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Of all the “new activity” features Blizz has added to the game in the last few months, I think I like the weekly bonus events best. (Valor might be better, but only if it were changed so that you could swap out your bad secondary-stat gear for optimal spec stats.) I really like them, and I say that even though I only participate in 3 of the 5 offered, since I don’t enjoy PvP or pet battling.

I usually spend quite a bit of time running both my main hunters and my “important” alts through them. Honestly, in the weeks that my favorites are up, I don’t do much else except possibly run a few LFRs for the valor. For that reason, I actually like having a couple of weeks “off” when pets or BGs are up, because it allows me to catch up on my normal farming activities that I enjoy doing at the end of expansions.

Of the three that I participate in, I like the apexis event best. I think that’s because it can be done completely on my own time frame, no need whatsoever to try and find groups. If I have a spare hour in the middle of a morning on a slow work day (I am self-employed, don’t worry I am not ripping off my boss), I can take a break and run a quick Tanaan bonus area. No need to worry that it might be a hard time to find a group. In fact, usually off hours work better for the apexis event, because there is less competition. Also, by doing it, I usually earn some needed oil, rep, and garrison resources for my alts, something I don’t usually bother with, without the added incentive  of the weekly quest.

I think the Timewalking and Mythic events are a lot of fun, too, but for me they can be more hit or miss. I am a member of (yet another) guild that is in its death throes, so getting up guild groups for these events is almost always impossible. Even finding just 2-3 for grouping for TW is often very difficult. This is a shame, because these activities are tailor made for guild groups and good times. But alas, I am usually at the mercy of the dungeon finder or group finder to get them done. This is not all bad, but it does add a layer of preplanning and uncertainty to it all. I will say, though, I have not had any really terrible groups so far. Some are better than others, obviously, but I’ve never been in any so awful I felt I had to drop.

One thing I wish would change with the weekly is that I would like to be able to turn completed ones in even during off weeks. Sometimes I forget to turn something in on an alt and then I have to wait until the event comes around again before I can do so. (I have something from one of the events that has to be turned in to an NPC in Shatt, but I keep forgetting to do it at the right time, so it has been hanging around for a couple of months.) Often the reason I don’t turn something in right away is because I am capped on one or more of the rewards and need to go get rid of them before I accept more. One thing leads to another and before I know it the weekly is over and I have failed to turn it in.

While I am on the subject, though, let me just say it is time for Blizz to increase the cap on garrison resources and on Seals of Inevitable Fate. Many times I don’t get those parts of the weekly quest reward (if they are offered) because I am capped on them and have neglected to find something to spend them on beforehand. I try, but honestly there just is very little for me to spend them on. At least with GR I can buy mats in the Trading Post and sell them if I don’t need them, but with the Seals you are pretty much stuck. Unless you use them for bonus rolls even if there is nothing you need from that boss, there isn’t any way I know of to get rid of them. It’s late in the expansion, I see no reason why Blizz can’t either up the cap on these currencies or make them tradeable for other currencies/goods/gold (directly).

What about you? Do you like the weekly bonus events, and if so which is you favorite? Any others you would like to see?

And while you are thinking about it, have a great weekend.




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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to Weekly bonus events

  1. Grumsta says:

    I love the bonus events they’re a great social, challenging and fun addition to the game. Exactly the kind of thing I hope we see more of in Legion.

    The Time Walking events have all effectively been new content for me because I only started playing in MoP. I have “done” most of them, but only solo or accompanied by much stronger players dragging me through to boost me through while levelling. Having to actually do the fights (broadly) as intended has been wonderful. I’m determined to get the mount too, it’s lovely.

    These plus the Valor runs from Mythic Dungeons are the most fun I have in the game now, even more than raiding. Being able to use Valor to upgrade the Ring has boosted participation again and made them fun (but not face-roll easy) runs.

    I’d like to see something similar to the MoP Scenarios make a return. They were also quick & fun for small groups to do, we used to run random ones every week to earn the Guild a bit of gold to help with repair bills in raiding.

    I know many people didn’t like feeling like they “had” to do them, and feeling burned-out, but nothing burns me out more than only having raiding to look forward to every week…..

    • Fiannor says:

      I thought the scenarios were a great innovation, and I was sorry to see them go in WoD. I ran them fairly frequently but not enough to get burned out on them. Usually I would run them in a guild group to, as you noted, get the guild a little gold. I also tended to run more of them when I had a character that I felt needed to cap valor for the week.

      The thing that was great about them was that they were quick, and there was no requirement to have certain roles included. Three DPS could run them as easily as a tank, healer, and DPS. If your guild was not running them, the random queue was always very fast. And the rewards — mainly, but not exclusively, valor — were of value to most players. It’s my impression that they were very popular. In fact, they ended up being what Blizz advertised LFR to be in its very early days — something you could run over your lunch hour! (Yes, they actually said that about LFR, causing many people to speculate about the 2-3 hour lunch breaks that Blizz employees obviously had.)

      It remains a puzzle to me why Blizz axed scenarios in WoD, as popular as they were, but I think they had just way overextended themselves on the expansion while undergoing a massive personnel turnover at the same time, they were barely keeping their heads above water, and scenarios would have been too much of a stretch.

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