Semi-Official, and Unofficial Pure Information Sources:

Wowhead’s compendium. This is not strictly an official source, but it is a fantastic site for keeping up with the varied Blizz communications on hunter changes — interviews, blue posts, dev tweets, etc. If you only have time to read one site for basic info, this is the one you should use.

Official Legion hunter class preview. This is the first comprehensive Blizz list of planned hunter changes. A good place to start learning about what they are and the reasons Blizz gives for making them.

Blizzard Watch. Again, not a true official source, but there are some good summaries of changes that explain what it all may mean to hunters, without a lot of personal opinion on whether or not the authors like or dislike the changes. The link I provided is to the site’s hunter archives, so there are some posts in there that are not about Legion.

Ainchgaming on hunter changes. I had not previously heard of this video blogger, but the hunter video on Legion changes is quite good. It basically lays out and explains the changes without any commentary on them. If you prefer to get your info more visually than just reading blocks of text, you might appreciate this video.

Commentary and Opinion:

Eyes of the Beast. Bendak has written a couple of hunter Legion pieces already, and you can expect that he will continue to do so now that we have actual information available. Check out his web site frequently. I always look to this blog to bring me back to sanity when I start to go off on an emotional rant — Bendak is thorough, reasoned, and usually quite conservative in his hunter opinion pieces. When he does indicate something may be bad, that is the time to get very concerned, because he usually is very sanguine about most changes. I fully expect he will get a beta invite, and I am looking forward to his impressions from that. Here are some specific pieces about Legion hunters I found useful.

The Grumpy Elf. This is mainly a hunter blog, but Grumpy writes about all aspects of the game. (And since he frequently has much the same take on things as I do, of course I consider him to be brilliant. ;-p) The link is to his main site, but here are a couple Legion-specific posts about hunters I found thought-provoking:

The Thrill of the Wild. Delirium is what I like to think of as a practical theorist. He can — and does — dissect even the most complex combat calculations for hunters, runs numbers and does comparisons, analyzes results in terms of how hunters really play, and then gives us his conclusions in plain language that does not scare off us mathophobes. Here is his series on what we know so far about each spec:

Jade’s Forest Legion Hunter Preview. Excellent blog, very detailed breakdown of what we know so far about changes to all three specs.

Forum Posts (not the crazy ones)

I don’t usually like to cite forum posts, but here is one worth reading, and worth emulating in my opinion. This is the kind of feedback we hunters need to give Blizz if we are unhappy with Legion hunter changes. Frankly, I am not optimistic that they will listen, but I urge all hunters out there to add their serious and unemotional opinions to this forum, and to communicate with Blizz in other forums as well on hunter topics. Blizz will interpret silence on the part of hunters as approval of all Legion changes.

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