GAAAAHHH! and other observations

Last night, as part of my project to spiff up some of my more promising alts, in case I need to abandon my hunter main in Legion, I was working on my warlock. She had pretty crummy gear, including a blue weapon and a level 4 crafted alchemy trinket. My plan was to get her a level 6 inscription weapon, get the trinket to level 6, and have her craft her own chest piece for the third crafted item. Other than having to spend a ton of gold to get the needed felblight, I was in good shape for mats.

The weapon and trinket were easy. I got lucky on the weapon and immediately got the peerless flavor, which is the best set of secondary stats for destro. All that was left was to tailor the chest piece, looking once again for peerless.




I won’t bore you with the sordid details, but it took me 46, forty-six!, FORTY-EFFING-SIX tries to reroll a peerless chest piece. For you accountants out there, that is 1380 sumptuous furs, which on my server has a street value of slightly over 2000 gold.

Never mind the cost. Do you have any idea how incredibly frustrating it is to spend close to an hour to reroll stats 46 times?

I have said it before, and now I am saying it again:

The entire secondary stat mechanism blows.

Anyway, the whole experience just destroyed any semblance of concentration, organization, or sanity I had left, so today’s post is a hodgepodge of random thoughts I had while perusing MMO-C’s rundown of the latest Legion data mining and beta changes.

In no particular order:

Dalaran. Glad to see we are getting some flat screen TVs in the inns in Dal, because nothing I like better than coming back after battling monsters than to kick back with a brew and watch the latest episode of Wild Housewives of Ironforge.

And this tidbit:

The Citizens of Dalaran are stoically prepared to face the Legion, though it might mean the destruction of their beloved city.

Uh-oh. Please, Blizz, don’t let us suffer through permanently destroyed parts of Dal, like we have done with the park in Stormwind. I am pretty sick of nice places in the game getting all uglied up and never returning to any semblance of grace and beauty. Really, Blizz, not everything in the game has to have an end state of dark and/or ugly.

New item. Vantus runes “… with a weekly duration that buff your power on one dungeon, raid, or world boss.” Huh? They last for a week but you can only use them once in that time? Will these be a new way for butt-brained group leaders to add even more restrictions to the players they will allow to pug with them — “must have unused rune”? Does this mean the tuning on bosses is so high you will need this to down them?

New friendship reps. Disliked, Accepted, Trusted, Respected. What about Loved?  Appreciated? Ignored? Avoided at All Costs? Blizz has a lot to learn about the many levels of friendship….

Highmountain (location for the Hunter Class Hall).

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.

Who the fig are the drogbars? I am not an expert in lore, but I don’t think we have ever heard of this bunch before. Honestly, I am getting more and more annoyed with Blizz’s treatment of hunters. First they completely destroy the class as it has existed since pretty much the beginning of the game. Then they invent a new place for the class hall — zero history in the game, zero hunter tradition, zero connection with anything any hunter has ever done in the game. And now they invent this new bogus threat of “drogbars”? Notice that all the other classes get some connection with history and lore. But hunters? Nope. Blizz has succeeded in obliterating the class, and now they are eradicating all vestiges of hunter tradition.

Legion has been touted as rich in lore, a return to the ancient beginnings. And that seems to be the theme that permeates every class except hunters. As far as hunters go in Legion, Blizz has just written them off as not worth the effort of integrating into the history. Who cares? Just give ’em some new place and make up some crap about drogbars, it’s not like they are an important class like mages or demon hunters for crying out loud.

And last, and hopefully not least — Marksmanship class spell changes.

Lone Wolf. Your damage dealt with Auto Shot, SteadyArcane Shot and Aimed Shot is increased by 30%. Hunter – Marksmanship Spec.

My realistic side says this is an error or a baseline passive attribute, but my eternally gullible optimistic side hopes this is a talent, therefore Lone Wolf is just an option, therefore pets might still be in the picture for MM. Doubtful (see above rant on Blizz’s intent to destroy the entire hunter class along with all traditions and history), but an elf can hope.


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