Preparing alts for Legion

I have not written much about Legion so far, and I probably won’t do so until we have some hard data from the beta, instead of just Blizz promises and datamined info. I see a lot of potential in the expansion, along with two or three almost certain major disasters, but as I said I will wait until we get some beta experiences.

However, even not knowing what Legion will feel like to play, I am doing some fairly intensive alt prep, the purpose of which is to give me options should everything turn to doodoo for my beloved hunters.

The first thing I did was prune my staff. Yes, I had to delete a couple of alts take some alts to a farm where they can run and play in the sunshine forever. Let’s face it, I have never done well with my shammie, not in any spec, even though I eked out a level 90 for her in Mists. I never got the hang of totems, they seemed usually ineffective and always annoying. No one spec appealed to me, consequently I changed specs too frequently to become even passably proficient at any of them. So goodby, shammie.

My brewmaster monk was really just an experiment, I got him to level 50, tanked a few low level dungeons along the way. Thus far, he seemed really OP and honestly was kind of fun to play, but I don’t see myself tanking at a high level. If I change my mind, I can always go with my level 100 monk, blending in with all the incompetent new DH tanks — Legion will have so many bad tanks at the beginning, one bad brewmaster will hardly be noticeable!

My one horde alt — well, I am just not a horde player. I don’t enjoy it. I maintain a certain game fantasy in my head, and the basis of that is Good vs. Evil, with me on the side of Good. All you horde players out there, don’t bash me please. I get the concept of nuanced kinda-good-kinda-bad horde, I just get enough nuanced complexities  in my real life and like my games to be very binary in their distinctions.

After the Great Purge, I am left with: 2 hunters, one monk, a mage, a druid, a warlock, and a rogue. Plus a low level bank alt. All but the bank alt are level 100, with varying levels of gear. Getting rid of the alts I never play will give me the option of adding a DH and a gnome hunter in Legion, with a couple spare slots just in case.  (I have never really been able to deal with alts on multiple servers, so I limit myself to the server limit or below.)

The other big thing I am doing to prepare alts for Legion is spending time on them. The purpose is to gear them up a bit, but also to increase my proficiency on them. So I am taking them out into the world, getting them into Tanaan, doing the required (and useless) proving grounds, running some dungeons and LFRs with them, doing some Tanaan dailies and weekly bonus events.

I do this because it is fun, but in this case also because honestly I am auditioning them for just-in-case Legion promotion to main. I am very pessimistic about the future of hunters as I know and love them, and it may not be possible for me to continue with a hunter  main. Sad, but a realistic possibility.

My original backup plan had been to have my mistweaver as my main, but the hints about Legion MW changes so far are not encouraging. I have always liked the unique, quirky MW style of healing, but it appears that all the uniqueness is getting the axe in Legion, and MWs will become a rather vanilla ranged healer, with little to distinguish them from priests, shammies, and the like. Just another herd healer. I still hold out hope that MW healing will be fun, but I am preparing for it not to be.

My current best candidates for mainhood in Legion are my destro warlock and my resto/boomie druid. I have only recently started to dip a toe into druid healing, and I have to say I am liking it so far, although I have been careful to not put myself into real crunch healing situations. The hardest part is getting the hang of anticipating damage rather than reacting to it, but I am learning.

It also sounds like Blizz might be fixing some of the worst aspects of boomkins in Legion, so a resto main spec/ boomkin off spec may be very viable.

As for the warlock, not much to say there. Destro seems to have gotten very few changes for Legion, so that to me means they will continue to be fun to play. Although unless they get some ability to do damage on the move, they will never be as fun as they were in Mists.

I am having fun with my rogue, but I don’t see me maining as melee. If I wanted to do that, I would probably swallow my pride and go back to SV hunter, but I don’t see that happening either. The mage? Ya, probably not, given my struggles with that class, but of course stranger things have happened.

So that’s it. My Legion preps so far are aimed at giving me options with my alts. I find I am no longer satisfied with just having a Plan B, I need Plans C, D, and at least E as well! As they say, Blizz, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

I am trying to be ready this time for whatever Legion may bring.


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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

3 Responses to Preparing alts for Legion

  1. Casually Odd says:

    Oh, the farm. I’ve also been looking at some nice real estate up north for a few characters and it has been hard. One goblin warlock is being saved purely because she kept a dress. She pretty much gets to hang around until Legion drops the transmog closet because she is the only character I have that has that no-longer-in-game item. And by then she’ll probably have weaseled her way into my heart with her spunkiness.

    It’s interesting you mention the warlock as a candidate. I have a warlock I want to recreate – I like her character and design but I’m kind of fed-up with warlocks after the proving grounds. While I actually enjoyed destruction, which I needed to use to pass proving grounds, I was really disappointed with how demonology was nerfed a while back and it hasn’t been as much fun to play. I’ve also got enough warlocks so I’m ready to have her re-evaluate her life choices and start over. But as what? And I can’t do anything anyways until I make more room.

    There are others contemplating the move as well so I can understand the getting ready for Legion idea.

    I do want to try a demon hunter and maybe a gnome hunter. I’m less excited about the gnome hunter option because I have a fair number of hunters and I’m not sure of the changes they are making either. Also, as much as I like gnomes at times, I’m less enamored of the tech they bring to my fantasy.

    So, demon hunters hunt demons. But gnome hunters…

    • Fiannor says:

      You are not the first one I have heard about that found proving grounds challenging for their warlock. For some reason, I sailed through Silver on my second try on destro, using my Observer pet for its interrupt ability. The most challenging part was the warlock requirement to pretty much remain stationary to cast, which meant I had to plan ahead for my positioning to kite that big ball of fire through the mobs.

      I think Blizz did a poor job on proving grounds, though, and I hope they will be gone in Legion. They are completely ineffective as a gateway to heroic dungeons. I always thought they had some potential for class and spec training — kind of like a whole set of target dummies on steroids — but as they stand now they are nothing more than an annoyance.

      Like you, I am pretty “meh” about gnome hunters. I am not especially excited about mechanical pets, they in no way fit my fantasy about hunters. (But then the proposed MM temporary undead minion “pet” is even more ridiculous imo.)

      “So, demon hunters hunt demons. But gnome hunters…” 😂

      • Casually Odd says:

        “But then the proposed MM temporary undead minion “pet” is even more ridiculous imo”

        La, la, la, I can’t hear you.

        The gnome hunters joke is such a math teacher/dad joke. Some of the best worst jokes out there.

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