Legion 20810

Just before Legion Alpha goes on holiday break, Blizz came out with a huge list of changes to the latest build, along with a terrific explanation of how PvP will work in Legion. Here are the items that struck me as interesting or significant. (All my comments on talents and spell changes are hunter-centric, but do check out the MMO-C post if you play another class, because there were a ton of major changes.)

PvP. I do not do PvP in any organized fashion, pretty much limit myself to a few battlegrounds once in a while if I am bored. I stink at it anyway, not sure if that is because I don’t enjoy it or if I don’t enjoy it because I stink at it, but whatever, I am not a PvP-er. Still, I was kind of excited by the entirely new system in Legion. To my unprofessional eye, it appears that Blizz may finally have found the right solution to the massively unwieldy PvE versus PvP problems that have existed in the game to this point.

What they seem to have achieved is a system that properly rewards PvP expertise, does not affect class balancing mechanics in PvE, and encourages new players to dip a toe into PvP without having to re-gear to do so. If this works like it is supposed to, I think it will be a home run for Blizz.

Hunter talents. The new build gave us quite a bit of information about hunter talents, and I found several of the items very encouraging. Of course, the list as usual could be read a couple of different ways, so take my comments with a huge grain of salt, as I may be falling prey to wishful thinking as a result of not being fluent in Blizz-speak.

MM may have an option for hunter pets?  This was the biggest item for me. Aspect of the Beast was listed as a level 100 talent for every hunter spec, and its effects vary for every spec based on the pet’s specialization. And I quote:

Marksmanship: Kill Command and Flanking Strike cause an additional effect, based on your pet’s Specialization. Ferocity Your pet also bleeds the target for an additional 0 damage over 6 sec. Tenacity Your pet also takes 15% reduced damage for 6 sec. Cunning Your pet also snares the target, reducing their movement speed by 70% for 4 sec.

In the early Legion data-mined  talent tree, Aspect of the Beast was not found for MM.

Is it possible Blizz has heard the plaintive cries of  MM hunters anguished over the loss of the stable of pets they have spent years collecting and taming? Surely even Blizz — who clearly regrets ever creating a hunter class and who has done everything in their power to destroy it — even Blizz would not taunt us like this then whip the rug out from under our feet. Call me gullible (others have done so, with justification), but I just cannot believe they are so massively incompetent as to have this be a gigantic typo.

If MM has a pet option in Legion, I might even forgive them for the destruction of my beloved SV, because I will feel I at least have two options for more traditional hunter play, instead of the single BM option I was expecting.

Other hunter talents of note:

  • Black Arrow (MM only)  is instant and will have 3 charges, with effects stacking up to 3 times. I am sure the theorists will start crunching the numbers on this, but it certainly sounds great and might give MM a huge burst capability, something hunters have been lacking for most of WoD.
  • A Murder of Crows is a level 75 talent for SV only.
  • Camouflage is an MM-only talent, and it is now stealthed without the glyph.
  • Dash is now a level 30 talent for all specs instead of SV-only. Since it extends the length of Aspect of the Cheetah by 3 seconds, I suppose this means hunters will no longer have the option of using this aspect until such time as they take damage. Pity.
  • Exotic Munitions is a level 45 talent for all specs. (I don’t think this is new, except for the level change, but I had not taken note of it previously.)

Hunter PvP talents. The only thing I noted here is that, although I was expecting SV to be the spec of choice for PvP, it looks like BM may be viable also.

Hunter artifact powers. There were a ton of these, giving us our first glimpse into how BM might play out, with the big news that Titanstrike will be the basis for a second BM pet. Frankly, it was all a bit mathy for me to puzzle out, but check out Bendak’s first cut at how it might feel to dual-wield pets in Legion.

Overall, the huge list of these changes was fairly good news to me, because it gives a bit of faith that Blizz was listening to their alpha testers. It remains to be seen, of course, if they will pay similar attention to the beta testers — presumably that will be a bigger group and therefore not totally hand-picked for friends and family and those with big YouTube followings.

But I warn you, Blizz, I will never forgive you if you have lied to me about the return of pets for MM.



Count on it.


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