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Quick non-WoW related post today. I live in Northern Virginia, and we are expecting what is termed an “historic snow event” starting tomorrow, with up to two feet of snow and near-hurricane force winds for a 24-36 hour period into Sunday. (This in an area of the country that is paralyzed by only an inch or two of the fluffy stuff.)

As some of you who follow this blog already know, I am a professional worrier, and for people like me this is like an Olympic event, something we train for our whole worrying lives. So no game-related post today or tomorrow, I have my hands full thinking of new complications to worry about and hopefully avert — will our roof collapse under the weight of the snow, do we have sufficient propane for our generator, how many days will the power be out, do we have enough extra shear pins and gas for the snow blower, will our kindly neighbor with his ATV plow be able to help us out, can we keep our water pipes from freezing, did we get the gutters sufficiently cleaned out that we won’t get ice dams forming, will our deck stand the strain of all that snow, is the deck furniture secured so the high winds won’t send it careening through the patio door, will a tree fall on the house and kill us in our sleep …

Meanwhile, my spouse’s anticipation of the event boils down to: “Snow? Cool!”

(Yes it is true that opposites not only attract, they get married and drive each other crazy for the rest of their lives.)

At any rate, I will be absent from writing for a few days. Depending on how long power is knocked out, I hope to be back Monday or Tuesday. For any of you in the track of this storm, stay safe.

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